ASDA is a grocery store where you can find various Cat Foods and Accessories online and offline. It provides you with high-quality products from all the top leading pet food brands. All the products are priced the same as those available in stores. You can get them delivered to your doorstep or just click and get them at your nearest ASDA store. It makes everything convenient for you.

It also offers many offers on the purchase so that you can benefit while buying the best products at the best price. You can buy cat food from various pet food brands on ASDA, including Felix, Sheba, Gourmet, and many more. It not only provides cat food, but you can find other cat items too that are necessary for your cats.

ASDA is somehow like Wilko. The only difference is that ASDA has more products. It has various categories like wet cat food, dry cat food, premium cat food, cat food according to cats’ age, cat litter, cat healthcare, and accessories.

It is a one-way stop for cat owners to grab everything they need for their cats. Recently there have been issues with the company as people were finding damaged, rotten or expired products. Customers were complaining and writing about it online by giving negative feedback/reviews.

Pros of ASDA Cat Food

  • It is a one-stop for every cat food and accessory. People do not need to wander around even for litter or healthcare items required for cats.
  • People can buy from ASDA online as well as offline. ASDA stores are available almost all around the UK.
  • ASDA delivers the products to your doorstep, or you can just buy items and pick them up from any ASDA store.
  • You can purchase items based on the categories provided on the ASDA website. You do not have to go through the whole website. Put a filter and find your required item right on the screen. ASDA stores also put items in categories and different sections. 
  • There is a wide variety of products from all the leading pet product brands, from food to healthcare.

Cons of ASDA Cat Food

  • ASDA stores’ items have been negatively affected recently as people were receiving rotten and damaged products. A lady got a cat food can full of flies in it. 
  • Random recalls and discontinuations usually disorganize the whole management, due to which people have to face shortages.
  • ASDA cat food management is bad as it could not deliver the products properly due to the chaos.
  • Cats are getting sick because of the unhealthy cat food people purchase from ASDA. 

Is ASDA cat food good? 

asda cat food uk

Every pet food industry creates, produces, or manufactures products by keeping pets’ health and safety in mind. Companies do a lot of research and study to create a single product, which takes a lot of effort. We can say that the product ranges from low to high quality, directly proportional to the production cost. But that does not mean that the low-quality products are not looking out for pets’ safety. 

Mistakes or imbalances happen while running a vast manufacturing unit which is why most recalls and discontinuations are made. ASDA cat food also tries to deliver the best for your cats. Intentionally or unintentionally, some bad things happened in the past, due to which ASDA had to face so many hurdles.

If we look on the brighter side of the ASDA cat food, it is perfect, healthy, and affordable. No company wants to lose its reputation, and it does everything to keep up the standards. But no one can deny the fact that ASDA is really one of the top leading pet food brand providers. Eventually, it is the customer’s choice from where or what they want to buy items for their favorite cute furry little friend.

Brands that are available on ASDA

As ASDA has so many brands on it that provide all the cat foods and accessories, let us have a look at some of them-

Felix– Felix Cat Food is healthy and safe for cats. It is so popular and trustworthy that around a third of all cats in the UK eat Felix cat food. Felix keeps its quality standards and product safety upto the mark. Felix carries out 300 tests and 110 checks daily during production to meet the safety criteria.

In 2021, when Felix made specific changes in its recipes, then people started complaining about cat food being unhealthy and unsafe for cats. They said their cats were getting sick after eating Felix Cat Food, but the reason was not that. Those cats were getting common illness symptoms that any cat can have. There was no connection between Felix and the illness being reported.

Sheba– Sheba cat food provides your cats a premium line of cat food. It is the highest-earning pet food brand. It has so many flavors and recipes that your cat will love them. The best part is that this brand has never been recalled.

It provides healthy and safe food for your cats. It is so suitable for cats, and customers have rated it 9/10. One should try out Sheba premium cat food once for their cat. 

Gourmet- Gourmet Cat Food is known for its healthy standards and irresponsible taste. It makes cat food so tasty and flavorful that cats enjoy it. Gourmet cat food comes in different categories: Gourmet Gold, Perle, Mon Petit, Gourmet A La Carte, Gourmet Solitaire, and Gourmet Fisherman’s Delights.

Gourmet provides the most nutritious and delicious cat food for your cute little cat. Customers and their cats are pretty much satisfied with the products by Gourmet.

Whiskas– Whiskas Cat Food is another healthy choice for cats. Experts say there are no complaints regarding Whiskas cat food health or safety issues. Its quality is supreme. It has protein as its first ingredient in cat food.

Whiskas cat food also supports cats’ vital systems. It helps in maintaining a healthy and shiny coat. It also helps keep good, healthy eyesight and great energy to play around. Based on experts’ reports and customers’ feedback, You can find only the most delicious cat food by Whiskas.

Lily’s Kitchen Lily’s Kitchen produces wholesome, healthy, and delicious cat food. It uses natural and fresh ingredients to put into the pet food. Lily’s kitchen cat food has no artificial additives. All the cat food is made of freshly prepared meat and nutritious offal.

Lily’s Kitchen started ten years ago, and its cat food is one of the best cat foods in the UK. No recalls have been noticed, and the brand is going well. 

These are some cat food brands you can find on ASDA. Other brands are available, and you can get them per your preference. Although the mentioned cat food brands are the most popular. These are the most bought cat foods as they provide the best products for your cats. ASDA is where you can get almost every cat food online and offline in the ASDA stores.