What is the best comb for a cat? Do long-haired cats need special brushes? Sometimes, being a cat owner can be a big responsibility. If you have a cat, you probably can feel it, especially in the case of grooming them. Also, regular brushing your cat can be a big task if your cat has long hair.

Average cats spend 20% – 50% time cleaning themselves anywhere and losing their hair. You are probably used to finding your cat’s fur on the couch, clothes, and floor, and this can be a headache finding the hair everywhere if you don’t take care of it. Also, removing spread hair can be time-consuming too.

Moreover, while cleaning themselves, cats lick a lot of their hair, and it increases the chance of hairball issues. So, how can we resolve these issues? The only way is to regularly brush and comb your cat’s hair to remove loose hair before they do. Also, distribute the natural skin oils throughout the coat. Therefore, we have covered the best comb for cats to help our readers.

Types of cat comb

Best Cat Comb and Brushes For Long Hair and Short Hair Cats

Let’s look at the type of brushes available in the market based on their purposes.

Slicker brushes

It comes with fine wire teeth set to comb through your cat’s fur from multiple angles. This brush is effective in removing loose hair and dirt. But it can irritate sensitive skin but is not painful. 

Brush gloves

These are designed as gloves with small rubber nubs and bristles to comb your cat’s sensitive skin. The touch of gloves is comforting for your cat as you pet her, and it is suitable for short-haired cats only.

Bristle brushes

These bristle brushes are designed to beautify your cat’s hair. It is highly suitable for cats to give gorgeous looks.

Dematting tools

Dematting tools are primarily preferred in the case of long-haired cats. Since cats are prone to mats, dematting tools are helpful to cut out the mats gently. Also, agencies have sharp and rounded blades that reduce cutting on skins.

Deshedding tools

These tools come in handy when your cat has a thick undercoat. Deshedding tools are designed to reach deep through the thick layers and cut them smoothly. 

Detangling Combs

It is designed with long teeth that go through the cat’s coat and help to remove loose hair. It also helps to reduce mat formation. It is suitable for cats having medium to long hair. 

Pin brushes

It is like the slicker brush but has vast space between teeth, and pins are tipped with plastic to massage your cat. 

Rubber brushes

These brushes are for those cats who can’t tolerate harsh brushing. It is made with widely set rubber teeth for gentle massage and removing loose hair. 

8 Best comb & Brushes – Top Pickup

Having a quality brush makes life easy for long-haired cat owners. Daily grooming session becomes easier once you find your perfect bush, and it is tough to decide when several meetings are available in the market.

 Here we have curated a list of the eight best combs for long-haired cats reviews to find the best brushes for your cat. These product reviews are based on extensive research of six months and are also considered by vets for fur kittens.

Gets Dematting Comb – Best for long hair cats

It is designed especially for those cats who regularly develop mats and tangles. At the same time, this is not the best choice but better than others. The gets de-matting comb has sharp and rounded stainless steel blades that go through easily matted clumps of fur.

Also, your cat won’t get hurt if you apply too much pressure or you get distracted by any chance. This comb only targets tangled hair, and it has two sides having 12 and 23-tooth for heavy mats and regular grooming, respectively.


  1. Two-sided functionality
  2. Rounded end steel blades
  3. Soft gel handle for comfort
  4. Especially for long hair cats
  5. Safe for your cat


  1. Handles get sticky
  2. Complaints about dull blades

Safari cat self-cleaning slicker brush – Top pick

Safari slicker brush is versatile and known for its compatibility for every coat type, including short, medium, and long hair. The brush removes loose hair from the undercoat, massages the skin, and applies oil thoroughly on the skin—Safari brush designed with stainless steel tips that gently comb through the coat.

In addition to it, it is a user-friendly brush with a soft grip handle that is comfortable to use. Most importantly, this brush is designed to collect most of the hair on the wire teeth, unlike those brushes that send hair flying through the air. Also, you can easily remove a bun of hair into the trash at once.


  1. Suitable for all types of coat
  2. Stainless steel pins at ends
  3. Does effective combing
  4. User-friendly
  5. Popular among cat owners
  6. Delectable teeth
  7. Easy cleanup


  1. Pins tend to bend
  2. Irritating hooks for some cats

HandsOn Grooming Gloves – Best Grooming gloves

If your cat loves to pet but doesn’t like brushing sessions and is sensitive to touch, then HandsOn glooming is the best choice for regular grooming without making your cat uncomfortable.

HandsOn Grooming gloves are available in five sizes: junior, small, medium, large, and extra-large. You can give your ragdoll cat a naturally grooming session according to your fit. The palm of the gloves is covered with nitrile nodules, and fingers have bristles.


  1. Provide natural grooming sessions.
  2. Available in 5 sizes for a perfect fit
  3. Easy to wash
  4. Working better on short hair.


  1. Nitrile tend to crack

Furminator deshedding tool – Best for deshedding

FURminator deshedding tool is famous for its extraordinary ability to remove hair from deep undercoats. The device is designed with stainless steel deshedding edge to reach the fuzzy undercoat, removing the loose hair and preventing mats.

Moreover, while the grooming session, Furminator does not send hair flying around the room. Also, it has an ejector, which makes it easy to discard fur. 


  1. Great for thick undercoat
  2. Design for long-lasting
  3. Easy to clean
  4. Easy to remove loose hair from deep


  1. Pricy
  2. On extensive us, too much fur come out.

JW Pet Gripsoft slicker brush – Best for value

JW Pet Gripesoft Cat Slicker brush is created with angled pins to keep the cat’s long hair untangled and smooth. It is a better choice for a long-haired cat for the money. Also, nails are flexible instead of fixed in place to make them comfortable for sensitive skin cats.

Moreover, it is designed with a soft grip to make brushing comfortable on long-haired cats. So it is user-friendly with a non-slip grip. However, it lacks something to remove the excess hair after combing with this brush.


  1. User-friendly design.
  2. Comfortable grip
  3. Highly suitable for long-haired cats
  4. Provide value for money
  5. Flexible pins
  6. Suitable for sensitive skins


  1. Need to remove hairs manually

Kong ZoomGroom – Best Rubber brush

Kong zoom groom is classic cat-shaped to fit your palm and smoothly remove loose hair from the coat. It has great popularity due to its gentle grooming sessions and deshedding abilities.

This rubber brush is designed with wide-spaced rubber teeth that are flexible and easy to comb on cats with sensitive skins. Also, you can use it to massage your cat’s skin without irritating it. It is a lightweight brush and flexible. It is suitable for a long-haired cat too since it has long teeth. However, it doesn’t collect the hair securely and fur flying around the room.


  1. Lightweight and rubber material
  2. Flexible wide-spaced teeth.
  3. Gentle groom massage
  4. Effectively remove loose hair
  5. Easy to grip


  1. Fur flying around while using it.

Catit Senses 2.0 self Groomer cat toy

An interesting grooming brush allows your cat to comb on its own and have fun while playing with this toy. It is not better than a human-operated brush but is suitable for those fierce cats who do not let anyone groom them. No doubt, cats like it very much when around this brush. 

This self Groomer cat toy needs to mount to any corner to let your cat use it freely. It is designed with bristle teeth so that when rubbing themselves against it, they will not hurt their sensitive skin. Also, It easily removes loose hair and is suitable for short and regular hair.


  1. Great for independent cats
  2. No need to give regular grooming sessions
  3. Extract dead hair easily
  4. Soft teeth for skins
  5. Cats love it


  1. Not effective as human-operated brush
  2. Some cats don’t go near it.

Hertzko self-cleaning slicker brush

Grooming your cat is a breeze when slightly bent metals bristle goes into the thickened hair. The wires at the end help to go deeper into the cat’s fur to remove the loose hair remove danders and mats. Also, combing the cat’s undercoats gives massage without irritating the cat’s skin underneath.

Moreover, it is featured with a self-cleaning button to release all the hair you’ve collected quickly. This brush is suitable for short and long-haired cats. Also, a comfy and non-slip grip provides gentle grooming sessions.


  1. Featured with self-cleaning
  2. User-friendly 
  3. Suitable for long-haired cats
  4. Slightly bent bristles


  1. Little expensive

Buying Guide for Cat Comb & Brushs

As you have realized, several cat brushes are available with different designs in the market. Before buying a new cat comb or brush for your cat having a long-haired undercoat, it’s better to take a look at all options.

However, to choose the best brush for your cat, we have already curated a list of the best cat combs for long-haired undercoats. In this section, we have provided a buying guide to select a better cat comb.

Comfortable gripping handle

Selecting a brush with a comfortable handle is necessary for a long grooming session if your cat has long hairs undercoat. Otherwise, it may hurt your hand and make you feel uneasy while brushing. Cat brushes come in foam handles soft rubber handles, and some have harder wooden or plastic handles.

Easy of cleaning

Of course, you will not like to have a cat brush that you have to clean manually every time after a grooming session. Manually removing hair from the meeting may make your time hard. In this case, a brush featuring self-cleaning is a better option when it comes to cleaning your brush multiple times. But somewhat, these brushes are expensive.

Long bristles for Deep undercoat

If your cat has short hair, then any brush is better for your cat. However, the cat brushes designed for long-haired cats have long bristle to penetrate enough deeper into the thick undercoat. In this way, you can easily remove loose hair and tangled hair underneath.


You are getting bites and scratches while grooming is possible if you use a too harsh brush on your cat’s undercoat. So if your cat is too sensitive and reacts strongly to powerful brushes, then buy a brush that has cushioned pins. We will suggest you go for only cushioned brush for safe grooming sessions.

How do you brush a long-haired cat that hates it?

On holding your cat, your cat will feel uneasy. Let your cat move freely, then slowly begin brushing. Try to brush on a single area gently to let your cat feel safe and comfortable. Also, do brush in the direction of fur growth. After that, move to the deeper part of the hair and sensitive areas when you know your cat is refined and relaxed during brushing. More critical, gently run your hand along the cat’s body to check lumps, wounds, or other abnormalities.

How often should a long-haired cat brush?

Cats spend a lot of time keeping themselves groomed and clean. In the case of long-haired cats, they need to be combed every day to prevent mats, or it may be hard to comb through tangled hair. You need to provide a grooming session once a week for short-haired cats.


Hope this review is comprehensive to our readers and helped you decide to select the best comb or brush to make the grooming session memorable. However, if you are unsure which one to pick, go for the safari cat self-cleaning slicker brush that works efficiently on long-haired cats.