In this article, we will be discussing 10 best cat foods along with their brands. This article will have all the important information regarding Best Cat Food in India. Before we start, it is important to know what kinds of cat food are available in India.

Wet cat food: Containing especially protein, vegetables, and some source of hydration via minerals, this form of cat meal is best for cats who are underneath clinical infection and or recovering.

Wet cat foods need no longer be used as a treat sometimes and may, in reality, be daily food based on your cat’s necessities.

Dry cat food: Commonly known as kibble, this cat food has the lowest amount of water content material and is a convenient alternative for your cat to nibble on throughout the day.

However, it is miles endorsed to no longer wholly shift to dry food because the nutrient content material is pretty less. However, this meal is best for your cat as an on-the-pass alternative every day.

Semi-dry cat food: This food is nearly dry, with around 60-65% moisture content. One issue to note is its higher percentage of salt and sugar, which isn’t the first-class choice for all cats.

It’s also cheaper than canned meals. Semi-dry cat foods have a higher percentage of chemical preservatives and can be an occasional treat to your cat.

Kitten food: Kittens develop very rapidly, and it is critical to offer them the vitamins to accomplish that. Not all cat food is appropriate for kittens, particularly dry food, because kittens cannot bite via it.

It is also vital to provide them with the elevated fatty acids of their weight-reduction plan, to broaden faster.

Homemade cat food: It can either be the uncooked meat weight-reduction plan or the cooked meal weight loss program, primarily based on your discretion.

All you want is a supply of protein (chook, salmon, and many others.), carbohydrates (rice, oatmeal, barley, and so forth.), fiber (potato), and fats (vegetable oil, fish oil, and many others.).

Complete cat food: Scientifically formulated to offer your cat all of the vitamins required, all in the proper proportions, it is also formulated with high quantities of carbohydrates and proteins, alongside taurine and vitamin A, for building the immune machine and preserving eye and heart fitness.

Best Cat Food Brand India

Top 10 Best Cat Food in India (2022) - Reviews & Top Picks
  1. Best Value In India – Whiskas cat food
  2. Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Chunks in Gravy Canned Cat Food
  3. Best Price In India – Meow cat food
  4. Most Trusted Brand In India – Parapet cat food
  5. Healthy In India – Drools cat food
  6. Matisse cat food
  7. Applaws cat food
  8. Orijen cat food
  9. Smalls cat food
  10. Acana cat food

Whiskas cat food

Whiskas has its range spread separately for kittens and adult cats and as dry meals and wet meals. All their products are inexpensive, split into packets if wanted, and convenient for everyone.

In addition, the 7kg packs are beneficial for a household with multiple cats, which can be extra than a 12-month-old

Whiskas cat food with wet tuna is one of the best wet cat foods in india.

Cats over the age of one year are lively and require a variety of gambling, so they want an eating regimen to assist this even as also maintain them lean and wholesome. 

They also can be picky eaters, so the Whiskas moist meals were created to meet cats’ dietary needs regularly. 

It’ll give complete and balanced nourishment to assist the upkeep of systemic balance and fantastic skin and coat. 

Even higher, no preservatives are used, and the system contains taurine, which helps maintain good eyesight and brilliant eyes, and Omega 3 and six for healthy skin and hair. Diet E to help enhance their immune gadget.

What we like exceptional about Whiskas is its affordable price, which is good for cat owners trying to save some pennies!

Whiskas are also available in Ocean Fish and Mackerel varieties if your furball needs to experiment with other fish flavors.

There are even kitten variations to be had, which you can serve to your more youthful pets.


  • Specially designed to be whole and balanced for cats aged 1-year-vintage and above
  • Has a smooth texture for easy intake
  • Low priced


  • None.

Royal Canin Digest Sensitive Chunks in Gravy Canned Cat Food

This wet food recipe is formulated for cats with touchy digestion and bought in 3-ounce pouches.

 This formulation is on the whole chook- and pork-primarily based, though numerous primary substances are by means of-merchandise rather than complete resources of either protein.

Royal Canin suggests this food aids your cat’s digestive device feature and reduces fecal smell through the use of rather digestible proteins.

Although this recipe consists of many animal proteins, there are a few low-cost plant-based substances like wheat flour, powdered cellulose, and wheat gluten.

Universally, this formula appears to be primarily meat-based, but it isn’t the best great recipe on the market.

 Sure questionable components detract from the recipe’s average first-rate and, perhaps because it’s offered in pouches, it is highly-priced.


  • It is primarily made from animal ingredients
  • May help some cats with digestive health issues
  • Most cats seem to like the food
  • Free from artificial colors and flavorings.


  • Relatively high in carbohydrates
  • Contains animal by-products.

Meow cat food

The Meow blend cat food lineup consists of both wet and dry meals.

Meow blend dry sorts include authentic choice, tender centers, Bistro Recipes®, Hairball control, Indoor method, Kitten Li’l Nibbles®, and Seafood Medley.

The brand’s wet varieties include gentle Favorites®, easy Servings®, classic Paté, and Paté Toppers.

The brand additionally gives a variety of cat treats.

Meow mix original choice of dry cat food has corn gluten meal as the primary protein supply on this dry cat food.

Meow mix authentic choice is the emblem’s top kibble. And not using protein assets in the call and a label that mentions the “delicious flavors of” 4 types of meat, you wouldn’t be incorrect to wager that this food is a far cry from the herbal tom cat weight loss program of sparkling.

The second component is corn gluten meal, a protein-dense corn by-product.

The next ingredient is chicken meal. While the chicken meal is species-suitable and can be a distinctly digestible supply of nutrients, it’s a feed-grade factor and no longer difficult to the kind of nice guidelines that dictate human meal processing.

The factor listing by myself can’t inform us whether this meat turned into derived from healthy or ill chickens or if the meal is more flesh, pores, skin, or connective tissue.

Soybean meal is added as every other source of plant protein. Soy substances have been criticized for their phytoestrogen content which can motive fitness troubles in cats.

Pork tallow is used because the food’s primary fat source. Cats thrive on animal-sourced fat, and this rendered fat is optimum to plant-derived oil.

Near the cease of the aspect, the list is animal digest as a flavor additive, turkey meal, salmon meal, and ocean fish meal.

The food is fortified with various nutrients, minerals, and amino acids that make it nutritionally whole. Yellow 6, Yellow five, red forty, and Blue 2 are brought to dye the kibble.

Those synthetic colors may additionally reason behavioral and bodily problems when ingested.

Generally, this food is low in protein with low fat and excessive carbohydrate content.


  • Contains animal-sourced fats
  • Low-priced


  • Very high carbohydrate content
  • Carries synthetic colors

Parapet cat food

The parapet is one of the most professional brands with inexpensive fees for choosing cat meals for your lovely puppy, cat, and kitten. It’s also regarded as the first-class kitten food in India.

The Parapet grownup cat food comes in the form of dry crunchy kibble.

They’re best for cats of all breeds, and every cat seems to love them because they are enriched with ocean fish and a herbal taurine supply.

The fairly nutritious kibbles can be given to your cat in step with the feeding advice supplied. Moreover, its ingredients make it one of the most nutritious cat meals on the listing.


  • Lesser charge preserving the fine correct
  • A few cats/kittens don’t like the odor
  • Nutritious and engaging


  • A few cats/kittens don’t like the odor
  • Can motive digestive problems/vomits for a few cats/kittens

Drools cat food

Drools wide products for the development of your cats; Giving importance to the heart and kidney functioning and shiny coat.

They offer methods on the way to switch your cat’s palette to accommodate their brand and what feeding habits ought to be, making it easier for people with new pets.

Drools Dry Kitten meals with Ocean Fish is an entire and balanced feed for kittens formulated with delicious excessive high-quality elements, including sardines, mackerel, and eggs. 

The food grants gold standard protein and strength at the side of critical vitamins to preserve your growing kitten wholesome and active.

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids assist guide pores and skin health, fur, and immunity. Supplemented with prebiotics and probiotics, this kitten food protects from hairball formation and maintains digestive fitness.


  • Sardine, mackerel, and eggs are the number one elements
  • Formulated with excessive pleasant protein, antioxidants, and crucial vitamins that make kittens wholesome
  • Enriched with omega 3 and 6 fatty acids for wholesome pores and skin and lustrous coat
  • Promotes most beneficial growth, higher Digestibility, and fitness of your pet
  • Controls urinary PH


  • None.

Matisse cat food

Farmina’s Matisse is a high-quality weight loss program for kittens and lactating tom cats. It doesn’t incorporate any genetically modified components.

Protein is a crucial part of a feline’s weight loss program, and the Matisse cat weight-reduction plan possesses a high stage of fantastic quality protein to preserve and nurture a healthful increase.


  • Apt for Kittens & Lactating mothers– Farmina Matisse Kitten food is apt for younger cats and lactating felines as it’s a whole and balanced weight loss program.
  • Palatable– With perfect portions of chicken, fish, and eggs, this meal is wealthy in taste and distinctly palatable even for the fussiest eaters.
  • Improves Bone Density–protein content material facilitates apprehensive features and improves bone density.
  • Rich in Taurine– Taurine amino acid keeps the heart healthy and promotes top eyesight. It also improves the pores, skin, and coat and brings the herbal luster.
  • Strengthens Bones & muscle mass– This cat diet is rich in protein that facilitates strengthening bones and muscles.


  • None.

Applaws cat food

Applaws were first regarded in 2006, initially populating puppy distinctiveness shops throughout the United Kingdom. Later, the emblem started shooting around Western Europe, the US, and Australia.

Its figure company describes Applaws as “excessive excellent, 100% natural, ethically sourced top rate pet meals”.

Tuna seems to be the number one protein source in this moist cat food.

This canned meal capabilities tuna with broth and a touch of rice. That’s it. The meals don’t contain any additional elements, delivered oils, or brought flavors.

Though at the beginning glance, it looks like a meat-centric recipe and the epitome of cat-suitable vitamins, that 1/3 and very last factor make a huge effect.

This food’s carbohydrate content material appears to sit somewhere around 14% on a dry count number foundation.

Average, these meals have high protein content, low fat, and thin carbohydrate content material.

For meals with just three components that pride themselves on simplicity, the inclusion of rice appears uncalled for.

Immoderate starch makes this food a species-inappropriate preference.


  • An easy recipe appropriate for cats with meals sensitivities and allergic reactions
  • Made without low-price meat by-products and food
  • Mostly made with animal protein
  • Free of doubtlessly-traumatic additives


  • Incorporates high-carbohydrate rice
  • Encouraged supplemental feeding most effective

Orijen cat food

Orijen is advertised as “a brand new elegance of food, designed to nourish dogs and cats in line with their evolutionary edition to a diet wealthy and various in fresh meat and protein.”

It’s the flagship emblem of Champion Petfoods, the first and biggest puppy meal producer in Canada. The corporation was founded in 1985 by Reinhard Mühlenfeld, and an entrepreneur determined to grow into the first puppy meal producer in Canada.

Chicken, turkey, and eggs seem like the primary protein assets in this dry cat food.

This food is made for cats of all lifestyles ranges. It’s suitable for each grownup cat and developing kittens.

Like full Orijen meals, it includes a diffusion of protein assets, such as a mix of rooster meat, organs, and cartilage, in conjunction with whole eggs, flounder, mackerel, and herring.

Most of those meats are sparkling—refrigerated without preservatives—or raw, which means that they were flash-frozen and now not dealt with any preservatives.

The remaining 0.33 of the beef is dehydrated at low temperatures. Dehydrated meat is a concentrated source of animal protein.

Similarly to meat, the meal carries various legumes, including peas, lentils, and chickpeas.

That is a meat-based food with mild protein, little fat, and relatively low carbohydrate content.


  • Excessive protein content
  • Made commonly from animal protein resources
  • Includes multiple nourishing animal parts
  • No artificial substances
  • Low carbohydrate content compared to most dry cat ingredients


  • Contains legumes
  • Some reviewers say the meals made their cats sick
  • Steeply-priced

Smalls cat food

Smalls fresh bird recipe is the formulation with chicken as its number one component and sole source of protein. It carries 92% fowl breast and thigh, 6% fowl liver, and 2% chicken heart.

With fowl as the main factor, this method is full of animal protein and rooster flavor. Apart from the hen meat and organs, the food includes green beans, peas, kale, and vegetable oil.

Even though there are several plant-based substances in these components, they aren’t protected in tremendous quantities. The available carbohydrate content is below 5%.

Common, this fresh cat food recipe is a species-appropriate, meat-based recipe with moderate fat and coffee carbohydrate content material.


  • Wealthy in animal protein from fowl
  • Very low in carbohydrate content
  • Cats love the manner this food tastes
  • High in moisture, desirable for digestion


  • Essential supply of introduced fat is plant-primarily based

Acana cat food

Acana Regionals Meadowland Cat food chicken and chicken liver are the primary protein sources in this dry cat food.

This Acana Regionals recipe is stimulated through the meadows of Kentucky and made with elements commonplace in the region, including hen, turkey, catfish, and rainbow trout.

The recipe is seventy 5% meat. Each 12-pound package is made with 9 kilos of animal components.

In keeping with Acana, every bag begins with approximately 2 kilos of hen and bird liver, 1 ¾ lb turkey and giblets, ¼ lb freshwater catfish, ¼ lb whole nest-laid eggs, and ¼ lb of rainbow trout.

Similarly to those sparkling or raw substances, the food is made with 4 ½ lb of dried fowl, catfish, and Pollock ingredients.

In contrast to ingredients containing only muscle meat, this food is made with muscle meat, organs, and cartilage to deliver complete prey-stimulated nutrition.

The closing 25% of the recipe consists of plant substances. The food comprises purple and inexperienced lentils, pinto beans, peas, and chickpeas.

Lentil fiber, butternut squash, entire pumpkin, and traces of different fruits and veggies are included in the aspect list afterward.

The food consists of Pollock oil and bird fat as resources of animal fats. It’s supplemented with probiotics, botanicals, and some introduced minerals.

Ordinary, this is a meat-primarily based dry meal with moderate protein, excessive fat, and slight carbohydrate content.


  • Commonly crafted from animal elements
  • Includes muscle meat, organs, and cartilage
  • Low in carbohydrates in comparison to other dry foods
  • Free of artificial shades, flavors, and preservatives


  • High in plant inclusions

Buying guide for cat food

You need to appear positive factors when you purchase fine cat food for your tom cat.

Overlooking them is probably dangerous to their health and nicely-being. It is also vital to remember that even though it might be the healthiest choice, your cats must like it, and it must no longer burn a hollow through your pockets.

These are some elements that you may not forget.


The growth patterns of kittens change all the time. For the first year, they’re considered kittens, and they want meals wealthy in proteins, phosphorus, and calcium to assist them in making stronger their muscle groups and bones.

Their food regimen additionally wishes to have better energy as their frame tends to burn up this electricity in strengthening.

From the while of 1 to seven years, cats need a weight loss program to maintain their body and need to be excessive in proteins and carbohydrates but much less in fats to avoid deposits around the joints.

Senior cats need meals with low calories, excessive protein, and low sodium to not stress their kidneys and provide sufficient survival power.


Cat meals can be difficult for their materials. They are normally carnivores, and the supply of protein desires to be meat, preferably pork, fish, or chicken.

Carbohydrates can be from plant assets like rice, wheat, and barley. It’s far critical to remove the fibers of these plant life. So, keep away from whatever with plant-based fibers.

Form of food

As discussed earlier, identifying between dry, wet, and semi-dry cat food is important based on the man or woman cat’s desires. Dry food is convenient, easy, and doesn’t require feeding instances. However, pregnant cats commonly require semi-dry meals, and unwell or injured cats want moist food. It additionally depends on breed, specifically with specially focused Persian cat food.


Cat food is available in various flavors and shapes, primarily based on its source of protein. Some cats decide on poultry-based meals; a few choose seafood-based total assets.

Flavour is a critical part of cat food, considering they mainly use flavor and aroma as pheromones for meals.


The shelf life of various forms of cat meals is extraordinary.

Wet food can last up to three days, whereas dry meals can last at least a few months. Securely saving them additionally prevents the chance of your cat moving into their meals and overeating or eating meals that aren’t sparkling.

It’s far specifically crucial if you have pets aside from cats.


There are numerous splits, from premium brands to smaller manufacturers for stray cats, every day based on fee variety.

The expenses depend on the substances and the packaging, but several budget-pleasant alternatives exist, as concentrated above.


With that, we end our review of India’s best cat food brands. With them being our pets, we must deliver our tom cats the nic they deserve and ensure their precise fitness throughout their lives.

We’ve created a complete, inexhaustible listing of two top cat food brands within the United States of America.

In the end, we believe that the Whiskas wet Cat food, with its excessive moisture content, diet A and Taurine ratio is the satisfactory alternative to be had for both you and your cat.

However, all cats might not have similar tastes or palates, so if they don’t love it, you could attempt the ones provided above in smaller portions and get the nice option.