If you are an owner of a large cat then you must search for a sturdy and durable cat tree (Condo/ Tower). This can be a little overwhelming, as to find the cat condos which fits perfectly the cat’s needs. We have analyzed 7 cat trees to help you choose the best for your big friend. MyBestCatFood review some the best cat trees for large cats.

Firstly, why do cats need a cat tree? Cats have a natural desire to climb high places. Moreover, they want something to scratch and they simply love to sleep above ground level.

7 Quality Cat Trees For Larger and Senior Cats (Review) 

Best Cat Trees For Large Cats
best cat tree for larger cats

Take care of the dimensions as per the requirements for your cat’s best indoor experience. We recommend 7 best cat trees for cats which are:-

FEANDREA 67 inches Multi-Level Cat Tree for Large Cats Review

Feandrea cat tree is a stable cat tower with a litter box and welcoming porches. It is multi-layered with two rooms which will make your feline friend’s nap time highly comfortable.

Besides, it is very easy to assemble.


  • Stability is perfect as constructed with a certified particle board and the bottom is secured enough.
  • Fittings are made to ensure no toppling of cats.
  • Cats can easily enjoy nail scratching and it also promotes their exercise.
  • There is an added slope which cats can enjoy.
  • Perches are padded.


  • Fabric in the cat’s room is not glued to the post so cats can easily pull it out.

Vesper Cat Furniture Larger Felines Review

Vesper cat trees are beautiful apart from being extremely practical. Cat-friendly material has been used and workers have meticulously worked to create a cat condo that satisfies the daily activity needs of your beautiful cat.

The cats can enjoy a cozy nap as there is a cube cave.


  • Installation is simple.
  • Memory foam cushions which are very soft.
  • Tall and slim poles which are helpful to cats in scratching.
  • Cushions are removable.
  • The Corners and edges are round so it is a safe product.


  • It is quite stable but still does shake when the cat climbs quickly on it.

Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo, Height -70-Inch to 75-Inch – Review

Aeromark is a cat tree of good height which is the special highlight as it helps in cat’s scratching, climbing, sleeping, and exercising. It is a wooden structure that has a high-quality faux fleece covering. This makes it an excellent cat tree for a pleasant experience for cats.

It is marked internationally as a very reliable cat condo for its tremendous quality and visually appealing materials and hues.

Aeromark International Armarkat Cat Tree Furniture Condo, Height -70-Inch to 75-Inch Review
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  •  Multi-layer structure design.
  • Sisal rope wraps so that they are durable.
  • Affordable price.
  • Base is sturdy.


  • Faux fleece covering gives luxurious look but makes climbing little slippery which is quite a concern.

TRIXIE Pet Products Cat Tree House Review

Trixie cat tree is a play tower. The main merit is that it is wrapped in soft plush. This is the perfect choice for tall cats. There are two plush beds that last for a long time. 

The cats can have a nice playtime as it comes with an attached pom toy. It is suitable for cats of all ages and cats can enjoy various activities as it is quite sturdy.

TRIXIE Pet Products Santander Adjustable Cat Tree House
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  • Condo with plush insert.
  • Beds are made from cushions.
  • Trixie cat tree is not wobbly.


  • The assembly is quite complicated.

Go Pet Club 62-Inch Cat Tree Review

The Go Pet Club cat tree is made of pressed wood which does not wear off easily. It helps the cat stay active by playing and climbing as the scratching posts are covered with heavy-duty sisal ropes. 

This condo is quite spacious so cats can have a wonderful time and will not scratch and destroy your furniture.


  • Multiple scratching points.
  • Perches have raised edges.
  • They offer everything from comfort to entertainment and leisure.


  • There are some design flaws as the bottom is held by only four little hooks that have no protection units for hiding the protruding part, and the hammock can fall off so easily.

Armarkat 77-in Faux Fleece Cat Tree & Condo, Ivory Review

Armarkat cat tree is made from environmentally friendly materials and is designed by professionals. If you purchase this product for your beloved cat then you will have total satisfaction as the cat thoroughly enjoys and has a fun time in this cat tree.

It is made of plywood which makes it a very tough cat tree. The tree has a ramp so cats can enjoy various activities.

Armarkat A6702 Pet Cat Tree with Two Houses, 67", Beige
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  • It has 10 scratching posts and 3 perches.
  • Six platforms are there, so it can be used by multiple cats.
  • Fashionable cat tree of supreme quality


  • The cat tree is a little pricey.

You & Me Double Cat Nest with Lounger 37″ Review

You & Me is a multi-tiered cat tree that has sufficient space to satisfy the cat’s natural urge to scratch, climb and play. It has real carpet which cats adore more than the plush.

The two circles make it a hit among cats as they love to cuddle alternatively in both. It comes with a window at the correct height, so they can see out the window and we don’t have to worry about it falling over.


  • The cat tree has multiple levels.
  • It is quite stable and does not shake much.


  • Once assembled screws are not easily accessible without cutting into fabric.

Watch Our Best Cat Tree for Big Cats Review


The cat tree is a great accessory for your cats which you as a cat owner must consider purchasing. Cat trees bring in versatility which provides cats with an area where the cats can have fun along with rest time. Always check properly before buying the cat tower considering your cat’s size plus looking into which cat tree will fit properly in the house along with being fashionable so that it blends properly. If you need a suitable cat tree for larger cats, don’t ignore our top 7 options. Hope You like our Best Cat Trees For Large Cats review.

Special Qualities of a Cat Tree Especially For Larger Cats?

  • A cat tree must be stable and strong to support the extra weight of large cats 
  • Cats love to jump so it should be of heavy weight.
  • A cat condos with multiple paths is the one which cat’s like the most as they love to move here and there and ultimately reach their favourite stop.
  • Designed with beautiful sitting and sleeping place
  • Easy to move 
  • With money back guarantee and full satisfaction

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