Is there any recent Blue Wilderness cat food recall? Blue Wilderness is a pet food brand that was surprisingly launched in 2003. Although it’s a new face in the industry, they have made their way to the list of high-end manufacturers and a company that brags some of the best cat foods. At first, the company started producing a dog food range, and then after successful accomplishment, they launched a cat food range. But when you look at the other end, they are always in the limelight due to recalls and legalities.

Introduction to Blue Wilderness

Innumerable pet parents may be shocked to discover that Blue Wilderness was established in 2003. Regardless of being a generally youthful organization, Blue Wilderness has, in short order, cut out a name for itself as one of the chief producers of excellent quality pet food.

The organization began making canine food, and it was fruitful that it was an easy decision to add a feline food line. Its feline food is made with a similar fundamental way of thinking as its canine kibble, which begins every formula with vast loads of real meat before including different fixings that target explicit total nutrients and minerals.

It is a family-possessed organization that the food monster General Mills procured. Blue Wilderness makes top-notch food, yet it doesn’t come modest. You can hope to pay more for its food sources than you would for some other standard brands, yet the predominant nourishment is frequently worth the effort. Be cautious, however, as the organization doesn’t have the most heavenly review history.

The Recall History of Blue Wilderness:

Blue Wilderness Cat Food Recall

Studying a brand’s recall history can give knowledge into the quality and security of their items to assure your pet is safe. Sadly, Blue Wilderness has been recalled a few times since its creation in 2002. Here is an outline of the organization’s review history:


Beginning with a bundling issue influencing various Blue Wilderness canine food sacks, 2017 involved three great reviews and recalls. Soon after the manufacturing issue in February, Blue Wilderness sold a few jars of Homestyle Recipe canine food because of conceivable aluminum pollution. In March of 2017, Blue Wilderness canine food was recalled because of possibly significant degrees of hamburger thyroid chemicals.


Blue Wilderness declared a restricted review of canine food because of excessive dampness levels and the ensuing potential for form defilement.


Blue Wilderness had two reviews in 2015. They initially elaborate a set number of Blue Kitty Yums feline treats, and the treats contain propylene glycol, which is disallowed by FDA rules.

In pre-winter of 2015, the organization reviewed a solitary parcel of biting bones because of potential salmonella pollution.


Blue Buffalo reviewed a few items because they depicted a “sequencing mistake,” which might have prompted food debased with abundance levels of nutrient D.


Blue Buffalo was engaged with the cross-country melamine reviews. The FDA affirmed the presence of melamine in rice protein packs in Blue Buffalo food varieties. This incited a review of all their canned canine food, all jars of their Spa Select canned feline food, all canine treats, and Blue Buffalo Spa Select Kitten dry food. After finding that the producer had permitted melamine defilement, Blue Buffalo cut off their relationship with American Nutrition, Inc.

List of Products that Were Recalled From Blue Wilderness:

1Blue Wilderness BLUE Spa Select cat food
Blue Buffalo BLUE Spa Select Kitten dry food
April 2007FDA issued a recall due to potential melamine contamination.
2Blue Wilderness Life Protection Formula Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Large Breed Adult dry food. October 2010The FDA issued a recall due to high levels of vitamin D.
32-ounce pouches of Blue Kitty Yums Tasty Chicken Recipe cat treatsNovember 2015Blue Wilderness issued a voluntary recall due to low levels of propylene glycol.
4Blue Wilderness Life Protection Formula Fish & Sweet Potato RecipeMay 2016FDA issued a recall due to possible mold contamination.
5Blue Kitty Yums Tasty Chicken RecipeApril 2016The FDA tested the product in response to a single consumer complaint and found propylene glycol

Is There Any Recent Recalls On Blue Wilderness Cat Foods

Blue Wilderness Cat Food Recall

January 2020

Shannon Walton sued the organization for what she guarantees is deceiving publicizing their canine food. Her dog had become overweight after eating blue wild rough mountain food. She grumbles that her Tucker, a seven-year-old Labrador-beagle blend, is diabetic and large because of the great degree of carbs in the nutrition.

June 2017

There was an inescapable gossip that there was a blue bison lead review. Nonetheless, these remaining parts talk since these charges were not demonstrated.

May 2014

Purina stopped an argument against Blue Wilderness regarding bogus promotion after testing uncovered poultry side-effects in a portion of their food assortments.

The CEO of Blue Wilderness safeguarded the organization saying the cases were Voodoo Science, and further stated that the organization doesn’t utilize chicken result dinner or poultry side-effect supper in any of our items.

When confronted with evident proof from the claim, Blue Wilderness conceded reality to the court: a ‘considerable’ and ‘material’ part of their pet food sold throughout recent years contained poultry side-effect feast.

Notwithstanding this confirmation, Blue Wilderness has not educated purchasers regarding the presence of poultry result feast in Blue Wilderness pet food, will not acknowledge liability regarding the item it sold and is instead accusing its providers. Their last case one year after the fact was that it had no chance of realizing the sacks contained the resulting feast. Without a doubt, it should amaze us that this large organization can’t sincerely test arbitrary clusters of their food.

Conclusion – Is It Good Brand?

If you are searching for pet food available in local stores yet high in quality, go for Blue Wilderness. Each product is made with the best quality ingredients and the most excellent manufacturing process. Although some batch of pet food from Blue Wilderness has been recalled, it does not mean the brand is not apt enough.

There might be some mistakes with the productions, and that’s normal. All you have to do is look continuously for the recalls and be aware that the food that you feed your dog isn’t recalled. Check the customer reviews and keep your eye on the site of FDA to be extra sure.