If you crave a family-friendly cat that looks like a mini jungle panther, one of the first inquiries you probably make is related to cost. This pedigree cat is as black as the ink of India, has stunning copper or emerald eyes, a loving, friendly personality, and makes a priceless forever friend.

The Bombay cat is perfect for anyone who wants “I’d like to have a panther, but maybe smaller and less bitey. This breed mainly looks like an Indian black panther. 

The Bombay cat is a short-haired cat developed by breeding sable Burmese and black American Shorthair cats to produce a cat primarily Burmese type, but with a sleek, partner-like black coat. Bombay is the name given to black cats of the Asian group. The Bombay cat has a muscular body, and its weight is usually 8 to 15 pounds or more, with males generally being heavier than females. 

Bombay is an active, curious cat who loves to watch the world around her and can be so affectionate that she demands time with her parents. The Indian Black Leopard-like sway is seen in a tour of Bombay’s features. 

In this article, we will talk about the cost of owning a Bombay cat. We’ll cover the specific price tag and ongoing costs like feeding and insurance.

Bombay Cat Price

Bombay cats are also known as Indian black cats. They are well-known for their cheerfulness, cleverness, and affection. Bombay cat price is currently low and there ranging from $400 to $700 

Per kitten. In India, the Bombay price ranges from Rs.10,000 to Rs.20,000.

But if we talk about the average price of a Bombay cat generally ranges from around $500 to $700. If you are looking for a show cat or breeding quality Bombay, you will need to pay USD 750 – USD 2,000 depending on the blood and sex of the cat. For more details on prices, you can read the following points given below related to:

Limited Registered Bombay Cats

Bombay cats with limited registration can only be kept as pets rather than for breeding. Average prices range from about $400 to $650.

Fully registered Bombay Cat Price

These are Bombay cats of reproductive potential. The price fluctuates depending on the origin, pedigree, breeder, etc.

Typical pedigree Bombay cats from less reputable breeders cost around $650 to $1,000.

Bombay cats with remarkable pedigree; from reputable breeders; are more expensive, ranging from $1,000 to $20,000.

How Much Is A Bombay Cat Cost?

Bombay cats are intelligent and loyal, can be taught to do all types of things, and love children as much as adults. Bombay Cats are not specifically pricey, but many one-time costs should be considered before bringing them home.

If you already have the gear at home, you can foresee some of these costs; otherwise, everything is needed for proper cat ownership.

You don’t have to spend a fortune to welcome your special and unique Bombay cat into your home. But the price range is a bit steep.

The average price for a Bombay cat generally ranges from around $500 to $700. Sometimes it can go even higher. If you’re interested in a show cat, the price of the Bombay cat goes up, with this cat-ego commanding prices in the $2,000 range.

The overall total cost depends on whether you buy or adopt your cat and choose top-of-the-line brands or ones that are more budget-friendly (or if you donate items to kind people). Can get to)

Bombay cats are medium-sized and typically healthy, making them one of the most affordable cat breeds.

If you only want a pet, you can find a Bombay cat that costs as little as $500. These will be purebred cats, but they will not have any high-end bloodline.

On the other hand, if you want to show or breed your new Bombay, a cat with proven genes will be much more expensive. These can easily cost up to $2,000 and, in some cases, even more.

The only difference between a cat with a premium bloodline and a cat without is a piece of paper, so it may not be worth the extra expense.

Are Bombay Cats rare?

There is no calculation of the total population of Bombay in the world. However, after due recognition by the International Cat Association and the Cat Fanciers Association, this breed of cats continues to be bred. However, these cats are rare in the present situation.

This is a very wayward cat! Bombays are also a rare cat breed, so you will need to do research if you want to live with a Bombay. The domesticated cat is bred to look like a wild cat, and they resemble a black panther with beautiful copper eyes.

Bombay cats are not naturally much of a sighted cat and are obtained by crossbreeding between black American shorthair cats with Burmese cats. Although Bombay cats have received the necessary recognition, as per the available data, these cat breeds are rare. These cats are prized primarily for their friendly disposition and majestic ebony looks.  

Due to their rare availability and visually stunning appearance, Bombay cats are quite an expensive cat breed. On average, a Bombay kitten costs between 500 and 1,200 USD. However, combinatorics is worth the money. Bombay cats make excellent family cats with their friendly, loyal, intelligent, and warm-heartedness.

Is the Bombay Cat a good pet?

Bombay cats are among the best pet breeds, especially for lively families. These kittens are agile, happy, intelligent, and playful. This breed makes instant and robust bonding with its humans. However, this breed is quite vocal; this black cat is highly loving and 


Although, due to their eagerness and excessive socialization, Bombays have been observed to show anxiety and have difficulty getting along when left alone for long periods. Their coat needs regular grooming to maintain its luster.

While their social and kind personality makes Bombay an excellent choice for people with children or multiple pets in the household, it is worth noting that these cats are the ringleader and center of attention. 

Bombay cats’ generally playful yet restrained nature makes them particularly good with children. They also do very well in homes with other cats, as they quickly establish a pecking order within the house and do well in their own space.

Are Bombay Cats Aggressive?

The Bombay cats are beautiful cats that look like a panther. They are very sleek and shiny with stunning eyes. Though, they love to be at peace. They are susceptible to loud noises, which makes it difficult for them to live in a home where music or children enjoy themselves. They are very wary of children, which is often misunderstood as aggression.

Their sensitivity makes them very nervous, which can make them aggressive because they are nervous and feel somewhat threatened.

Their sensitivity makes them very nervous, which can make them aggressive because they are nervous and feel somewhat threatened. Although they will not strike unless severely provoked, it is not unusual for Bombay to hiss and keep their distance from others.

The Bombay cat breed is a hybrid mix, so they have many strong temperament traits. They are both fearless and aggressive and have a letter-box aversion…. Much like the Siamese and Sphynx cat, the Bombay cat needs a significant amount of attention, which, when not met, can come out in aggressive tendencies.

Q1. Can Bombay cats live alone?

Ans: These highly social cats hate being left alone for long periods and are likely to become lonely and depressed if left alone for too long. This, unfortunately, can lead to destructive behavior. If you’re away at work all day, leave many toys for your kitten to enjoy and the scratching post.

Q2. Is it easy to train Bombay cats?

Ans: This breed originated in America and not in Bombay city of India. Horner named the species “Bombay” because she wanted it to be similar to the black leopard of India. They are easy to train, and some owners teach their cats to walk on a leash. Your cat may become a predator when it needs attention.

Q3. How can you make a Bombay cat happy?

Ans: While most cats prefer warmth, Bombays are particularly partial to hot places. You must ensure you provide warm spots, such as beds in sunny windows, to help keep your kitty happy. A window is an excellent idea as they will enjoy bird-watching as well.

Q4. What different types of health issues do Bombay cats have?

Ans: The Bombay cat is generally healthy, but some problems that affect the breed are Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, excessive tearing of the eyes, and the possibility of breathing difficulties because of the cat’s short muzzle.

Q5. How quickly do Bombay cats grow?

Ans: Bombay cats develop more slowly than other breeds and may not reach full maturity until they are 2 years old. To support your kitten’s growth and development, feed her a complete and balanced kitten food, Purina Kitten Chow – Nurture or Purina One Healthy Kitten.

Q6. Is your Bombay cat good with strangers?

Ans: They will seek their owner’s attention and have known to follow their favorite human from room to room. They are specifically good with strangers. You would not find them cats dashing to hide under the bed when company arrives.

Q7. How can you know if you have a Bombay cat?

Ans: However, at first glance, Bombay may look like every other black cat. A quick way to tell Bombays apart is that they have entirely black coats(all the way to the roots), and their nose and paw pads are also black. These are signs of Bombay cats.

Saving Money By Caring for Them 

Owning a pet or owning a Bombay cat can be expensive, but if you’re careful and know what you’re doing, you can keep your costs manageable.

Keeping your cat healthy is one of the most significant ways to save money. Feed them the most nutritious food you can afford (and there are cheap foods that are relatively healthy), and make sure to give them plenty of exercise. If you can afford it, even take them to the vet for regular checkups.

You can also avoid spending a lot of money on toys or other items by simply playing with them. This will not only boost your bank balance, but it will also make your cat happier and better adjusted and help save money.

If you need to check your cat by a vet, then look for a cat service that offers low-cost services. At great discounts, some places will even have special days to perform rudimentary surgery, such as spaying or neutering.

You can also avoid spending money by taking care of them, trimming their nails, combing their coats, and brushing their teeth.

While you are on vacation, you may be able to avoid pet care fees by having a friend or family member take care of your cat.


Bombay cats are unique, and you must spend a fair amount of money to care for yourself properly. Bringing one cat home for the first time might not cost you anything, or it could cost you thousands, and taking care of them could be around $100 a month, or it could be multiples thereof. 

Ultimately, the cost entirely depends on you as you have to decide how much you are willing to spend on their care. You’ll also need to determine if it’s worth spending more on certain things (like food) to potentially save more money.

We can tell you this, though: No matter what, these cats will be worth every penny, and it depends on their activeness, intelligence, beauty, and on their temperament.

Hope you will like this article and kindly share it with those who want to know about Bombay cats and their price. It will massively help them.