Cats and dogs are opposite personalities as they belong to different families. This difference is a fundamental task to keep them together in the same house unless you choose a suitable canine for your cat and vice versa.

Fortunately, there are few cat breeds known to be friends with dogs just fine and even love to cuddle, play, and sleep together. 

Now that you know, forging a good relationship between your pets is essential if they share the same space. Please take a look and read on, as we have compiled a list of some dog-friendly cats and other crucial things you should know.

Relationship Between Cats and Dogs

As we have always heard and witnessed, there’s a lot to know about the complex relationship shared between dogs and cats. 

Numerous cat breeds go along very well with your dog pets. But with a little effort, in the beginning, produces fruitful results when they start living together. 

Although they have many differences, they also share some similarities. And for many others, they adapt with time slowly. 

For example, both animals exhibit ways of responding to combat, including gaping, licking their lips, and ground inspection. The same notion is conveyed by both creatures’ growling as a warning signal.

Given that they will share the same house, both pets are intelligent as they eventually figure out how to get along. By observation and exploration, they discover more about one another. 

However, you might have to pay little attention to their food. 

It’s preferable to feed dry food such as soft kibbles with a mix of nutrients to your dogs. On the other hand, cats need high protein quality food. 

Things You Should Keep in Mind While Getting Cats and Dogs Together

It’s a myth that you can’t keep cats and dogs together under the same roof. In fact, with little dedication and care, you can create a happy and healthy family that loves each other. 

Let’s have a look: 

  • You Should Feed Them Separately But At the Same Time

Initially, it’s best to feed them separately from a distance where they can sniff each other to assist in the socialization of your dog and cat. 

You can keep your cat’s food bowl close to a closed door while the dog’s food bowl is on the other side of the door. This way, they are more likely to accept each other as they are happy and relaxed. 

Remember, there are varieties of cat foods in the market. Please research online or ask for suggestions from a cat-lover to ensure you feed your cat the best wet cat food.

  • Allow Some Time to Help Them Get to Know Each Other

It’s essential to allow some time for your dog and cat. Your pets know each other and accept their existence side by side. 

Make sure you are not alone while making the first move of introduction or during the first few meetings. Act as a moderator between the two and give them some time while they come together as friends. 

  • Raise Them Together

Your decision to have a dog and a cat in your family should be backed up by the mutual discussion of all family members because they need attention and care in different ways. 

Therefore, it’s essential to provide both the same amount of attention., similar training, and exercise so that none feel overwhelmed or dominated. 

Furthermore, provide dedicated cosy beds for your cat and dog separately to eliminate conflict.

List of 9 Best Dog-friendly Cats  

So we know that cats can live with dogs. Now, we have compiled a list of dog-friendly cat breeds that are not only friendly but even love to sleep, cuddle, and play together.

1. American Shorthair 

The American shorthair breed has an expected lifespan of around 15 years. This breed is smart, affectionate, easygoing, and is known for being very friendly with dogs and other pets.

Considering this breed is very docile, they are also very confident and love to play around with dogs and housemates once they get comfortable. 

This breed is ranked highly for its playful nature, friendliness to children, and friendliness to other pets. The American Shorthair works well with families with children, dogs, and other pets. 

2. Japanese Bobtail 

The Japanese bobtail cat breed is known for its extremely social and outgoing temperament. 

This fun-loving breed is also bossy, rarely intimidated by its fellow pet friends, and considers itself in charge of the house. They could be a great sibling for your resident dog. 

They also like the company of other bobtails to show more of their sweet character. 

Living with this breed is easy and fun; they also adapt quickly to the environment and routines as long as they get affection and cuddles from their parents. 

Famous for its activeness and sweet nature, this feline makes the perfect addition to your family. 

3. Siberian

This is a rare breed that has spread across the globe and no longer just restricted to Siberia. These cats are hearty and incredibly confident around other pets in the home. 

Accustomed to the extreme climate of Siberia, this cat breed is known for its unique personality and fascination with water. Despite their size, they are very agile people-oriented and have athletic abilities.

They possess a high level of playfulness and friendliness with other pets and children but also have a high demand of attention from their humans. 

Siberians are a pure bundle of joy as they quickly become friends with every house member, dog, and even strangers coming to the house. 

Because of their adaptive nature and high skills at home, they make a good partnership with dogs and co-exist peacefully with them easily.

4. Maine Cats

The Maine cat is highly playful and affectionate toward everyone and has become one of America’s most popular cat breeds. 

You can also find them exhibiting similar personalities to their canine friends in walking and behaviors. They are friendly and build vital companionship with dogs in little time. Moreover, their loyalty and loving nature make them perfect for bringing home. 

While growing up as a kitten, they can be very mischievous and naughty. 

But as they grow up, they tend to become calmer. So if you are planning to bring a cat to your home, this breed can be the best choice that makes a good partner with dogs. 

5. British Shorthair 

Are you looking for a calm, reserved, and independent cat? Then you may like British Shorthair.

If so, you may take a look at British Shorthair. They have a strong feeling for social interaction, enjoy company, and naturally bond with dogs and cats as well as people.

Their personality and appearance go very well as they have a distinct body shape, characterized by a robust and chunky build and a broad chest.

This breed exhibits an extraordinary character as it doesn’t react aggressively, regardless of how bothersome it becomes. However, it will walk away from what’s bothering them and establish a barrier between herself and the other animal. 

The British shorthair is best suited for a family and environment that is calm and quiet as they like to lounge all day and are not overly energetic, which makes them perfect for a family with children and other pets. 

6. Birman

The Birman breed is calm, friendly, and easygoing. They not only love playing with their pet parents but get along very well with the dog as a companion as they love playing and having a human chasing them. 

Their royal looks make them one of the most sought-after cat breeds. You’ll generally find them calm and love to share their space with other pets.

Initially, the Birman tends to be territorial. However, it doesn’t express that in aggressive behaviour but maintains their careful dominance among the other members. 

They share a great relationship with children and their fellow dog friends, as they are very patient. 

7. Norwegian Forest Cat

Next on our list is the Norwegian forest cat that is large, muscular, heavy-coated, and strong-boned, with a medium-sized ear that makes them appear more like hunters. 

Unlike their looks, this breed is kind, loving, and gentle, with a strong nurturing instinct. They are family oriented and love their pet parents as they can form bonds with several people at once. 

This breed is gentle in nature, very playful and energetic, and is well-known for its fun-loving spirit that makes them good friends with other pets.

Although initially, it might take some time for this breed to get familiar with their canine friend, they could become inseparable once it does.

8. Abyssinian

Known for their social, loving, and affectionate behavior, this breed is undoubtedly the easiest feline in the home. 

Generally, they are curious about nature and love interacting with everyone; owing to this nature, they immensely love playing with dogs and their pet parents. 

Being non-jealous and non-competitive is what makes them so outstanding; as a result, they don’t annoy you while you’re occupied with your canine companions.

They have a curious and active personality, making them outgoing and social with their canine friends as they enjoy the company of others. 

The Abyssinian develops a strong bond with her parents, so as they grow together, they become very comfortable with dogs, which means it’s a big thumbs up if you want to adopt this breed.

9. Tonkinese 

Tonkinese breed is the result of Siamese and Burmese cats together, giving them the intelligence of the Siamese and temperament of the Burmese. 

They are very goofy and entertaining and usually love playing with their dog friends. 

Their outgoing and affectionate nature makes them very social and energetic, so no matter what you do, they will want to be involved and play together.

This breed would love a companion, so if you are out for more than one or two hours, you can consider taking them home if you already have a friendly canine or at least some company. 


Building a friendly and long-lasting relationship between cats and dogs is a slow process, but if done correctly, your family will be happier. 

At the start, you can keep your pets in different rooms and introduce them to each other slowly. It will help them smell and get acquainted with each other. 

As cats have a multitude of personalities, unlike dogs, you must choose a suitable one that is friendly to your canine pet to avoid clashes.