Is there any Earthborn cat food recall? Earthborn pet food brand is one of the best choices when looking forward to nourishing your little cat. This brand has been reviewed to be the best cat food provider with the least recalls and decent quality ingredients.

Earthborn company is known to provide both wet and dry food for your little friend so they can consume healthy stuff in the manner they like. But what about its recalls? To have a complete idea of recalls for Earthborn, read complete article.

About Earthborn Cat Food

Possessed by Midwestern Pet Foods, Earthborn Holistic is a pet food maker situated in the USA. The organization offers both wet and dry food variations, and everything except one territory is without grain food. The food is made to upgrade nourishment in your feline, and the producer professes to utilize new fixings. They contain meat proteins joined with fundamental nutrients and supplements from vegetables and other regular sources.

Unlike many organizations with a confounding cluster of various food varieties, Earthborn offers three lines of dry food. Be that as it may, they do have a more extensive scope of wet food, which is sold in packets and jars.

The Recall History of Earthborn Cat Food

Earthborn Cat Food Recall 2022

In nearly 100 years of pet food production, Earthborn Pet Foods and its parent company, Midwestern Pet Foods, has never had any food recalls except for 2021.

In March of 2021, the FDA declared that Midwestern Pet Foods was giving a willful review of various brands, including Earthborn Holistic. The study was incited by potential salmonella tainting of items delivered at the organization’s Monmouth, Illinois fabricating office.

This declaration came after Midwestern Pet Foods was reviewed because of aflatoxin form defilement in food varieties made at the organization’s Oklahoma office.

While it didn’t influence Earthborn Holistic, this aflatoxin from tainting was a not kidding worry for shoppers buying different brands fabricated by this organization. Starting with a January 2021 report, the FDA knew about 110 pets who’d passed on, and more than 200 who became ill in the wake of eating impacted food varieties.

Why hasn’t the cat food from Earthborn been recalled more than once?

  • The cat food is generally recalled with extreme or too few supplements, such as an excess of vitamin D or insufficient thiamine (vitamin B1). But the cat food from Earthborn was never diagnosed with issues in the number of nutrients. 
  • The primary cause of cat food recalls there is bacterial pollution and contamination. This issue is generally standard in crude weight control plans or treats like pig ears. Hence, there are no contamination issues with Earthborn cat food; it wasn’t recalled. 
  • Also, there were no toxins, and high amounts such as melamine (2007) and pentobarbital (2017) were found in the cat food from the brand.
  • Unfamiliar material such as bits of plastic or metal that severed hardware or in any case wound up with different fixings. An ideal model is a new review for golf ball pieces in earthy hash colors that were also not present in any products. 
  • Also, when noticed, there were no complaints and negative feedback from customers regarding the pet food, and hence their products were not under testing for recall. 
  • The FDA testing found the products safe enough and with no harm for the consumption of pets. 

What Does Earthborn Cat Food Contain?

Earthborn Cat Food Recall

Meat Protein

Cats have indeed committed carnivores, and this implies that they eat meat through need, not through the decision. Proprietors ought to give their felines an eating regimen that fundamentally comprises core since this guarantees that they will get the sort of protein they require. When looking for feline food, just as taking a gander at the protein proportion, you additionally need to consider the protein source. Food maybe 40% protein; however, if practically all of that protein comes from vegetables and grain, it isn’t as helpful as a 30% protein food that takes all of its dietary protein from sheep or another meat source.

Vegetable Protein

Be that as it may, a portion of the food sources, in all actuality, does list vegetable protein high up the rundown. For instance, the Primitive Feline food records pea protein as its third fixing, after turkey dinner and chicken supper. Even though it is excellent that the essential protein sources are both meat-based, pea protein ought to be a perfect world component further down the fixing list. Almost certainly, most of the protein in this formula comes from meat, yet the pea protein content merits remembering.

A Grain-Free Diet

Everything except one of Earthborn Holistic Cat Foods is without grain plans. Felines are committed carnivores, and very little of their regular eating regimen would be grain. Be that as it may, they might consume a modest quantity of grain in the wild, and it is protected to take care of homegrown felines a correspondingly fair amount of grain. So, grain is an allergen, and a few felines might be delicate to this fixing. As an animal group, felines needn’t bother with grain, so it may very well be advantageous to take care of them without grain food.


One more gainful scope of fixings in Earthborn’s items is dried maturation. These go about as probiotics. Probiotics are advantageous for individuals, however creatures, and many similar reasons. These great microorganisms fend off awful microbes and assist with guaranteeing great stomach wellbeing. Their consideration implies that your feline can change a more significant amount of the food over to energy. They will be less inclined to experience the ill effects of gastrointestinal protests like looseness of the bowels and heaving.

Who Produces Earthborn Cat Food?

Midwestern Pet Foods produce natural Holistic Cat Food. This pet food maker was established in 1926 and is settled in Evansville, Indiana, albeit the Earthborn Holistic dry pet food varieties are produced from the organization’s assembling plant in Monmouth, Illinois. All the brand’s dry food lines are made in the US, and they source many, albeit not all, fixings from the US. It is additionally significant that the production of the wet food lines has been moved to US Pet Nutrition, which is essential for the Thai Union Group.

Conclusion – Is It Good Brand?

Earthborn is a highly reputable brand that offers an extensive range of wet food but little dry food. They employ all the natural ingredients and are safe for all the cats around. Although it has been recalled once in 100 years of history, the brand cannot be termed a bad one. The presence of Probiotics in their food makes them more popular and beneficial.