Equilibrio cat food review summary – Founded in 2005, Equilibrio is a European pet food company in France. This brand expands cat and dog food formulation designed to satisfy particular wishes for diverse lifestyles levels and different fitness problems together with hairball management and weight management.

Equilibrio is a brand owned via ADM in conjunction with various meals and complement brands for pets and those. ADM’s reason is “to liberate the power of nature, to complement the first-rate of existence.”

What does Equilibrio provide?

Equilibrio offers dry food recipes for cats divided into categories: physiologic and veterinary. Like recipes for specific existence ranges, Equilibrio’s physiologic line of products provides a formulation for specific fitness issues like hairballs, sensitive digestion, and weight reduction.

There are four options of their veterinary line of products: obesity & Diabetic, Renal, Urinary, and Intestinal. We couldn’t verify; however, we consider those recipes bought in vet’s workplaces while the physiologic line is available in pet stores.

Is Equilibrio a good cat food?

Equilibrio cat food review

Though we couldn’t locate plenty inside the way of specific facts approximately Equilibrio as an emblem or their products, what we’ve discovered from the ingredients lists of several products is enough to make a dedication. Quite honestly, we don’t endorse Equilibrio cat meals.

Equilibrio appears to be on par with acquainted grocery store brands like Friskies and Meow mix. With the most effective dry food formulas available, most recipes are very plant-based and appear to be made broadly speaking of merchandise, fillers, and plant proteins.

Equilibrio may be low priced, if you may discover it, but it doesn’t offer species-appropriate nutrients for cats.

sourcing and manufacturing:

We could not find Equilibrio exact sourcing and manufacturing details, but all we know is that it is manufactured from France and is GMO approved. They make sure that their customers receive their best and safest products.

Equilibrio Cat Food Ingredients:

After many investigations, we have found some of the most common ingredients used in Equilibrio cat foods.

Animal protein is the primary ingredient in most recipes, which is a good thing. Animal protein is necessary for muscle build-up and to strengthen the body.

The ingredients list then has other plant-based like rice, maize, wheat, peas, vegetable fibers, and yucca extract. Other than these plant-based ingredients, there are some other added fish oil, powdered eggs, and brewer’s yeast. To conclude, all of the main recipes are plant-based and high in fat and carbohydrate content.

Equilibrio Cat Food Review:

Equilibrio cat food review

We will be reviewing some of the top seller recipes from Equilibrio with their pros and cons.

1. Equilibrio Adult Hairball Control Dry Cat Food Review

This dry food component starts with a source of animal protein as a primary ingredient, and however, it’s vaguely named “dehydrated chicken.” In reality, there aren’t any named animal ingredients on this formulation other than powdered eggs.

Similarly to the dehydrated poultry, we also see poultry fat, animal protein hydrolysate, and fish oil. Most of the remaining components are plant-based, such as fillers and plant proteins like rice, corn, wheat, and corn gluten.

The evaluation for this product doesn’t list the moisture content; however, we will expect it’s somewhere around 10% as dry food. Using that 10%, we will estimate these components’ complete carbohydrate content material around 30% (as fed). That is a whole lot higher than we’d like to see in cat food.


  • Good amount of protein.
  • Contains Fibre that prevents hairballs.
  • No artificial additives.


  • High carbohydrates content such as – Rice, Maize, Peas, Wheat, Maize Gluten.
  • Animal protein is not named.
  • It is very dehydrated cat food.


  • Consists of Poultry

2. Equilibrio Preference with Salmon Recipe Dry Cat Food Review

This Recipe starts robustly with dehydrated salmon as a primary factor. Next comes dry chicken, which, although vaguely named, continues to be an animal-based whole protein. We additionally see animal protein hydrolysate, dehydrated pork, and powdered egg.

The 1/3 factor on this Recipe is greaves, an element that looks in the other two formulations but is lower at the listing. Greave’s meal is produced using melting uncooked fat. While it’s miles high in protein with low ash and first-rate digestibility, it doesn’t come from a named animal source.

Like the previous recipes, this component is full of plant elements. This component could be very carb-heavy, from low-value grains like corn and wheat to plant proteins like corn gluten. Using an expected moisture degree of 10%, we estimate the carb content material to around 30% (as fed).


  • Contains High Animal Protein.
  • No added artificial colors and flavors.


  • It has high carbohydrates because of wheat, rice, maize.
  • It is very dehydrated.


  • Salmon Beef

3. Equilibrio Kitten Natural Defences Recipe Dry Cat Food Review

This Recipe is explicitly formulated for kittens; this Equilibrio dry cat food is designed to aid your kitten’s natural defenses, enhance intestinal fitness, and reduce stool scent.

If you examine the list of ingredients for this Recipe to the previous one, you’ll word that they may be the same store for the order of the elements. This Recipe is better in both protein and fat, which drives the carbohydrate content down by a bit, though it’s still predicted around 25% (as fed).

Again, we adore that this formulation starts with an animal-based source of protein and contains two animal fat. We desire they had been named sources and not indistinct “chicken” and “fish oil.” We also dislike the high inclusions of low-cost grains like wheat and corn and plant proteins like corn gluten.


  • It is formulated especially for growing kittens.
  • Has reasonable amounts of fat and protein.
  • No added additives.


  • High carbohydrates content such as – Rice, Maize, Peas, Wheat, Maize Gluten.
  • Animal protein is not named.
  • It is very dehydrated cat food.

Common Allergens

  • Poultry

Equilibrio Cat Food Recall

As far as we know, there hasn’t been any recall on this brand so far. This brand is a European brand, so that we couldn’t find more information online about the company’s recall history. If we find any new information regarding this topic, we’ll surely update the information.

Equilibrio Cat Food Ratings:

  • Quality of ingredients – 4/10.
  • Breed appropriative ingredients – 5/10.
  • Varieties of products – 6/10.
  • Price – 7/10.

There were not many customer reviews and ratings on this brand. Still, by the list of mentioned ingredients on Equilibrio Cat Food recipes, we learned that they have high-quality animal protein and significant supplemental proteins and are free of artificial colors and flavors.

However, it does contain plant–based ingredients and some cereals like – wheat, maize, rice and is very dehydrated cat food. Also, some allergens are included – Salmon, Beef, Poultry, Cereals.