Nowadays, there are various cat food brands in the market that pet owners could get, and Fancy Feast is considered among the most notable brands. Fancy Feast is a gourmet cat food brand of the Nestle Purina Petcare company. Moreover, in this Fancy Feast Feeding Guide, we will learn all these questions and share some other tips about feeding cat food to your pet that you must know.

This brand was introduced in 1982 and is known as the first gourmet cat food launched since it has offered a wide array of canned food products ranging from the classic type to marinated morsels, roasted, flaked, and chunky food flavors.

However, now we understand the cat food brand but do you know about its feeding? In how much quantity should you feed this meal to your cat? Generally, it depends on your pet’s condition. But if you are providing an average cat, you should give them less than two cans of this meal per day.

It is based on the average cat consuming 4-6 ounces of food per day and the can size of 3.5 ounces. But you will need to monitor how your cat responds. If she gains weight, then reduces the portions, or if she is too thin now, increase the amount and monitor.

How Many Cans of Fancy Feast Per Day?

Fancy Feast cat food Feeding Guide

If your cat is going very well and is not suffering from any illness, then it is often required the right amount of 2 – 4 three ounces cans of canned food per day. More giant cats need more food than smaller felines. 

So it should take some time and effort for you to know how many cans of Fancy Feast per day are needed for your cat. It is widely advised that you start with 1 can in the morning 1 can in the evening and closely assess the body of your fluffy friend. 

If you conclude that your cat needs more, but in many cases, 2 cans are enough for the average weight cat, it is suggested that if your cat is losing her weight after eating 2 cans in the day, you should increase the amount of feeding. If your feline increases her weight after eating 2 cans per day, you need to decrease the amount of feeding her meal.

Fancy Feast Kitten Food Feeding Guide

If you have a kitten, you may be wondering how much food she should be getting as well. Your kitten will consume wet food several times a day if fed a combination of wet and dry food. But, if they are eating only wet food, then it would be 4 small portions per day. 

There are over 80 varieties of kitten food available in the market of Fancy Feast Kitten food which are made with high-quality ingredients. Here, we have chosen the three best-wet cat food options for kittens, and we will tell you about the feeding guides of this food:

  • Fancy Feast® Gourmet Naturals White Meat Chicken Wet Kitten Food
  • Fancy Feast® Kitten Classic Paté Tender Chicken Feast Wet Kitten Food
  • Fancy Feast Kitten Tender Turkey Feast Canned Cat Food

Feeding Instructions: Fancy Feast® Gourmet Naturals White Meat Chicken Wet Kitten Food

You should feed this Gourmet Naturals White Meat 1 can per 3 to 3, 1/2 pounds of body weight daily. You should give it to her by dividing it into three or more meals. Maintain your kitten’s body condition by adjusting nutrition as needed to avoid excess weight gain. Refrigerate the unused portions.

Feeding Guide: Fancy Feast® Kitten Classic Paté Tender Chicken Feast Wet Kitten Food

You can feed this meal per day 3 to 3-1/2 pounds of body weight daily. You can divide this food into three meals. Continue to adjust as needed to maintain your kitten’s ideal body condition and avoid excess weight gain.

Feeding guide: Fancy Feast Kitten Tender Turkey Feast Canned Cat Food

You need to feed this Tender Turkey Feast Canned Cat food one can of ½ lbs of body weight. You can adjust as necessary to maintain your kitten in ideal body condition. If your kitty is not ready to eat her meal at one time, you can feed her 2-3 meals a day. 

Fancy Feast Feeding Table Chart

Fancy Feast cat food Feeding Guide

The amount of food your cat needs depends on its weight. A cat’s ideal healthy weight determines how many calories it needs per day. An adult cat requires about 25 calories per pound of body weight, and about 500 calories are in an 8 oz cup of dry food. So, if we estimate that the average ten-pound cat needs about 250 calories per day, the average cat will need about 1/3-1/2 of a cup of food. It may be less required if your cat is lazy. Here, we have drawn a table for you to better consider the feeding of Fancy feast Cat Food according to the cat’s weight. So, let’s take a look at it:

Weight (lbs)Daily CaloriesCups of Food (oz)Wet Food (oz)

Fancy Feast Cat Food Feeding Instructions

The Fancy Feast cat food feeding depends on your cat’s age, and most adult cats eat up to two times per day. Don’t be alarmed if you struggle to feed your cat; it may just be because your cat is full already if you are trying to feed more than. 

The most important thing is that you should first be informed about how much quantity you should feed your cat wet or dry food and what feeding instructions you should apply for your pet to feed him this brand of Cat Food. Don’t worry, here we have a solution for this cause that will help you feed this meal in the right amount of wet and dry food. So, let’s see that.

Dry Foods Guide

Overall, dry food like Fancy Feast is a cheaper option than wet food, but dry food is often rich in carbohydrates and contains low moisture, and it is not nutritionally dense and hydrating as wet food. So you can feed this in less quantity. 

As long as you choose quality food and your cat stays hydrated throughout the day, a dry food diet may be enough for your cat’s health. You will need to give your cat water and make sure your cat drinks enough.

Otherwise, wet food may need to be added to your cat’s diet. Here’s a chart to help you stay on track with your cat’s feeding schedule:

0-5 lbs5-10 lbs10-15 lbs15-20 lbs
Kittensless than 1 oz per dayup to 1 oz per dayup to 2 oz per dayup to 3 oz per day
Cat (Adults, lean)up to 1 oz per dayup to 2 oz per dayup to 3 oz per dayup to 4 oz per day
Cat (Adult, heavy)up to 1 oz per dayup to 2 oz per dayup to 3 oz per dayup to 4 oz per day

Wet Foods Guide

If you are feeding Fancy Feast wet food, control how much your cat has access to at one time. The problem with wet food is that cats love wet food! Your cat will continue to eat much earlier than they usually would if you let them, which happens less often with dry food. Check out this chart to see how much-wet food to feed your cat:

0-5 lbs5-10 lbs10-15 lbs15-20 lbs
Kittensup to 1 oz per dayup to 5 oz per dayup to 8 oz per dayup to 11 oz per day
Cat (Adult, Lean)up to 3 oz per dayup to 7 oz per dayup to 9 oz per dayup to 12 oz per day
Cat (Adult, Heavy)up to 5 oz per dayup to 8 oz per dayup to 12 oz per dayup to 15 oz per day

Fancy Feast Calories Per Can

If you are feeding your cat Fancy Feast canned food, you might always ensure that there is food in your cat’s bowl with good calorie content in her meal. Typically, dry food contains about 476 calories per cup, and this dry recipe contains 4,010 calories per kilogram, and if we talk about canned food, it contains about 250 calories in each 6 oz can. 

Using these counts as a guide, an 8-pound cat would need ⅘ of a cup of dry food of just less than a whole 6-oz can (or two 3-ounce cans) of wet food per day. So, feeding an entire 1-cup serving of dry does set him over the calorie intake for the day. 

Now, if we are talking about the calorie in kItten food of this brand, then a calculation provided by the AAFCO, Fancy Feast Kitten Classic Pate Tender Chicken Feast Feast has approximately 85 calories per 100g, which is an average amount of calories compared to the other wet cat food.

Fancy Feast Ingredients Information

Fancy Feast manufactures approximately 167 different cat food products. Each product utilizes a unique combination of ingredients to achieve the desired nutritional profile. As of right now, it uses roughly 156 other ingredients to make its recipes. 

In the United States, cat food ingredients are listed in descending pre-cooked order weight. The 5 ingredients usually make up a significant portion of the recipe. We have found the most common five ingredients in the brand, and these are,

  • Chicken
  • Fish
  • Liver
  • Beef
  • Turkey

In this Ingredient information, we will share all the benefits and knowledge of the top 5 ingredients of this recipe. So. let’s see that:

Chicken: Chicken makes a fantastic substitute for red meats, and it is an excellent source of protein and meat has been related to a variety of health benefits. The chicken used in the Fancy Feast recipe is an excellent source of amino acids and lean protein. 

It helps to maintain the bone mineral density of your pet. It is also essential to build stronger muscles and promote healthier bones in your cat’s health and decrease the risk of injuries.

Fish: It contains low-fat and high-quality protein in the Fancy Feast brand. Fish is filled with omega-3 fatty acids and vitamins such as D and V2. Feeding this recipe to your feline provides omega-3 fatty acids, and these essential nutrients support their heart and brain health. Fish is vital for the Fancy Feast recipes that help maintain the sudden risk of death, heart attack, and strokes.

Liver: it is a good ingredient in the fancy Feast everyday recipes. The liver is chock full of vitamin A, which supports healthy vision; among many other benefits, vitamin B12 and iron boost energy, plus vitamin C, folate, selenium, and copper. 

Beef: Beef is an excellent source of vitamin A, vitamin C, and vitamin B of the complex, and it is one of the ingredients included in Fancy Feast Recipes. If you are feeding your cat this meal, you can make her strong and healthy. It is rich in minerals like iron, manganese, zinc, and selenium, essential for cats’ health and nourishment.

Turkey: Fancy Feast has included turkey in its recipe to provide every cat with high protein and complete nutritional needs. Turkey is an excellent source of protein, and its essential amino acids can boost your cat’s visionary and dietary health. Its other essential nutrients are zinc, niacin, vitamin B6 and B12, and selenium are all also present in turkey.

Fancy Feast Nutritional Information

Fancy Feast cat food recipe is formulated to meet the nutritional levels established by the AAFCO cat food nutrient to all life stages. It is a famous brand, and it is specially made to support cats with diabetes. For those seeking low-carbohydrate food with great taste and affordable price, it is an excellent option for them. 

It provides all the nutrients which your pet’s body needs. Here, you will get information on this brand’s nutrition content in their recipes and their benefits for your pet. So let’s start without waiting anymore:


Beef, chicken, turkey are excellent protein sources in Fancy feast cat food. It contains 57% protein in its recipes that heps in deliver 100% complete and balanced nutrition.


As we have researched the carbohydrate level in this recipe, we find it contains significantly lower (18%) carbohydrates that help fuel the brain, kidneys, and heart muscles. And the central nervous system of your pet’s health.


Fancy Feast contains 25% fat in their recipes, and it is a concentrated energy source for cats. Fat provides twice the energy of protein and carbohydrates, and fat makes up part of your cat’s cell membranes and helps transport nutrients.


In wet meals, moisture is present in a reasonable quantity to keep your cat hydrated all the time. These wet recipes include 78% moisture in their feed of Fancy Feast. Water helps to protect from urinary tract issues, ease of digestion, portion control, and kidney disease.


Every meal of fancy Feast includes fiber to help with digestive functions and benefits the stool quality of cats who might have digestive upset. It is beneficial in constipation, diarrhea, and even obesity.


Ideally, your pet cat should consume 2 cans of Fancy Treats daily to help maintain its healthy weight and ensure that it receives balanced nutrition rich in protein, vitamins, and minerals. This will also ensure that he stays well hydrated. Most importantly, you should consult with your vet on your cat’s proper dietary needs to ensure that your kitty receives the right nutrition.

We hope you will like this article and it will be comprehensive for you.