Is Greenies cat treats being discontinued? Most cat owners like to expose they love their cats not simplest with affection but with treats. There are some exclusive forms of cat treats, and a few are higher in your cat than others. But, choosing a healthful deal with isn’t as easy as it sounds because cats may be selective in what they want to devour, and a few may have dietary regulations.

Greenies are known as one of the best-known dental treats brands ever. The Greenies Company started in 1996 with its unique flavor. It has grown with many pet food production lines such as Teenies, Petites, and Great Management. Also, they provide grain weight management and animal feed for the elderly.
Greenies treats have a crunchy texture that helps reduce tartar and plaque, and they are formulated to keep your cat’s breath fresh.

They are not an alternative for your cat’s dental health routine; it is just good self-care for your cat in between vet visits. These treats are not also fun but also very healthy. It is made from natural ingredients and has a bunch of vitamins like vitamin B, mineral, taurine, and chlorophyll for optimum health.
On the positive side, these treats are low in calories, so you won’t have to worry about packing on a few pounds.

Why was Greenies brand’s product did get discontinued?

There are so many benefits and positive reviews of this brand and its products, then why did it get discontinued?

Since 2006, the Greenies have been owned by Mars Petcare. The Greenies’ headquarters are still located in Kansas City. Greenies’ treatment was developed as a natural dental treatment for canines.

The Greenies have never been recalled for their product since its inception in terms of memory. However, there were some complaints, and a lawsuit was filed against Greenies. We have thoroughly researched all past issues related to the Greenies and put them in one comprehensive article. Make sure you read to the end.

The brand has never been recalled, but its products have. Some serious allegations were filed against this brand in 2006 and 2015. In 2006, a couple sued Greenies over the threat to their dog’s life because part of Greenies treats was stuck in a dog’s esophagus. A certified vet says the greens were marketed for better digestion, but he stayed there for several days and still worked very hard.

In response to this claim, owners are advised to check that the Greenies Treats are chewed and that proper chewing is essential for a particular dog. There are seven different options depending on the size of the dog.

Another lawsuit was also filed against this company, claiming 13 dogs had died for the same reason. It was also reported that the company knew about the dangers but still didn’t warn their customers.

Eventually, those lawsuits were settled, claiming that his tooth-cleaning meal had injured dozens of dogs. However, the company improved its dental treatments and made them more digestible. Also, Greenies changed the packaging for their customer’s satisfaction.

Are Greenies treats safe?

Greenies Cat Treats Discontinued

While Dry treats are specially formulated for your cat’s oral health, generally, cat food comes in two versions: dry and wet. So treats are considered chewable in the dry version. Still, Feline Greens treats are made to clean teeth, and greenies are not wet treats.

According to Digestive Testing, Feline Greenies Dentistry is 82% easier to digest than premium dry cat food. Plus, every treat has less than two calories to protect your cat from obesity. Another thing to know is that Feline Green Vegetables are not organic.

In addition, feline greens do not contain glucose, syrup, sucrose, or fructose. But, 30% of the complex carbohydrate content comes from starch. Dental treatment consists of complete nutrition with 35% protein and 14% fat. Also, there are no allergens in the Greenies treat.

All the products from this brand have been adequately formulated and approved through the Vets Oral Health Council and Associations of America Food Control Officials. The product consists of fiber that helps scrub the teeth for better dental health for your pets.

Many people have said that this product threatens your pet’s life, but some haven’t found any problems yet. Also, Greenies have recommended not to replace this with your pet’s balanced diet. This product is strictly made for dental health care and not a regular diet.


  • It is VOHC approved.
  • Consists of Natural Ingredients.
  • It is very low in calories.


  • It contains wheat.
  • It has a lesser amount of meat than any other treats.

Does Greenies product work and is available in stock?

Greenies treats are a good source of dental care. It contains natural oat fiber that helps in providing the texture of kibble that scrubs the tartar buildup from the teeth. With high protein ingredients which are digestible low in carbohydrates, greenies have made their stand in the market.

Many customers have seen results in their cat’s overall oral health. Some have claimed to improve tartar buildup, and their cats breathe.

Well, cats are picky eaters. But this product seems like cats like it. Customers are very impressed by this product, plus it is not too stinky, which is a big drawback for most pet treats.

Greenies have essential vitamins and minerals in them, and it doesn’t have any artificial color or artificial flavors. The main source ingredient is the protein which is 38% at least and includes –chicken, beef, lamb, and pork, with added probiotics and fiber.

Conclusion – what customers think about Greenies

“My cat loves these treats, but there is a major issue, the size. I saw in a review that these were large, but they were only slightly larger than a piece of cat food. The problem with this is that if your cat has sore teeth or snarfs down food (swallows it whole), it will not benefit from chewing the treat to clean its teeth. This is not a problem for some cats, but for mine, it is; it would be nice to see treats a little bit larger so that the cat has to break them apart. If your cat is eating too quickly or having sore teeth/ gingivitis is a problem, I might look for some other, larger treats. I’ve found that I can hold it and get my cat to chew on it, but it’s not as good as having them chew it themselves.”

“Chuck and Sam each enjoy their special treats, which we enthusiastically provide in part due to the enjoyment the goodies provide to our two healthy cats. And, for the fact that this product delivers as promised. Each time we examine their teeth for signs of tartar, etc., we are relieved to discover very healthy gums and clean teeth. As we listen to them crunch down on each morsel, we are reminded that the product’s intended benefit is to aid in the prevention of tartar buildup. However subjective this might seem, we attribute the wellness of their mouths to a balanced diet which includes the periodic addition of the Greenies. For us, this is an easy & high recommendation.”

“So, the 20 y/o feline LOVES these, and it’s the only time that I see her move at a FASTER pace than normal! She “stops” them, like you would a soccer ball (on the floor). If they prolong her ZEST for life, I feel more than completely satisfied with this purchase. PS – It has helped her terrible breath, caused by poor decaying health of the mouth/teeth, but she has not ridden it. That can’t be expected! I always transfer them to a sealed jar or container for freshness and keep them in a locked cabinet – to prevent an unplanned meal of too many treats = huge kitty stomach ache!!”