Greenies have become a wildly popular chew treat for dogs and cats. Greenies treats are delicious, but they also help clean the teeth and remove plaque buildup. This food product is specially formulated to freshen the pet’s breath, and Greenies treat one of the best dental treats made with natural ingredients. Today, we found Greenies cat treats recall

Greenies Company started in 1996 with its only original flavor. It has expanded with many pet food product lines such as Teenies, Petites, and Large treats. Also, they offer grain-free weight management and senior care pet food.

Since 2006, Greenies has been owned by Mars Petcare. The headquarters of Greenies still can be found situated in Kansas City. Greenies treat was developed as a natural dental treat for canines.

As for the recall, Greenies has never had any recall for their product since its establishment. However, there are some complaints, and the lawsuit was filed against Greenies. We have investigated all past news related to Greenies more profoundly and put it in one comprehensive article. Make sure to read to the end.

Is Greenies a Good Cat Treat?

Greenies Cat Treats Recall

Oral care is essential for a cat’s health. Also, most cat owners don’t see dental health as a health issue. Periodontal disease is common in adult cats, and it starts with building up the plaque.

Cats are canine, and their teeth are for to tear the meat. Cats don’t chew their food in that amount to clean their teeth. However, Feline Greenies formulated dental treats to maintain and prevent plaque buildup. How do greenies treat work to clean a cat’s teeth?

Greenies cat food is a complete diet for a better cat’s health. The Greenies treat contains natural oat fiber, which provides the texture of kibbles that scrubs cat’s teeth. Along with this function, Greenies cat food has at least 35% high-quality protein.

In addition, Feline Greenies cat foods are made up of highly digestible proteins, fat, and carbohydrates. Greenies dental treats are good for cats and are not intended to replace cats’ regular maintenance diet.

Greenies Cat Food Recall List

When it comes to choosing a pet food product, it is necessary to check if there is any recall for that brand. Recall history is beneficial to determine the quality of the pet food of that any brand.

However, there is no information about Greenies in the FDA recall list. It seems that Feline Greenies had never been involved in any recall since 1996. Many pet food brands are already mentioned in the updated recall list. To confirm or update information, keep checking the FDA list.

Moreover, there is something serious against feline greenies. That being said, two lawsuits against Greenies brand had been filed in 2006 and 2015.

In 2006, a couple filed a lawsuit against greenies claiming that their dog’s life was in danger after having a piece of Greenies treat stuck in the dog’s esophagus. A certified vet said Greenies treat indeed marketed for good digestion, but that was lodged there for days and still very hard. In response to this lawsuit, Greenies recommend owners check that the treat is chewed, and it is essential to select the correct chew for a particular dog. There are seven different options according to the size of the dog.

Both filed lawsuits had the same reason. A report also came that estimated at least 13 dogs had died due to Greenies-related issues. It was also claimed that Greenies company knew of the dangers but refused to warn consumers.

Finally, those lawsuits were settled, claiming that their teeth cleaning food injured a dozen dogs. Still, the company has improved its dental treats and made them more digestible. Also, Greenies changed the packaging to make warnings more visible to their consumers.

An Overview on Greenies Wet and Dry Cat Treat

Usually, cat food comes in two versions: dry and wet. So treats are supposed to be in dry version to chewable. However, Feline Greenies treats are made for dental cleaning purposes, and there are no Greenies wet treats.

In addition to it, according to digestible testing, feline greenies dental treats are 82% easily digestible, similar to premium dry cat food. Also, each treat contains less than two calories to prevent your cat from becoming obese. One more thing to know is that feline greenies treats are not organic.

Moreover, feline Greenies do not contain glucose, syrup, sucrose, or fructose. But, there is 30% complex carbohydrate content that comes from starch. Overall, the dental treatment has complete nutrition with 35% protein and 14% fat. Also, there is no allergic component found in the Greenies treat.

Greenies Cat Treats Shortage 2021-2022

Greenies Cat Treats Recall

With the recent economic down, many pet food companies cannot meet the demand of pet owners. This shortage is also experienced in the grocery stores by consumers. For instance, fancy feast cat food shortage made stores out of fancy products.

Fortunately, Greenies cat treat has not experienced a shortage for consumer’s demand. They are working fine. Also, there is no issue with the supply of their ingredients, and Greenies ingredients are sourced from trusted suppliers worldwide.

Is Greenies cat treat safe?

Greenies cat treats are designed to promote good health. All product lines of Greenies have been approved by the Vet Oral Health Council and Association of America Food Control Officials. The Fiber present in the Feline Greenies Dental treat helps scrub the teeth while chewing the treat in their mouth.

However, there are claims by many consumers that this dental treat poses a threat to their pet life. However, through reviews on chewy, we found no such complaints, and also, there are overwhelmingly positive responses. Also, two lawsuits had been filed.

Moreover, Greenies have advised that treats are not intended to replace the standard diet, and this treat is only formulated for adult cats. Also, make sure that your cat chews it properly before engulfing it.

Greenies Cat Treats Ingredients

To be sure, Greenies do not use any artificial ingredients in their treats, and Greenies treat are manufactured based on the AAFCO guidelines. Also, treats offer many nutritional values.

Greenies treats are not supposed to be a dietary meal for a cat but can be a one-day supplement. However, the protein level is at least 35%, and fat presence is 15%. The main sourced ingredients of this protein are chicken meat, beef, lamb, and pork.

As for other nutrition values, the Calories level is low to make your cat active. Fiber content is 6%, sourced from corn gluten and rice grains. Treatments are assured to be good soluble and easily digestible with these ingredients.

Greenies treats are complete with essential vitamins and minerals such as vitamin A, B12, D, C, and E. To make it more digestible, probiotics are added to the treats.

How many greenies can cats have a day?

Greenies cat treat is a complete diet for adult cat health and natural vitamins and minerals, taurine, and fibers. For a cat with 5 to 10lb, serve 6-8 pieces and 8-10 pieces per serving for 10-15lb cats. If your cat weighs over 15lb, offer 10-12 articles per serving. In case of obesity concerns, reduce the pieces. Don’t forget to serve twice a day and offer water after feeding.

Do vets recommend Greenies cat treats?

Greenies cat treats are formulated with a crunchy texture designed to remove plaque buildup on the cat’s teeth. Even Vets recommend it instead of other methods to remove plaque from machines.

Do greenies treat work?

Recent research shows that eating Greenies Dental treat per day helps reduce to 60% less tartar buildup and 33 % less plaque buildup in 28 days. That is considered to be a good result.

Can cat treats cause kidney problems?

The high amount of salt in pet food can cause high blood pressure and be bad for kidneys. So, pet food is designed without salt, which contains sodium, and however, greenies treat contains sodium from salt at negligible levels.


Overall, Greenies cat treats are not bad for adult cats if served carefully. Vets also suggest these dental treats for cats’ health, and cats also love Greenies treats’ flavor.

Hope this article is comprehensive and helped you solve all the queries related to Greenies cat treats.