Are you looking for the best high protein cat food and looking for the specific blend for your cat? Did you know what you are looking for is the best cat food overall containing every nutrient your cat needs? Then you will surely come to the right place.

Good cat food contains high Protein-protein and low carbohydrates. Cats are obligate carnivores, and they need animal meat to survive and thrive since that is precisely what cats want to eat the obligate carnivores’ food. Also, they need this type of food.

Normally both wet and dry food make ingredients that contain protein. we studies and analysis that both wet and dry options are best in term of protein and low carb. An Ideal food has:

Protein: 52-63%

Fat: 22-36%

Carbohydrate: 2.8-12%

The above range shows that cats have evolved on a high protein, moderate fat, and low carbohydrate diet. is the best combination for your cat to feed.

To perceive this low-carb cat food, we have covered a whole article. In this article, you will learn the good and bad sides of these types of food. Also, we thought of providing the best food reviews to make the purchases.

Top 10 Best Low Carb Cat Food Reviews in 2022

High Protein Low Carb Cat Food

If we talk about the best low-carb cat food for a cat, then Canned food is thought to be the best option as it makes up for the lack of moisture. Grain-free canned food includes very low carbohydrates, which should be minimized in all cats.

If your cat doesn’t want to eat canned food, then grain-free dry cat food is the best option nutritionally for your cat. Here is the list of the top 10 best low carbohydrate cat food.

(i) Overall Best – Feline Natural Chicken & Venison Canned Cat Food

Feline Natural Chicken & Venison Feast Grain-Free Canned Cat Food is our overall best low-carb food for your cat. It contains very few ingredients other than lean animal protein like chicken and provides your cat with 9% protein. Chicken is free-range, and venison comes with New Zealand. It provides a balanced meal for all ages of cats. We like Feline Natural Chicken & Venison, and we always keep them in our home for our cats.  


  • Translation result
  • Some material 
  • Free Chain chicken 
  • Omega Fats
  • Balanced Diet


  • Some cats don’t like it

(ii) High Quality – Crave Turkey Pate Grain-Free Cat Food Trays

It is our best grain-free cat food as the low carb cat food for the money. It does not contain any artificial colors or preservatives, and it provides your cat with a balanced meal with added essential vitamins, minerals, taurine, and Omega fats.

We like the Crave turkey pate for our cat with the price, but as many low carb cat food, it may be challenging for your cat to use it, especially if it’s coming off a dry food that’s high in corn which contains 12% protein.


  • Do not contain any artificial colors and preservatives
  • Provides a balanced diet to your pet
  • Added vitamins, minerals, taurine, and Omega fats


  • Some cats do not like it

(iii) Wysong Epigen 90 Starch-Free Formula Grain-Free Dry Cat Food

Wysong Epigen 90 Starch-Free Formula Grain-Free Dry Cat food is our premium choice low carb cat food, and it’s one in the list of a few dry cat foods.

It’s too high Protein, and that will provide your cat 63% per serving due to the patented extrusion process, which makes it possible. It is high in probiotics, which help give strength in the gut to your cat and contain Omega fats that improve the coat and heart health and antioxidants to boost the immune system.

The downside of this product is that the Kibble is large and odd-shaped, which may not suit your kitten or older cats. We also did not like its first ingredient, a chicken meal instead of a fresh meal. 


  • High in Protein 
  • The Probiotics
  • Contain Omega fats
  • Have antioxidants


  • Have big Kibble
  • The first ingredient is chicken Food 

(iv) Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent Chicken Consomme Wet Cat Food

This is the best cat food with a low carb for your kittens. The features of Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent as chicken is the first ingredient that helps to deliver 16% protein for your growing kittens.

 It also includes high omega fats, vitamins, and minerals to provide a balanced diet for your kitten. The biggest downside of Tiki Cat Puka Puka that many cans contained big pieces of meat, which were ample for our kitten.


  • Omega Fats
  • High in Vitamins & Minerals
  • Great in Protein


  •  Big Pieces of Chicken 
  • Some cats don’t like it

(v) Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets DM Formula Canned Cat Food

It’s a canned cat food that features a unique formula for diabetic cats, highly high in protein and low in carbohydrates. We did not get any problem when our cats ate this food, and it also provided them with a balanced meal high in antioxidants to help them strengthen their immune system.

The Declinary of the Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets is expensive and only available with a formula. We also did not like that it only contained one meat ingredient instead of like chicken or turkey.


  • Unique formula for diabetic cats
  • High in Antioxidants.


  • Prescription Needed
  • Meat Byproduct First Ingredient

(vi) Merrick Purrfect Bistro Grain-Free Chicken Pate Canned Cat Food 

Merrick is a high-quality cat food that features chicken as its first ingredient, which you can provide to your cat at any age and gives our cat a balanced diet with high protein.

And other additional elements help your cat stay healthy and fight disease, while omega fats help maintain a shiny coat and healthy skin of your cat. We liked the Merrick Purrfect ingredient, and our cats like it, but it had a bad odor, and we opened the packet of this food smells very bad, so we have to choose any other brand.


  • With balanced diet 
  • Contain Omega Fats
  • Added with vitamins and minerals


  • Bad Smelling 
  • Cause Gas

(vii) Purina One High Protein Grain-Free Wet Cat Food 

Purina is Grain-free cat food, and it contains Turkey liver, Turkey Broth, chicken, and Pork lungs which give a great taste to your cat, and it is prepared for all ages for your cat. 

Purina One High Protein Wet Cat Food features a grain-free option with real meat as its first ingredient. It is best for all cats and has no food allergies and sensitivities. It contains 11% crude protein, vitamins, and minerals to keep your cat strong and healthy.

The unassertive of this grain-free wet cat food is that if you’re focused on finding the best low-carb cat food with no filler, this may not be your requirement.


  • Good Turkey Recipe
  • Low budget 
  • Not contain any grain or artificial flavors
  • No food allergic and sensitivities 


  • Some cats don’t like it

(viii) ORIJEN Freeze Grain-Free Dried Cat Treats 

By feeding your cat this food, you can give them raw protein. The variety of flavors is impressive for your cat. The best part of the ORIJEN Freeze-Dried Cat Treats is that it contains natural chicken liver, turkey liver, chicken turkey, and monkfish. Every type of chicken is original and contains 45% high protein than other cat foods. 

Suppose we talk about the product type that includes high protein, nutrient-dense, and raw animal nutrient ingredients, essential for your cat. It is best for active cats who need a protein snack.

The negatory point of the product is that it contains 35% high fat, so we want to recommend that if you’re going to gain weight from your cat, you can use it or be careful while using it. Still, otherwise, it is satisfying with high protein, and low carb treats.


  • Incredible Flavors
  • For All Stages Cats
  • Contains High Protein with good moisture
  • Made with original chicken


  • Contains Very High Fat

(ix) ZIWI Peak Canned Wet Cat Food – High Protein & Meat

It contains good ingredients like lamb, water sufficient for processing lamb lung, lamb kidney, and lamb liver. The main feature of cat food is a premium feline-specific diet bursting with superfoods. It contains 9.5% crude protein with moisture.

ZIWI Peak Canned Wet Cat Food includes 92% meat, organs, and green oysters of New Zealand. You can give this food to your cat at any age. The best part of canned wet cat food contains high-quality meat with no filler in a chunky, loaf style.

This high protein wet cat food recipe uses lamb meat to give all nutrition to your cat, and it’s also great for everything from the brain to the heart. The privative of this wet cat food is that it is a little expensive to purchase.


  • No chicken byproduct
  • For all ages of cats
  • High-Quality meat
  • Premium feline Specific Diet


  • Slightly higher in price

(x) Wellness Complete Grain-Free Wet Cat Food 

It is a high-quality cat food that features is that features with quality protein sourced that contains animal and organ meats which come with the wild diet for your cat. It’s a super clean formula with no soy filler. 

In all stages, cats can eat Wellness Complete Grain-Free Wet Cat Food. It contains 11% Crude Protein made in the USA with lean meats, healthy fats, and very carbs and does not include any grain or artificial colors with preservatives. It provides grain-free eating with tons of hydration. It comes with Omega-3 fatty acids from the tasty meat that support your cat for healthy digestion and a healthy coat. This bowl contains one in all nutritions. The little minus of this wet cat food is that the price is high to afford.


  • All stages of cats 
  • Contains tons of hydration
  • Made in the USA with lean meat
  • omega -3 Fatty acids and Vitamin C to boost the cat’s health


  • High to Affordable

Benefits Of Low Carbs Cat Food

Low carbohydrate cat foods are especially beneficial for diabetic cats because cats can quickly digest and absorb into the bloodstream. Similarly, the protein boost also helps maintain their energy level throughout the day. 

High blood pressure can badly affect your cat’s immune system. Eating low-carb cat food decreases the ‘spikes’ in your cat, which reduces the risk of developing diabetes.

Cats use a process called gluconeogenesis to convert their protein into glucose.

Cats can metabolize carbohydrates instead of protein, but this is not good. Cats are little insulin resistant, similar to a diabetes person. And regular intake of carbohydrates can make chances to develop diabetes in your cat.

Instead of giving any other food to your cat, you should feed her that which cat’s body needs to grow. You should provide him with low-carb food, and by that food, your cat has lower chances of diabetes, longer life, and reduced cat’s blood sugar level.

At A Glance: High Protein Low Carb Cat Food To Buy in 2022

Every cat owner has unique needs for their cat, and they need low-carb cat food for their cat. If your cat suffers from diabetes or is prone to bad stomachs, you should feed her low-carb cat food, and for that, we have reviewed low carbohydrate cat food in many series. In the comparison table below, we have detailed some of the central importance of each product, and you will find more information about each product later in the table. 

More Reviewed By High Protein Low carb Cat food 

Runner Up:  Wellness Complete Grain-Free Wet Cat Food

  • Contains 11% Crude Protein, 5% Crude Fat, 1% Crude Fiber, 78% Moisture, 0.10% Taurine, Grain-free eating with tons of hydration

Premium Pick: Ziwi Peak Wet Cat Food

  • Contains 92% Fresh muscle meat, organs, and bones, Rich in species-appropriate animal protein
  • A high-quality source of omega-3 fatty acids

Best Budget: Purina ONE High Protein Wet Cat Food

Contains 1% Crude Protein, 5% Crude Fat, 1.5% Crude Fiber, 78% Moisture, no food allergies and sensitivities, No corn, wheat, soy, or artificial flavors

Prescription:  Tiki Cat Puka Puka Luau Succulent Chicken in Chicken Consomme Grain-Free Canned Cat Food 

  • Omega fats, High source of vitamins and minerals, Great source of Protein-protein 

Best Trest:  Crave Turkey Pate Grain-Free Cat Food Trays

  • No Artificial colors and preservatives,
  • Provides a well-balanced diet to your pet
  • Added vitamins, minerals, Taurine, and Omega fats

Is High Protein Low Carb Canned Cat Food Good For Cats?

Canned food is currently the best option for cats when your cat needs moisture, and grain-free canned food is the lowest in carbohydrates. Carbohydrates should decrease in cats. If your cat refuses to eat canned food, then grain-free dry cat food is another good option for your cat. Cats are carnivores, so; they need a low amount of carbohydrates in their diet, which gives them energy and critical nutrients.

So, they are not dependent on following a healthy diet, but you can provide them a low-carb canned cat food for a healthy and robust body.

Apart from that, if a cat grows older, her metabolism protein decreases; this is the best idea if you can provide your cat canned food from her childhood or Suitable you can feed your cat a low carb diet is advised for your cat. However, a no-carb diet shouldn’t feed your pet without consulting a vet first.

Buying Guide – Best High Protein Low Carb Cat Food 

High Protein Low Carb Cat Food

We have covered the top 10 best low-carb cat food for your cat, but these are far from the only option on the market, but you can buy that from online websites like amazon. 

You can also take an easy way and rely on our suggestions for choosing new low-carb cat food, or you can also learn how to compare these cat foods so that you can make an informed decision for your cat and about her food.

We’ve informed you which food brands and products are worth buying and putting in your cat’s bowl by reviewing exclusive brands and researching information on feline nutrition. Based on our experience, we’ve chosen the ten products described above as the best cat food you can buy in 2022.

What is the best dry cat food for your cat?

The best dry cat food is rich in animal-obtain protein, made from high-quality ingredients, and contains low carbohydrates. Some of the best food brands are wellness completely grain-free, Ziwi peak, and Tiki cat Born Carnivore.

Are carbs cats food awful for cats?

There are several different categorizing of carbohydrates – defined as organic molecules made up of carbon, hydrogen, and oxygen. The main distinction is between mixed and straightforward carbohydrates: the prior being food sources such as fiber and starch, now the latter is sugar.

Healthy cats do not have a hard time digesting mixed carbohydrates if they are fed a nutritionally complete and balanced diet. Therefore, many carbohydrates aren’t bad for cats: for example, cats require glucose to survive, as many cells in the body harness it as their primary energy source.

On the other hand, obesity and diabetes mellitus can occur more carbohydrates. Once a cat has been diagnosed with diabetes, a high-protein, low-carb diet is supported as recommended in our product selection above. To conclude, carbs are not “really bad” for healthy cats, yet diabetic cats and older cats may start thinking about switching to a low-carb diet.

Should we feed our cat low carb or no carb (zero carbs) food?

Cats are carnivores, requiring small amounts of carbohydrates in their diet and getting their energy and nutrients from animal-based proteins. Therefore, they do not depend on carbohydrates to follow a healthy diet. 

In addition, as a cat gets older, their ability to metabolize protein decreases. Accordingly, feeding your older kitten, a low-carb diet is recommended. However, no carb diets should be taken without first consulting a vet. 

How does the best healthiest cat food work for healthy growth?

The best healthiest wet cat food helps your cat grow healthy because it’s more hydrating and typically lower in carbohydrates; wet food is best for cats. A dry diet is convenient, but it could increase your cat’s chances of developing urinary tract disease or diabetes over time. So we suggest you use wet cat food.

Why should you feed your cat low-carb cat food?

As we just touched on, this is the best food combination you can feed your cat. As obligate carnivores, cats require animal meat to survive and thrive. Cats never evolved to consume carbohydrate cat food. 

Most of the carbohydrates consumed by a cat in the wild will be the contents of the prey’s stomach… typically only two percent of the cat’s overall diet.

Because studies consistently show that cats tend to eat this type of food, we believe it is not controversial to believe this is the ideal feline diet.


As we all know, there is no shortage of cat food brands and blends available in the market, but the cat that is suffering from the person with diabetes then needs to feed them low carb cat food, and they cannot eat any food as well.

Luckily you can use our reviews to help to find the perfect food for your cat. And now, we are going to summarize our top choices for the best low-carb cat food to help you once again.

Our number one top food suggestion for your pet is Wellness Complete Grain-Free Wet Cat Food, Our premium pick product which is slightly high for expensive Which gives your cat complete nutrition that your pet needs, and it is specially designed for cats that have diabetic problems, or any cat can eat this food for good health and growth.

We want to suggest the Purina Pro Plan Veterinary Diets DM Formula Canned Cat Food for a more affordable option. It’s more price effective than other products; it is prepared for cats who have a sensitive stomach as we have already shared the good and bad sides of this product, which will massively help you choose the best cat food.

We hope you all like this article. Please share the article with the cat owners concerned about their cat, and if you have any further questions or any doubts or anything you don’t like in this article, please share it with us.