Sometimes cats fouling the garden can be a big problem for the garden owners. We want to tackle this issue as gardens are the prized possessions which everyone wants to be neat so that a hassle-free quality time can be spent there.

However, when cat’s poop in gardens then it really becomes messy. This issue should be addressed not only because the cat’s stinky presents look disgusting but also it can cause some medical issues. A cat’s poop has a mind-controlling parasite that can be transmitted through cat droppings. It can tamper with your emotions plus it can weaken the immune system.

So, we have shared some tried and tested ways to prevent cats from doing poop in the grass.

1. Pestbye Waterproof Ultrasonic Cat Repellent

Ultrasonic cat repellent is the most effective method to deal with the cat pooping concern. This technique uses a repeller with ground stakes. 


  • 100% positive results have been reported.
  • Fully waterproof repellent, they can be left out in any weather
  • It is the quickest method to fix this problem.


  • It runs on battery so charging the battery has some hassles.
  • It is quite pricey.
  • The repellent emits loud noise which may be irritating for human ears as well.

2. Spread Mothballs

This way is a little controversial as mothballs have a strong odour that acts as a repellent that holds off cats from pooping on the ground. However, cats might eat it which can be toxic.


  • It is an economical way to repel cats.


  • Mothballs are easily washed away by rain.
  • A small fraction of the cats may mistake them for food.
  • Even children might eat it by mistake

3. Place Containers Loaded with Ammonia

Ammonia smells like cat urine, so it can be placed in a litter box which will encourage cats to discharge in the litter box instead of the garden. 


  • It will help to reduce the incidence of cats fouling the garden.


  • The litter box needs to be cleaned regularly.

4. Mulch the garden

It is the process in which an open area of a garden is covered by a layer of some external material. This way cats do not have loose soil thus they are discouraged from using it for discharge. Most effective is a garden mulched with stone. As cats do not appreciate areas with uneven surfaces, they always look for plain areas where the soil is unsecured.


  • Dirt is covered so it is less inviting for cats


  • It is quite a tedious job to mulch the garden.

5. Sprinkle the Coffee

It is a very simple process that involves just spraying coffee.  You can also place a coffee grounds bin at the entrance for your convenience. Coffee deters cats from pooping as cats dislike the smell of coffee.


  • It is quite a convenient and cost effective method.


  • Complete success is not guaranteed. 

6. Concrete-reinforcing wire or chicken wire 

Concrete or chicken wire with a one-inch opening can be laid across the paths that lead to your garden. Cats do not come near these wires as they completely hate when sharp things touch their paws. So cats will not enter the gardens and use the loose soil.


  • There is no risk involved, as it will not harm cats but will keep them away.


  • Garden owners have to put in a lot of effort to lay concrete or chicken wire.

7. Install a motion-activated sprinkler

You can easily install motion-activated sprinklers. This works well as when cats enter the garden for any purpose sprinklers are turned on. This way cats move out of the garden without creating any mess. 

The sprinkler blasts a harmless spray of water to spook cats and send them running. 


  • These activators work well and will keep out not only cats but will take care of anything crossing the yard.


  • It has to be managed with great care and accuracy.
  • It is a pricey option.

8. Use lime or lemon peel

Cats are smell sensitive and they hate strong smells. Due to this lemon peel is a very great course of action. The peel of a lime or lemon contains citrus that emits a smell that can be unpleasant for cats and their sense of smell. 


  • It is favourable to keep cats away plus it acts as a natural fragrant in your yard.
  • It does not involve much investment.


  • This method is not very efficient.

So, if you are also facing the problem of frequent cat droppings in your garden then you can try any of the above-mentioned methods. You can try different combinations of ways that may improve the chances of success.

What methods do not work?

cats pooping on grass
cats pooping on grass

Besides the given ways there are a few more options that have proven to be futile. Those are:-

Metal spikes- The metal spikes are extremely dangerous for cats as well as for family members. Thus, it is not a very fruitful idea.

Put up cocktail sticks – In this one needs to plant cocktail sticks near the plants or where cats usually do their business. This option does not work as the cats find a way to get inside and they cause a mess in the yard. Thus it is advisable not to waste your money and time on it.

Moreover, to make the cocktail sticks technique work, the whole area needs to be covered. Plus this may pose some difficulties to garden owners too.


Is it possible for cat faces to contaminate the grass?

Cat poop can contaminate the garden to a great extent.  This can be a source of serious diseases in humans. The main reason for this is that cat faces contain Cats like to use soft soil as a litter box and cat faces parasites such as roundworm and hookworm and bacteria such as E. coli or Salmonella.

Where can cat’s poop be disposed of?

Firstly the cat poop should be wrapped properly and can be put in an outdoor bin to prevent the bad smells from cat’s dropping and stinking your home. Besides biodegradable litter should be used which should be composted after the faeces has been removed.

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