Is Fancy Feast Good For Kittens? As per the title, you might know what brand is Fancy Feast and what does it provide. But if you don’t, then let’s look at its history.

Fancy Feast is a cat food brand established in 1982 and was the first one to join into the ‘gourmet’ food brand concept. Fancy Feast gave a luxurious taste in its products, yet it was one of the cheaper brands.

Purina purchased this brand after three years, and later they merged with Nestlé in 2017 Nestlé –Purina became the second highest-earning pet food company globally.

What Does Fancy Feast Offer?

Is Fancy Feast Good For Kittens

Fancy Feast has about 100 recipes, including patés, broths, two kinds of dry kiten food and gravy.

Talking about varieties this brand offers, we’ll give you some reviews on the top 3 recipes this brand offers.

1. Fancy Feast Classic Chicken Feast Canned Kitten Food Review

Fancy Feast Classic Chicken Feast Canned Cat Food is wet cat food and has chicken as its primary protein source. The first ingredient is chicken, then the chicken stock and liver. It is not called chicken liver, turkey liver, or any other specific type of liver. This vaguely named ingredient isn’t necessarily bad for kittens, but it refers to cheap food and has to do with food ingredients.

The same applies to the following two ingredients: offal meat and fish. Meat by-products may include tissues from cattle, sheep, pigs, or goats. The ambiguous label “fish” can refer to various farmed or wild-caught fish types.

The following ingredients are “Artificial and Natural Flavors.” Both have ambiguous names, but we know that “natural flavors” are usually derived from animal tissues. However, artificial colors refer to synthetic substances that add flavor to food. Artificial seasonings are not considered harmful, but their vagueness and artificial feel can disappoint some customers.

It is stabilized with guar gum, a relatively safe binder and stabilizer derived from guar beans. It is dyed with an artificial cotton dye and contains sodium nitrite to maintain color. It is supplemented with nutritionally complete synthetic vitamins, minerals and amino acids.

These foods are high in protein with a moderate fat content and low carbohydrate content.

This dish does lose some points due to the artificial ingredients and low-quality meat, but it does have some good points. It has a suitable distribution of species of macronutrients to suit the meat-eating needs of kittens. It is concentrated without carrageenan, a potential inflammatory and carcinogenic thickener commonly found in similar low-cost brands, including Friskies.


  • It has low amounts of carbohydrates.
  • Thickened with carrageenan.
  • It is animal protein-rich.
  • Very affordable.


  • It consists of artificial ingredients.
  • Made from meat –by-products.

2. Fancy Feast Classic Tender Beef Feast Canned Kitten Food Review

Fancy Feast Classic Tender Beef Feast Canned Cat Food is also a wet kitten food, and Its primary protein source is beef. This is a simple pate with beef as the main ingredient. Beef is boiled in some broth and seasoned with the regular liver. Pate contains obscure fish and meat by-products. This uncertainty makes food a poor choice for food-sensitive kitten and those who want to know what’s happening in their bodies.

Food contains a mixture of artificial and natural flavors. Artificial flavors do not appear harmful, nor do “natural flavors” (additives made from hydrolyzed animal tissue) appear harmful.

Also, food is thickened with guar gum. Although guar gum is not an appropriate ingredient and should not make up the bulk of your cat’s diet, guar gum appears to be safe even in small amounts.

Even though it is rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids, it still contains sodium nitrite as a preservative. Interestingly, this dish is different from the usual Fancy Feast recipe and contains no additional coloring.

Lastly, this wet food has high protein and moderate fat and is low in carbohydrates.


  • Meat is a primary source.
  • It has low carbohydrates.
  • Doesn’t contain dyes.
  • Affordable


  • Have artificial additives

3. Fancy Feast Gourmet Savory Chicken & Turkey Dry Kitten Food Review

This product is dry cat food and has meat –by-products as its primary protein source. We are a bit disappointed because the prioritized ingredient in this product is not chicken or turkey. It is ground rice, which is not that nutritious and increases the content of carbohydrates in the product—followed by poultry –by-products and then corn gluten meal and other grain–sourced ingredients.

Although beef fat is included in this product that your kitten will love as a fat source, fish oil is also included later in the list, which has omega -3 fatty acids. The list has some other added flavors and coloring which can be harmful to your cat. After this, chicken and turkey come, which is a big bummer for the product.


  • Economical


  • High carbohydrates.
  • Has meat –by-products
  • Rich in plant protein
  • Has artificial coloring.

4. Purina Fancy Feast Creamy Delight Review

Fancy Feast Creamy Delight has a creamy consistency and added milk that kittens love, but you need to consider whether your cat is dairy intolerant. This is canned food made specifically for adult kitties and has chicken and liver as its top ingredients.

It consists of 78% moisture and 9% crude oil, keeping our cats hydrated and full.


  • It has meat as its main ingredient
  • Have different varieties of textures for your cat.
  • Very affordable


  • Contain artificial flavors
  • Consists of Dairy
  • Have meat by-products

5. Fancy Feast Classical Paté Review

The Classic Paté label features finely ground soft and creamy ingredients with the delicious taste that kittens love. This classic pate offers a feast of rich biscuits and real meat chicken. To keep your cat healthy, it comes with many vitamins (B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, K, biotin, etc.) to keep your cat healthy.


  • High Protein Diet.
  • 100% Balanced Whole Foods for Adult Kittens.
  • Rich in Protein, Omega Acids and Many Other Vitamins, Minerals and Antioxidants.
  • Supports Urinary Health.
  • Moisturize with Real Broth Moisture every bite.
  • Grain Free.


  • The new mix now contains fish as an ingredient that could cause problems for allergic cats.
  • Contains offal meat

Is Fancy Feast a good brand for kittens?

Is Fancy Feast Good For Kittens

It’s a reasonable question, and maybe this brand is not the best health-wise because some of its ingredients are meat or poultry –by-products or artificial dyes and flavour. Some of them are incredibly harmful. Meanwhile, some don’t; Still, it doesn’t make any sense for the brand is one of the leading pet food companies to add these harmful and unnecessary ingredients like wheat, soy and corn and other meat–products. Some of the products say chicken or turkey cat food and have some traces of fish in them, this might be added for extra omega -3, but we’re not sure.

If your cat doesn’t do well with the majority of the ingredients mentioned above or has some kinds of allergies, or has a sensitive stomach, then you might want to stay away from this brand.