Like Other Pet Food brands, Wellbeloved is one company that has manufactured quality and natural dog and cat food for the last thirty years. James Wellbeloved company situated in Somerset(UK) where they manufactured and designed their foods.

Today, we have research, analysis, and after talking with a cat food specialist we tell you James Wellbeloved is worth it in our James Wellbeloved cat food reviews article.

James Wellbeloved cat food is quite similar to Coshida cat food, both get popularity among cats by producing flavorful, and natural recipes. In a short period of time, James Wellbeloved gained their customers’ trust by manufacturing quality ingredients in cat food in the UK. 

James Wellbeloved cat food review
James Wellbeloved cat food review

Is James Wellbeloved is good cat food? Overall, James Wellbeloved cat food, a good choice to feed for cats. It’s an above-average cat food brand when we compare it to other pet food brands. In the United Kingdom, there is a wide range of cat foods made every day for cats, but what is the reason cats like WELLBELOVED? This article knows about ingredients, recalls, customers reviews, and popular foods by James Wellbeloved for cats. 

James Wellbeloved Turkey & Rice Cat Food Review

The turkey and rice have been carefully made for kittens and indoor cats. The James Wellbeloved turkey and rice are available in 4.5kg and 10kg packages. The food is high in protein and low calories for cats and kittens. 

A kitten needs high protein from animal meat. Turkey in this Wellbeloved food fulfils with quality protein that helps growing kittens. Also, it’s a highly digestible and flavorful recipe for cats with natural ingredients. 

Overall nutritions of James Wellbeloved Turkey and Rice cat food: Protein(31%), Fat(14.5%), Ash(3.2%), Carb(17.2%), vitamins A, and Vitamins D.

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James Wellbeloved Fish and Rice Dry Cat Food Review

Predominantly, Wellbeloved fish and rice cat food are made with nourishing ingredients combined with ocean whitefish. Overall, using experience and knowledge they vitamins essential nutrients in this food such as vitamins and minerals that make yummy and healthy for cats. 

The food is 10% pure fish made that includes natural antioxidants like omega 3 and omega 6.  Fish meal** (27.5%), brown rice, white rice, maize gluten, and olive oil are the first five ingredients of James Wellbeloved Fish and Rice cat food.

The food is rich in protein(33%), fat(16.5), average in ash (9.9), and low in fibre(1.8%).

Is James Wellbeloved grain-free?

James Wellbeloved cat food made without grain using vegetables as carbohydrates or rice, perfect for picky eaters.

James Wellbeloved Grain Free With Chicken Cat Food Review

This cat food pouch by Wellbeloved is only created for senior or older cats. The primary ingredient of the food is chicken which is a high source of protein. Wellbeloved Company claims that In the Chicken and Jelly Grain-free is hypoallergenic to cats. It’s made with hundreds of presents of natural chicken and jelly to make it delicious for cats. 

Moreover, one animal’s protein source in the food combines with essential vitamins and minerals that felines need in their diet. It’s healthy for cat’s joints mobility and designed without any artificial colours, flavours and preservatives. 

The main ingredients in the James Wellbeloved best Grain-free chicken food are chicken, pea, and tomato. The nutrition value of food is Protein(8.3), fat(4.9), and ash(1.9). You can check on Amazon if you want to purchase this food.

James Wellbeloved Turkey Gravy Wet Cat Food Review

Like other James Wellbeloved cat food pouches, the ingredients and protein crafted from animals as the main ingredient in the Wellbeloved turkey gravy wet recipe. Turkey gravy by Wellbeloved is tasty and most suitable for picky eater adult cats who always demand gravy and wet food. 

As a cat owner, you have no fear about adverse food reactions because James Wellbeloved turkey gravy cat food made without cereals such as rice and barley. The pouch is perfect for felines and it is natural and free from any artificial colours, flavours and preservatives.

James Wellbeloved wet food for cats rich in omegas 3 &6 to support skin and coat. The primary ingredients are Turkey which uses almost 40% of Wellbeloved turkey cat food. The level of protein is 8.9%, fat is 5.2% and ash is 1.9% in this recipe. 

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James Wellbeloved Cat Food Recall

Cat Foods manufactured by James Wellbeloved have never been recalled. Till now, there is no recall on James Wellbeloved dog and cats foods. 

According to our personal analysis, experience and customer reviews who buy James Wellbeloved cat foods for their cats, we never see any disappointment or complaints. You have well known your cat’s age, size, weight, activity and more. If you see any issues in your cat eating 

Also, Wellbeloved cat pouches, foods, and treats are quite similar to their dog foods. When we compare the Wellbeloved brand to other brands it averages the food you feed your cat. But, our mentioned James Wellbeloved cat foods gain customer trust and popularity in the UK, making it a quality cat food brand. 

James Wellbeloved Cat Food Ingredients

Many quality and healthy cat foods get popularity by their ingredients. So, what kind of ingredients that James Wellbeloved used in their foods:

  • LAMB
  • DUCK

These ingredients are used in Wellbeloved cat foods. It’s all rich in protein and mostly used by trusted brands. James Wellbeloved products manufacturing their ingredients from the United Kingdom where they tasted and approved for their upcoming products. 

Is Wellbeloved Cat Foods grain-free?

Yes, James Wellbeloved cat food products are grain-free and created with Chicken and turkey as the main ingredient of foods. Also, their foods are made without any artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives which is unsafe for our pets.


Is James Wellbeloved made by Royal Canin?

Both Royal Canin and James Wellbeloved are subsidiaries of Pedigree or Mars. Royal Canin, well known in the United States but James Wellbeloved, gain popularity in the UK among thousands of cat owners. Both Brands manufacturers cat and dog foods. 

Is James Wellbeloved high in protein?

Yes, James Wellbeloved foods are high in protein which they get from animal protein sources such as chicken, lamb, and turkey. This is why because cats obligate carnivores to need high protein for strength, frequency, and daily activities. 

Is James Wellbeloved made in the UK?

Yes, The James Wellbeloved was made in the Uk (Somerset) where they created cat foods since 1992 for dogs and cats. 


After reading this helpful article, we hope you get some valuable information that you never knew before. It’s not a bad idea if you plan to buy James Wellbeloved for your furry friend. As an educated cat parent you can understand the things that are safe or unsafe for cats. If you like our James Wellbeloved cat food review, follow us on the newsletter and join our cat community. 

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