Low Fat Cat Food

If you are a pet parent and you have an overweight food lover cat, then your first concern is how to give her the best low-fat cat food that helps her to lose weight and fulfill her demand for taste.

Low fat cat food is an excellent option for overweight or maintenance of cat weight, and it helps keep your pet healthy and nutritious if you are feeding them the right amount. 

If you are feeding your pet low-fat cat food, then it simply cuts her extra calories. Veterinarians also recommend low-fat cat foods to your overweight pet because calories from fat are higher per gram than those from protein or carbohydrates. 

Apart from this, low-fat cat food reduces body fat and helps to keep away from obesity disease in your pet. If you are thinking of reducing the quantity of their food, then you are wrong, and this will only lead to health problems such as fatty liver disease. Instead, your cat should lose weight gradually and steadily. And the best way to achieve this is to introduce your cat to low-fat cat food. 

To help with this, we’ve reviewed the ten best low-fat cat foods. Also, you will understand the wet and dry recipes for your furry friends.

List of Best Low Fat Cat Food

Our RecommendationsFoodPriceRatings
Best OverallNatural Balance Fat Cats Dry Cat Food$41.988.4/10
Best ValuePurina Cat Chow Indoor Healthy Dry Cat Food$14.899.4/10
Premium ChoiceHill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight$52.999.2/10
Best for Ideal Body WeightBlue Buffalo Weight Control Dry Cat Food$39.988.8/10
Best For Indoor CatsIAMS ProActive Health Indoor Care Dry Cat Food$24.989.4/10
Vet RecommendedRoyal Canin Veterinary Diet Weight Control Formula Dry Cat Food$44.999/10
Best Weight ManagementPurina Pro Plan Weight Management$44.489.4/10
Best WetAvoDerm Indoor Weight Control Recipe$45.368/10
Best For every Life stageCastor And Pollux All Life Stages Wet Cat Food$38.668/10
Best Low-CalorieInstinct Limited Ingredient Diet Real Rabbit Wet Cat Food$44.288/10

Review of the Top 10 Low Fat Cat Food

This review will teach you about our top recommendation for low-fat cat food. You will understand both variants, wet and dry. If you want to enjoy your feline companionship for as long as possible, it is essential to help them maintain a healthy body weight, and switching to a higher quality cat food for weight loss can help.

If your cat is a kibble fan or your schedule makes it easy to feed dry food, here are some excellent foods that will help your kitty achieve a healthy weight loss. The recipes contain fewer calories (and less Fat) than regular recipes for adult cats.

Here are some of the top recipes specially formulated to keep your cat fat-free and healthy. These recipes also contain fewer calories. So, let’s take a quick look at these recipes.

Natural Balance Fat Cats Dry Cat Food – Best Overall

Overall, we liked Natural Balance Fat Cats Dry Cat Food the best for a cat struggling from obesity. It is specially designed to promote healthy weight loss and is made with highly low-fat ingredients. The price range is within most budgets, and the recipe is excellent. This recipe contains tiny calorie kibble while providing your cat with all the nutrients it needs to nourish its body.

This recipe contains 320 calories per cup. The guaranteed analysis of this recipe is 35% Crude Protein, 9.5% Crude Fat, 9% Crude Fiber, and 10% Moisture. This includes chicken meal, salmon meal, pea protein, and garbanzo beans, to name a few. This recipe is fantastic for overweight cats, and the company also offers a 100% satisfaction guarantee on the product. 

To conclude, we think this is the best cat food for weight loss this year.


  1. 100% satisfaction guarantee
  2. Real chicken is the first ingredient
  3. Favorable price
  4. Lower fat Content


  1. It might not work for all cats’ diets

Purina Cat Chow Indoor Healthy Weight – Best Value

As far as value is the priority, we liked Purina Cat Chow Indoor Hairballs and Healthy Wet Dry Cat Food. It’s affordable, nutritious, and perfect for weight control; we think it’s the best cat food for weight loss for the money. It’s cheap, healthy, low-fat, and perfect for weight control; we believe it’s the best cat food for weight loss for the money. The fiber flow helps control hairballs and allows the digestive system to function correctly.

This recipe contains 358 calories per cup. The guaranteed analysis of the product is 30% Crude Protein, 9.5% Crude Fat, 4.7% Crude Fiber, and 12% Moisture. It also contains linoleic acid, calcium, phosphorus, and other essential vitamins and minerals.

Even though this will work for most healthy adult cats, you must watch out for allergy triggers. This cat food contains animal by-products, wheat, corn, and soy. Therefore, always be sure to check the label before purchasing.


  1. Specifically for indoor cats
  2. Controls hairballs
  3. Aids in digestion


  1. Contains potential allergy triggers

Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight – Premium Choice

If you want the premium recipe and money does not matter, the Hill’s Science Diet Adult Perfect Weight Chicken Recipe Dry Cat Food is our recommendation. This great recipe is a specially formulated blend of ingredients to promote weight loss and maintain healthy muscles. It reduces health-related problems and provides antioxidants to build a healthy immune system. 

And one serving of this cat food contains 300 calories per cup. The guaranteed analysis is 36% crude protein, 8.5% crude fat, 10% crude fiber, and 8% moisture. It also contains L-carnitine, acid, and vitamin E to provide proper physical support.

The company claims weight loss in 70% of pets who eat their product for more than ten weeks. Even though it is diet food, cats are drawn to the taste of this recipe. However, if your cat has grain sensitivity, you may need to look elsewhere because this product contains gluten.


  1. Proven for losing Fat 70% of pets over ten weeks
  2. Very low-calorie
  3. High protein


  1. Can trigger sensitivity

Blue Buffalo Weight Control Dry Cat Food – Best For Ideal Body Weight

We liked the Blue Buffalo Weight Control recipe because it’s packed with great ingredients that give our furry friends low Fat. The first ingredient is real deboned chicken, so you know your cat is getting high-quality protein with half the calories. All Blue Buffalo recipes also contain antioxidant-rich Lifesource bits to sate the appetite, but it also helps decrease your feline’s Fat. This formula contains 346 calories per cup. The guaranteed analysis is 30% Crude Protein, 10% Crude Fat, 9% Crude Fiber, and 9% Moisture. Additionally, it contains magnesium, taurine, omega fatty acids, and L-carnitine for optimal health.

One of the things we like about this product is that it contains all-natural ingredients without by-products, corn, wheat, soy, and other artificial preservatives. However, it may not match all dietary needs, so always check the label before purchasing.


  1. Real deboned chicken
  2. Low calorie
  3. LifeSource Bits
  4. No by-products
  5. No artificial ingredients
  6. Low-fat content
  7. Grain-free


  1. A bit pricey

Iams ProActive Health Indoor Weight & Hairball Care Dry Cat Food – Best For Indoor Cats

Iams Proactive Health Indoor Weight and Hairball Care Dry Cat Food is an excellent choice for controlling weight and reducing hairballs. This product helps give your cat a healthy metabolism boost. Chicken is the number one ingredient in this recipe, providing a healthy protein dose.

The best cat food for weight loss recipe contains 302 calories per cup. The guaranteed product analysis is 30% Grade Protein, 13.5% Crude Fat, 8.3% Crew Fiber, and 10% Moisture. It contains beet pulp and boosts an excellent fiber blend to eliminate hairballs and build a functional digestive system.

This product also contains L-carotene, which helps your kitty burn Fat and boosts its metabolism. The only thing we didn’t care about is that the protein is a bit low, considering how many calories it contains per serving.


  1. Promotes healthy metabolism
  2. Delicious chicken and turkey are used as the first ingredient 
  3. Fortified fiber blend
  4. Helps digestion
  5. L-carnitine helps to burn Fat 


  1. Low protein

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Weight Control Formula Dry Cat Food – Best Vet Recommended

The Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Weight Control Formula Dry Cat Food is an excellent recipe for losing Fat. However, veterinary approval is required before purchasing it. This recipe is specifically designed to help spayed, or neutered cats maintain a healthy weight and burn their Fat.

This product contains 250 calories per cup. The guaranteed analysis is 33% Crude Protein, 8.3% Crude Fat, 11% Crude Fiber, and 8% Moisture. L-carotene provides low-calorie support for healthy metabolism in this product.

This recipe is formulated with a unique blend of highly digestible protein and fiber to nourish the cat’s body while controlling its excess Fat. If you think your veterinarian would recommend this brand, it is worth replacing your cat in extreme cases.


  1. Heavily specialized
  2. Ultra-digestible protein
  3. Unique fiber blend
  4. Reduce belly fat


  1. Requires vet approval
  2. Calories may be too low for some cats

Purina Pro Plan Weight Management – Best Weight Management

Purina Pro Plan Weight Management is an excellent choice to keep your feline body fat under control. The aim is to promote a healthy, lean muscle mass while losing the appropriate weight, and chicken is the main ingredient in this high-protein formula. 

The recipe contains 437 calories per cup. The formula’s crude Fat and protein level is 43% and 9%. In addition, it also has 5% natural fiber and 12% moisture in the recipe. As a result of its high-calorie content, it might not be suitable for every situation, so check with your vet first.

There is considerably less Fat in this recipe than in other recipes, and it also has a dose of Probiotics for digestion and immunity. It contains 600 million live CFU of natural prebiotic fiber that helps grow healthy gut bacteria. 


  1. High protein
  2. Low Fat than other recipes
  3. Chicken
  4. 600 million live CFU
  5. Help to lose the Fat 
  6. Promote healthy gut bacteria


  1. It might be too high calories for some cases
  2. Vet approval is necessary

AvoDerm Indoor Weight Control Recipe – Best Wet Recipe For Lose Fat

Avoderm Indoor Weight Control Recipe is the best-wet cat food for fat loss and is ideal for indoor and less active cats. It is packed with omega-rich avocado and high-quality protein for balanced nutrition. 

The product contains chicken broth, liver, tuna, and animal-sourced protein to sustain your feline. The broth also helps with hydration and your cat’s overall health.

This delicious canned cat food is packed with ingredients rich in vitamins, antioxidants, amino acids, and fiber. It’s every bite; your cat consumes a low-calorie formula. In turn, this helps the feline achieve its ideal weight.

The recipe contains 154 calories per can. The guaranteed analysis includes 8% crude protein, 5% crude fat, 2% crude fiber, and 78% moisture. The product contains omega-3 and -6 and low-calorie support for a healthy metabolism, and it also supports your kitty’s skin and coat health.

In addition to cat fat loss, the food will help your cat gain a healthier coat and a better immune system.


  1. Real broth chicken
  2. Low-calorie content
  3. High moisture to keep hydrated
  4. Support in a healthier coat and better immune system
  5. Includes fiber-rich grains and lean protein to control weight
  6. It helps prevent weight for indoor 
  7. Omega-rich avocados support a healthy and beautiful coat
  8. It contains antioxidant nutrients for a more beneficial immune system


  1. The product is inconsistent in terms of appearance, smell, and texture of cat food
  2. Low fiber content

Castor and Pollux All Life Stages Cat Food – Best For All Life Stages

This (Castor and Pollux Grain Free Chicken Recipe) is the best-wet food for all life stages for losing Fat. It is made from high-quality organic chicken and is also higher in fiber to keep your hungry cat feeling full for a longer stretch. The high level of nutrition and the added fiber boost will help keep your cat complete and stop begging throughout the day. 

The recipe contains some plant-based ingredients such as carrot and cranberries. It’s every bite, and it is juicy and loaded with healthy omegas for a glossy coat. But the good thing about this recipe is that it does not contain any grain, is free from artificial preservatives, and is also best for sensitive kitties.

The product contains 101 calories per 3 ounces can. The guaranteed recipe analysis is 9% crude protein, 5% crude fat, 1% crude fiber, and 78% moisture. It also has omega-3 and -6 to support whole-body health.

Overall the recipe is best for all life stages of felines if they are gaining Fat or struggling from Fat. 


  1. Made with organic chicken
  2. Grain-free
  3. No added components
  4. Best for kittens to senior
  5. Support in losing Fat
  6. High moisture


  1. Low fiber
  2. Slightly high in calories

Instinct Limited Ingredient Diet Real Rabbit Wet Cat Food for Weight Loss – Best Low Calorie

If your cat has a poultry sensitivity, finding a food that is free of chicken and turkey can be challenging. However, the Instinct Limited ingredient will meet your needs. Rich in nutrients and free of grains and dairy, this food will ensure that your cat gets everything they need in their diet and nothing more. It is a bit pricey compared to some other options on this list but can keep your cat complete and healthy.

The main feature of this recipe is a farm-raised rabbit is the first ingredient, which makes the food easily digestible. It is delicious for your kitty and specially prepared to give them a good taste of rabbit. Also, the formula provides all the essential amino acids your pet needs.

If we are talking about the nutritional needs of the recipe is that it contains 85 calories per 3 ounces can, which is very few for your cat. The guaranteed recipe analysis is 10% crude protein, 3% crude fat, 1.5 % crude fiber, and 76% moisture. It also has omega-3 and -6 to support full-body health.

Overall the delicious pate is formulated with vitamins and minerals to deliver complete nutrition and also helps lose Fat.


  1. Limited ingredients
  2. High in protein
  3. Free from poultry for sensitive kitties
  4. Provides essential vitamins and minerals
  5. Low-calorie 
  6. Omega-3 and-6 fatty acids


  1. Pricier option

Low Fat Cat Food Buying Guide:

Picking a low-fat cat food can be more complicated than it might seem at first thought once you start dissecting ingredient lists and nutrition labels. You need to consider some factors before purchasing the best low-fat cat food. Let’s take a look at it:

Low Fat Cat Food Reviews

Real Meat

Cats are carnivores. For cats to stay healthy and strong, their bodies need protein. Therefore, always look for a diet with real meat, not meat provided, as the main ingredient.

Your overweight cat needs more protein while losing Fat, which helps with muscle development and energy levels.

Balanced Nutrition

Cats are similar to humans, and they also need a balanced diet. For this reason, when choosing a cat weight-loss food, choose a diet rich in protein (minimum 30%) but low in Fat (about 10% – 12). 

Also, check that it has essential vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates.

Beneficial Supplements

Supplements are essential to aid in weight loss in cats and should be part of the ingredients list. One such supplement is L-carnitine.

It is a water-soluble amino acid that has been proven to help with fat loss. You should also look for omega-3 fatty acids, which help produce heat and energy.

High Dietary Fiber Content

Felines need to consume fiber, especially when losing Fat. Fiber enhances a cat’s digestion while keeping him satiated on a few calories. Therefore, check that cat food has a high fiber content.

Dangerous Ingredients

Overweight cats are more vulnerable to health risks, which is why you need to ensure that weight loss cat food does not contain dangerous ingredients. These include artificial colors, preservatives, wheat, corn, and carrageenan.


Price is the essential factor among all the factors considered. If you’re on a low budget, you should be looking for only the bare minimum of features from low-fat cat food. Many budget-friendly options offer good nutrition, low Fat, and low calorie.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. What should you feed your overfat cat?

Ans: The fastest way to get and maintain an overfat cat is to feed both canned and dry food. Even if a feline is filled up on dry food, provide her 25% of wet food in her regular meal.

Q2. Is wet food or dry food better for excess fat cats?

Ans: canned cat food has fewer calories and is better for overfat cats when fed on a controlled diet.

Q3. What is low-fat cat food best for cats with pancreatitis?

Ans: Low-fat dry or wet food or a combination of both is typically acceptable for most cats with pancreatitis, although older cats may be better with wet food. 

Q4. Why are our cats fat and always hungry?

Ans: Overweight cats are prone to diseases such as diabetes, joint pain, bladder issues, and specific cancer.

Q5. How many times should you feed your fat cat?

Ans: However, average adult cats need food two times a day. But if she is gaining Fat, you need to decrease the quantity of her daily meal by 25%.


If you are a cat owner, you must love your pet. However, obesity is dangerous for cats and can lead to complex health problems. For this reason, eat a protein-rich, low-calorie, low-fat diet for weight loss.

This review provides you with the ten best cat foods for losing Fat. Of these, Natural Balance Fat Cats Dry Cat Food is our best overall pick, and it is rich in protein, low in carbs, and free from grains.

Hill Science Diet ranked as our best value weight loss cat food. Its ingredients are easily digested, and low-fat results are visible in as little as ten weeks!