Merrick Pet food, founded in Amarillo, Texas in 1998, started manufacturing dog treats and has since expanded to include dog and cat food products. The company name is “ Purrfect Bistro” a full menu of over 20 amazing canned and dry moist kibbles that are high in protein and grain-free. The items on the Purrfect Bistro menu are all the same, they just have a mix of different flavors and formulas and that gives picky cats a lot of variety. Merrick is also the owner of the popular cat food brand Castor & Pollux, which produces organic and Ultramix pet foods. We have through all of the items from Merrick and given a selection of Merrick wet cat food review that gives you a feel for the whole brand.

Merrick, the maker of all of its wet and dry boilie foods in Merrick, Texas, has achieved organic certification that comes from the USDA’s National Organic Program. This is the rating of their manufacturing facilities in Texas. Merrick Pet Care is the only company to be a registered organic producer for both dry and wet foods.

Garth Merrick began as a modest dog treat in 1988 and has developed into one of America’s largest pet food companies. Merrick is currently procession of their pet food on a 95,000 square foot plant in Hereford, Texas.

Merrick’s primary business focuses on producing premium pet food products sourced from the United States and made from the best possible ingredients.

Merrick Wet Cat Food Review

Feed your adult cat with the Merrick Limited Ingredient Diet Real Chicken Recipe. It features boneless chicken as 1 ingredient for high protein formulas that help build and maintain lean muscle in your pet. This limited ingredient diet. It is specifically formulated with a limited number of carefully selected ingredients to help provide complete and balanced nutrition for your sensitive adult cat. With a source of animal protein and easily digestible carbohydrates, like chickpeas, it’s perfect for cats with delicate digestive systems. Also, this special recipe cooked in the United States without the use of grains, corn, or gluten ingredients.

Key Benefits

• Boneless chicken is the # 1 ingredient for easily digestible protein, which is also great for your cat’s muscles.

• For sensitive tumor cats, the grain-free recipe formulated as an ingredient limited diet. 

•Formulated with easily digestible carbohydrates, like chickpeas, should provide your friend with the fiber they need.

• Potato-free foods do not contain grains, corn or gluten.

Merrick Weight Cat Food Ingredient Review

If you’re looking for a high-quality Merrick wet cat food review from a new source of protein, try this grain-free potted rabbit food. Do it and enjoy it

Hyper protein

The formula contains real protein-rich rabbits as the main ingredient to deliver a successful dose of protein and flavor. This formula also includes chicken meat and chicken liver as a protein supplement and a healthy blend with unbranched carbohydrates to support digestion. Make with dried cranberries and flax seeds for a healthy supply of fiber. It has a high amount of fat and tastes different if your cat is sensitive to chicken.

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Good for kittens

Myrica Backcountry Cereal Free Kitten Pate Feed your structured kittens a complete and balanced diet of canned cat food. The grain-free formula made with real boneless chicken, as it’s the main ingredient in a lonely, healthy, and great protein source. Plus, it added to pea and potato protein for a decent source of fiber, with a bowl of delicious chicken soup for moisture and flavor.

Nutrients and minerals that keep your little cat feeling full and satisfied between meals. Plus, this gluten-free supper contains basic nutrients and minerals. It contains taurine, vitamins E, B12 and more for the health and well-being of your developing friend.

This delicious dinner can be served as a breakfast or as a full dinner. This natural peat moss formula made in the USA at Merrick’s Kitchen is unique to feline companions early in life.

No sensitivity problem

This makes it exceptional for sensitive kittens, with real glued chicken as the main ingredient for a decent source of protein. Plus, it has great chicken juice for the inherent flavor and moisture that will give your feline companion additional benefits. Certainly, the grain-free formula contains a delicious blend of pea and potato protein that is sure to satisfy your friend.

Balanced diet

Complete and balanced nutrition in small packages with fresh ingredients of the highest quality. Can be filled as a full dinner or as a snack for extra protein and moisture.

Made in the USA

Made in the USA with healthy and nutritious ingredients sourced from breeders so you can use them for dinner. It is not a natural natural grain for cats. So, let your cat enjoy the nutritional benefits of raw materials that contain snacking

Good for weight management

Native weight control programs help avoid grain issues like gluten intolerance, endless skin conditions, and stomach issues. And what’s more, this easy digestion promotes better digestive health.

While it can be difficult to separate the grains and carbohydrates in a cat’s stomach, hereditary protein-focused nutritional diets highly absorbing for healthy feces and widespread retention of dietary supplements.

Animal protein

It is a diet rich in high quality animal protein that supports growth, progression and growth of vitality. Thus, the natural fats and amino acids will benefit from healthy skin and a healthy coat. And it’s a powerful supplement: provides coverage for small segments and improves weight management.

Component Analysis

The first five things will tell you a lot about the consistency of the product when reviewing cat food, as they make up the bulk of the product. Ideally you are searching for high-quality sources of protein with at least starch, filters or inexpensive goods.

As you continue through the ingredient list, look for ingredients that look like real food with the least inaccessible chemicals – just like you do human food.

Note – An item in bold in the tables above indicates that this product is one of the top five ingredients listed by the manufacturer.

Merrick Backcountry Real Beef Recipe Cuts is in this case the most abundant beef on the market beef on the market, considered a source of quality protein. It also contains beef liver and boneless lamb as additional sources of quality protein.

Additionally, it should be noted that this product is neither listed by the products nor by the addition of bulk fillers in its main ingredients. Byproducts are considered inferior and shoddy materials. Common filters not needed in your cat’s diet are widely used to add bulk to the product. The combined absence of these can mean a high-quality product together.

Please also keep in mind that this product contains guar gum, an additive that some experts believe may contribute to certain medical conditions in cats.

Allergen Alert: This product contains beef, beef broth, beef liver, lamb broth, boneless lamb, salmon oil and dried egg whites. Which may be problematic for cats that eat beef, lamb, seafood or eggs. Suffer from allergies.

Nutritional analysis *

Compared to other 3120 cat foods in our database, Mirik Backcountry Real Beef Recipe Cuts:

The average amount of protein
The carbohydrate Average intake
less fat than average
The Fiber Average content

Cats have generally been shown to do best in diets high in protein, medium fat and low in carbohydrate with adequate moisture. However, you veterinarian may prefer a different nutritional breakdown to the special diet recommended.

Calorie distribution

Merrick’s Real Backcountry Beef Recipe Cuts uses the calculations provided  by AAFCO to contain about 69 calories per 100 grammes (19 calories/ounce), which is significantly lower than the average for other wet food for Catfoodbuddy Cats.

FAQ- Is Merrick Wet Cat Food Healthy?

Where can you buy Merrick cat food?

Merrick produces a wide variety of cat products and at most big pet food stores these items are readily available.
At Petco and PetSmart you can find Merrick products, as well as regional and sometimes local pet food stores.
Cat owners who enjoy shopping online find it easy to find Merrick items at big online retailers like Chewy and Amazon, or in online stores like Petco and PetSmart. If you are looking for a dealer in a particular area, you can use the store locator on the website.

Why is Merrick wet cat food so special?

The brand prides itself on providing excellent nutrition and Merrick Wet Cat Food Reviews. Therefore, we believe it is part of a healthy diet for cats in general. There are many foods available and not all are suitable for all cats.

Final thoughts: Is Merrick a good brand?

The Merrick Company has a 30-years tradition of manufacturing higher quality pet food using high-quality natural ingredients.

The brand has grown considerably and currently offers dozens of cat foods in three different product lines.

When it comes to quality, we like that every recipe starts with a real source of animal protein. And most recipes have a lot of it. Most of the recipes we reviewed very low in carbs and included supplements that beneficial for a balanced diet.

We were concerned that some recipes contain multiple sources of plant protein and suggest information on Merrick Wet Cat Food Review. Although we were unable to determine the contribution of overall protein content. In general, however, we love and recommend the Merrick brand.

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