Trying new cat food without knowing anything about it can be risky for your cat’s health. Also, a cat’s health depends on the type of food you are providing. While browsing, you may encounter several brand reviews available for cat food in the market. Here is one of them, Optimum cat food review.

Overall, optimum cat food is a good substitute for cat food recommended by vets, and cats enjoy this food once it has commenced feeding them. Also, Optimum cat food may be the only one that offers dry cat food with a meat listed as the first ingredient in the supermarket. However, the nutrition provided by recipes is average.

Optimum cat food seems to specialize in dry cat food as per the research. Also, optimum scientifically formulated with leading veterinarians and nutritionists. So we have done our homework on the optimum cat food brand for our readers. How delicious is optimum cat food? Read this optimum cat food review to the end.

About Optimum brand

Optimum is an Australian pet food brand. The optimum brand is endorsed by a celebrity get called Dr. Chris Brown. He is best known for his TV Series Bondi vet, filmed for a decade. Also, Waltham Centre Pet Nutrition, a leading global authority on pet care, supports the optimum custom pet diets.

Therefore, the Waltham association has developed the optimum range of products. Optimum ensures that pets receive all the nutrition at all stages. So Optimum delivers balanced nutrition with various tastes that your cat will love.

Manufacturing and Sourcing

Optimum cat food produces a wide range of dry food for pets, and optimum cat food is produced in Australian facilities. It may surprise you, but Mars also manufactures optimum products, and Mars makes most of the pets found on the shelves in the market, and Mars is a big boy in the pet food market.

As for Sourcing, the ingredients used in the recipes are sourced from the Australian regions since Optimum is an Australian brand. However, their ingredients also come from neighboring countries. Optimum is not very transparent about this information. But it is assured that they use quality ingredients in the recipes.


Optimum uses a modest range of meat and fish ingredients in their foods, whether dog or cat food. Their recipes include chicken, beef, lamb, fish, and Kangaroo. However, the meat content described on the product ingredient list is meat and meat by-products. It seems that there is a mix of multiple meat ingredients along with primary meat ingredients. As an Australian brand, some recipes use Kangaroo, which provides high-quality meat. No doubt, all these ingredients are a great source of proteins. Therefore, even their dry cat food provides 34% crude protein.

Unfortunately, optimum also use grain in the recipes such as wheat, Barley, corn, and cereals. Sadly, calorie-dense recipes make this brand less popular because of its poor cat’s natural diet.

However, Grain-free recipes are also available. One more thing is also added: beet pulp provides soluble fiber, and it is necessary for regular digestion and stool. Other ingredients added include antioxidants and supplements for essential vitamins and minerals. No use of preservatives and plant extracts to make cat food allergy-free.

Optimum cat food recall

Checking the recall history of a brand is essential to know the consistency of the quality of pet food. This cannot be ignored because several pet food companies have recently been involved in the recall. Check out your favorite brand in the updated list here. This list is updated by the FDA who announced the recalls of each pet food.

Fortunately, we found no data related to optimum cat food while searching the FDA data. It seems that Optimum has never been involved in any recall, and hence optimum is recall-free. However, Optimum products are manufactured in the Mars facility. Also, many food companies owned by Mars have already existed on the recall list. So pet owners should be vigilant for any upcoming recalls for their cat’s safety.

Is Optimum cat food safe for cats?

Optimum cat food review

The optimum brand is the first to bring you scientifically formulated pet food using Micro-technology. So that Optimum food provides your pets a balanced perfect natural balanced diet. However, their recipes include cereal as the second ingredient, and grains are not in a cat’s diet.

Still, Optimum cat food is AAFCO approved and meets their required nutrition standard. Also, it is noticed that there are no added artificial colors or flavors and preservatives. So, optimum cat foods are allergic free except the cereal. So nothing is harmful in the recipes, and you can rely on the optimum range for the proper nutrition to keep your cat fit and fine.

Optimum cat food Pricing

Optimum provides a small range of cat foods and primarily dry cat food. However, optimum produce cat food for different needs, such as kittens, mature cats, and cats with furball issues. Also, recipes include a reasonable proportion of proteins and fats along with carbohydrates.

You may also guess the quality of optimum cat food through the ingredients. So, you have assumed how pricey it would be. No, it is affordable on a budget. If you buy one pack of dry cat food weighing 800g, it will cost $9. There is also another option to buy a big pack of 2kg just for $19.

Customer experience

According to the reviews, customers have appreciated the taste and flavor of optimum cat food. Also, there was not found any complaint related to optimum cat food. Though some customers have rated this brand with two stars, nothing is still poorly said about food.

However, customers experienced that optimum has changed the ingredients to inferior alternatives such as meat by-product and poultry by-product. Due to which the nutritional value is reduced. So it affected the quality of food. If we are asked to rate this brand, we will give it four out of 5 stars.

Where to buy Optimum cat food?

Since Optimum is Australian-made cat food, you will not find them on other websites such as Amazon and chewy. According to your needs, you may go on the optimum official website and explore the cat food range there.

However, optimum also will send you to another online store to buy their product, such as Woolworths. You can also find optimum cat food range in major supermarkets, chain chores, and pet care stockists. If you want to order it online, you may go to Woolworths, Costco wholesale, IGA, Coles, BIGW, Franklin, or Petbarn.

Does Optimum Provide wet cat food?

The optimum cat food range is not that vast. However, you can find different dry cat food varieties such as furball issues, Urinary tract issues, and many more. Unfortunately, Optimum does not produce wet cat food, and optimum dry cat foods provide all the essential nutrition with optimum moisture content.

Does optimum cat food contain artificial Ingredients?

Optimum cat food uses natural meat ingredients even though they may be meat by-products. However, Optimum does not include any allergic ingredients in their recipes, such as artificial colors or flavors and artificial preservatives.

Is Optimum good for Urinary tract health issues?

Since optimum does not offer wet cat food, it does not mean their food is not suitable for cats with Urinary tract issues. Optimum produces such dry cat food, which supports good digestion and helps to produce mildly acidic urine pH and maintain a healthy urinary tract.


So, the Optimum cat food brand is a good option and budget-friendly. However, the quality of recipes has declined. Still, there are not any complaints related to health issues. However, you can opt for another brand for good quality, such as advance or royal canin.

But, Optimum is recall-free, unlike those brands. Also, Optimum cat food recipes don’t include plant extract to complete nutrition. We will approve it. However, make sure to consult with a vet for better options.

Hope this article is comprehensive to our readers. We value our readers and appreciate their comments. Also, share this article with your mates.