Is there any recent Orijen cat food recall? The cat food produced by Orijen revolves around the origin of the cat diet and is one of the most trusted brands by cat parents. The manufacturer of this brand aims to make a perfect plan for a cat that nourishes it thoroughly.

The formulas created by Orijen contain lots of proteins and strange chemicals. While the production of Orijen is done, they employ the best and fresh ingredients, which means the food doesn’t have any contamination. But what if it has some? The main question to focus on while choosing any cat food brand is recalls. Does Orijen cat food have any recalls? Read further to know about it. 

Where is Orijen cat food manufactured? 

Orijen is a brand whose products are manufactured by Champion Pet Foods, and it is a maker based out of Alberta, Canada. The organization makes Orijen and Acana pet food sources, and that is it, so you don’t need to stress over it by offering a plant to bring down quality food varieties. 

It doesn’t re-appropriate any piece of the assembling system, guaranteeing that every one of their food varieties is totally inside its control consistently.

The Recall History of Orijen Cat Food

Orijen Cat Food Recall

Surprisingly, although it has plenty of lawsuits, Orijen has just had one recall in its set of experiences, and it’s begging to be proven wrong concerning whether it’s even to blame for it.

Orijen feline food sold in Australia in 2008 was recalled after it made a few felines seriously sick and killed a couple of others. In any case, it wasn’t a thing in the food that caused it, but the way that the Australian government required imported food to go through obligatory illumination treatment to annihilate unfamiliar organisms.

Be that as it may, the radiation likewise drained the vitamin A substance in the food and delivered free extremists, the blend of which prompted a few felines to become sick. Orijen immediately pulled its items from the racks, yet the subsequent examination showed that its food wasn’t to blame.

Thus, while Orijen has had an open recall, now is the ideal time; it’s challenging to consider Orijen responsible for it.

Is Origen a Good Cat Food Brand?

Orijen is showcased as another class of food intended to feed cats as indicated by their transformative variation to an eating routine rich and varied in new meat and protein. When Orijen was only produced in Canada, their feline food got positive client audits.

Since the organization opened its office in Auburn, Kentucky, numerous dedicated clients in the United States and Central and South America report decreased quality. These clients say the US-made food is conflicting, smells peculiar, and makes their felines debilitated. Such protests make up most of the negative surveys.

There’s an explanation: Orijen feline food made their rundown of the best dry feline food sources available. Orijen items are a portion of the leading dry food sources that highlight an entire prey-enliven assortment of new muscle meat, organs, and bones. Not many dry food organizations can match the low carb content of Orijen food sources or the trustworthiness of their obtaining.

Lawsuits Against Orijen Cat Food

Orijen Cat Food Recall

A legal claim was made on On March 1, 2018, in the U.S. Locale Court against Champion Petfoods, producer of premium pet food brands such as Orijen and Acana, blaming the organization for “careless, wild” rehearses, bogus promoting, and “neglecting to reveal the presence of weighty metals and poisons” in its pet food varieties. In the weeks that followed, similar claims were documented, remembering one for Wisconsin – that one was in the end excused.

The claims all guarantee “levels” of arsenic, mercury, lead, cadmium, and BPA were high in pet foods from Orijen, which are “all known to present well-being dangers to people and creatures.” In contrast, the food varieties market themselves utilizing new, regular fixings.

One of the three essential offended parties in the class activity claims her canines were becoming ill following 4 years of her taking care of them with an assortment of canine food sources made by Champion Petfood. The claim says past testing by the Clean Label Project has shown that these items contain weighty metals and BPA. For instance, the Clean Label Project granted Orijen Six Fish a simple 1 star in the classification of “Weighty Metals such as Arsenic, Cadmium, Lead and Mercury – implying that Orijen Six Fish has a more elevated level of these metals than different brands of canine food.

Response of Orijen Authorities to the Claim

The Orijen plan to completely disprove the broad scope of bogus claims in an official courtroom at the fitting date; meanwhile, they need you to be optimistic about the security and nature of their item. It’s normal to track down weighty metals or potentially poisons in pet food. Indeed, the FDA has set up many guidelines for – pet food is considered safe on the off chance that the measures of these substances fall under a specific level.

The Orijen cat food cannot be recalled as it has tiny sums that are a protected and regular part of both human and creature eats less, as per the authorities. 

In a 2017 white paper, Orijen contended that weighty metals shouldn’t be depicted as “impurities” at all because the vast majority of these metals usually are happening and may even have health benefits at an adequate number of levels.

They also brought up that its typical of 0.89 mg/kg arsenic in Orijen canine food varieties is far underneath the most extreme passable restriction of 12.50 mg/kg; its typical of 0.09 mg/kg cadmium is far beneath the constraint of 10.00 mg/kg; its typical of 0.23 mg/kg lead is far beneath the restriction of 10.00 mg/kg, and its characteristic of 0.02 mg/kg mercury is far underneath the restriction of 0.27 mg/kg.


The Orijen plans are loaded with meat and a wide assortment of it. Your feline will imagine that they’re being served a creature buffet every evening. It’s not without its imperfections, and it’s one of the more costly food varieties you’ll find. Since the organization doesn’t make wet food sources, it may not be great for more established felines or those with cutting-edge periodontal infections. For every other person, however, Orijen is a brilliant decision that will assist your cat with developing further and sound. Assuming you can manage its cost, you’ll be unable to track down a superior choice.