PetArmor For Cats Reviews Summary – What is PetArmor for cats? How does it work? Is it good for your cat? If you are using this for your pet, you might have concerns: is it well suited for my cat or not? Many pet parents are worried before buying a new product for their felines.

But don’t worry, we have good information about this PetArmor for cats, and it tells about how it helps your cat improve their health? So we would like to say that PetArmor for cats works quickly and is effective, long-lasting, waterproof, and easy to use to control adult fleas, ticks, and chewing lice on cats. If you are using it directly, it can stop infestations and help prevent reinfestation.

Perrigo’s PetArmor is a flea and tick treatment and preventative. This fast-acting topical product also targets chewing lice and may be used to treat sarcoptic mange in some pets. Using the same active ingredients as the frontline in a similar concentration (9.7% vs. 9.8% fipronil). PetArmor comes in a very budget-friendly price point than some other products.

In this Petarmor for cats review, we will read about more topics like history, sourcing and manufacturing, pros and cons, customer complaints and reviews, and many other issues you need to know about this product.

Is PetArmor Good For Cats?

PetArmor For Cats reviews

Petarmor is generally good and safe for cats of almost all ages. PetAmor is delicious outside and a healthy inside supplement. It contains fipronil, the No.1 veterinarian-recommended active ingredient. Methoprene protects against fleas, flea eggs, larvae, ticks, and chewing lice. 

The product contains 9.8% fipronil and 8.8% (S) – Methoprene as its active ingredients. Fipronil is an insecticide that kills them by disrupting the nervous system of adult Passion. Methoprene is a growth regulator that stops the development of the immature stages of the flea life cycle. 

App Petarmor products help to protect your entire family from illness by killing ticks that may transmit Lyme disease. It is fast-acting and long-lasting. It stops the reinfestation cycle by killing flea eggs and larvae. This supplement is produced using veterinary-grade ingredients proven to work at a budget-friendly price. While the product should just work as well as prescription brands.

Moreover, PetArmor products, including PetArmor Plus, are safe for most healthy cats. If your cat is old or pregnant, seek advice from your veterinarian before using a parasite treatment on your pet.

PetArmor History

PetArmor, a product launched by Perrigo Animal Health in 2011, is one example. Perrigo Animal Health is a division of Perrigo Company plc (NYSE: PRGO); (TASE: PRGO), a major global manufacturer of over-the-counter healthcare products. It is comprised of SENTRY® and PetArmor® brands. 

As a company, Perigo had its humble beginnings in rural Michigan in 1887, when founder Luther introduced the “private label” concept to develop customer loyalty to specific brands. Their first manufacturing facility was opened in 1921, which started the company on the path of manufacturing affordable health products. 

As prescription products became available as over-the-counter drugs, Perigo developed store-brand versions of many well-known products. In 1997, the company began expanding into other areas, including animal health, and has cemented its position as a global leader in consumer products.

Perrigo continues its dedication to “improving lives by bringing quality affordable, self-care products that consumers everywhere trust is sold.” This includes providing quality products at affordable prices for pets everywhere. In 2011, PetArmor entered the market, equipping cats with 30-day protection against fleas and ticks in an easily applied, pre-dose pipette.

PetArmor Sourcing And Manufacturing

The PetArmor division of Perrigo, a global healthcare company, has built a unique business model that can be described as a combination of a fast-moving consumer goods company, a high-quality pharmaceutical manufacturing organization, and a world-class supply chain network.

One of the world’s largest manufacturers of over-the-counter health care products and a supplier of store-brand infant formulas, Perrigo is a leading company worldwide. Additionally, the company is a leading provider of OTC products across Europe and the U.S. and a leading manufacturer of prescription extended-use medicines. Perrigo is headquartered in Ireland and sells its products primarily in North America, Europe, and other markets, including Australia, Israel, and China.

PetArmor Plus has the same active ingredients as FRONTLINE® Plus but costs up to 40 percent less than vet prices.

Are there any other products of PetArmor?

Yes, their many products are available in the market, supermarkets, and online stores. You can buy it easily from there, but it is a tedious task for pet owners to choose the best for their cat that is well suited for her, and she will like to use that on her back. So, don’t worry. Here we have some top PetArmor products that will be well suited for your cat. So, let’s see without waiting anymore.

Name Ratings
PetArmor Coconut Berry Scented Flea & Tick Shampoo for Cats, 12-oz bottleBest Overall
PetArmor Flea & Tick Spot Treatment for Cats, over 1.5 lbs, 3 DosesBest in Budget
PetArmor Flea & Tick Cat Collar, 7-mos. supply, 1 countBest for kittens
PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Spot Treatment for CatsBest for large breeds
PetArmor Plus Flea & Tick Spray for Cats

Complaints and Customers Reviews

PetArmor For Cats reviews

PetArmor is a veterinarian-recommended supplement that comes at a budget-friendly price. While the product should just work as well as prescription brands, some pet owners report that they feel this isn’t as effective as those products. While some pet owners saw the sound effects on their cats, they shared their good experiences with us, but some did not get the good results they wanted, so they complained about this product and shared their negative reviews.

Positive reviews: Customers gave this supplement positive feedback after seeing its positive effect on their animals. They said it worked perfectly for their 4 years cats when the new kitten brought fleas in. They applied it in the morning and watched them closely. It worked perfectly for fleas. 

Some other pet parents said that their cats are highly allergic to flea and tick bites and get itchy dermatitis that they need a course of steroids to get over. Their poor pink belly was licked raw. They have no trouble now after applying PetArmor, which suits their cats.

Complaints: Users shared negative reviews of this product because they did not get sound effects on their pets. They said that they used this product the first time it worked, but when they ordered the following two times and applied it like previously, it did not work this time. They said they did not repurchase it.

There are top positive reviews from buyers, and top critical reviews are available on the online websites where they bought this supplement. We cannot share every review here, but if you want to check every review shared by them.

PetArmor for Cats Reviews

PetArmer produces many products with different formulations for both cats and dogs. They have regular PetArmor and more expensive PetArmor Plus” brands of flea treatments. This is a standard flea drop: the anti-flea serum is contained in a small tube and is easy to use.

Its active ingredients will leach through the top layer of your cat’s skin and kill the parasitic worms, then work to prevent the new parasites from jumping onto your cat. This product has a similar look and feels to the name-brand products and a much lower price tag. You can give your dog the same shield against fleas you’d get with a big-name product, but you’ll pay significantly less.

If we see, this product also has a lot of beauty, but it also has many drawbacks which cannot be ignored. Firstly it is low cost, and unfortunately, it kills fewer fleas and not all fleas. Many users report that the fleas are killed initially but return to the pile before the subsequent prescribed treatment. While this may work for some, many popular review outlets have an overall customer satisfaction level of around 50-60%, which matches our research. We would like to share 4 out of 5 stars because it is ineffective for every cat.

Pros And Cons

The best way to make an informed decision is to weigh your options. Here, we’ve listed some main pros and cons of buying and using PetArmor.


  • A cost-effective alternative to big-name brand products
  • waterproof solution; Advertised to last through the shower
  • Kills and protects all parasitic pests on pets
  • The application is suitable for 30 days


  • May leave flaky residue on pet’s skin
  • There are many accounts of flea reduction but not complete eradication.
  • Some users report that this product burned their pet’s skin
  • You’ll have to buy the more expensive PetArmor Plus to get the added benefit of killing baby fleas and flea eggs.
  • Reports show that the product does not spread to your pet’s body after application resulting in incomplete flea defense.

How Does PetArmor Work?

As a topical product, PetArmor is absorbed through your cat’s skin, where it is distributed under the skin and stored in the hair follicles and skin oils. This product does not circulate through the bloodstream. Released gradually over 30 days, PetArmor protects your pet from external parasites for the duration.

How to use PetArmor for cats?

You need to buy the right size for your cat, so you need to get the weight of your cat right. It is important not to split the dosage between cats and buy the correct product size for each pet. It is available for purchase in the following weight brackets – Small 5-22 lbs, Medium 23-44 lbs, Large 45-88 lbs, and X-Large 89-132 lbs. If you accidentally wean your dog, it may reduce its effectiveness, which could lead to the failure of the product.

To apply PetArmor Plus, you need to open the pipette as directed on the product packaging, separate the fur on the back of your cat’s neck, and apply all the liquid ingredients. 

You may need to apply the liquid to 3 or 4 different areas under the cat’s back in larger felines. A veterinary prescription is not required to obtain the product, so it can be purchased through pet stores and online retailers. It is safe to use in kitties from 8 weeks of age onwards.

Q1. How long does it take PetArmor to work?

Ans: This product starts killing fleas and ticks within 24 hours and may take as long as 48 hours.

Q2. What are the side effects of PetArmor for your pet?

Ans: PetArmor effect on your pet is infrequent. These infrequent side effects may include redness, scratching, or other signs of discomfort. Gastrointestinal symptoms such as vomiting or diarrhea have been reported.

Q3.Can you bathe your cat after using PetArmor?

Ans: Yes, after applying the product, you should wait until the application area is dry before allowing our cat to get wet, usually around 24 hours.

Q4. What company makes PetArmer?

Ans: Perrigo Animal Health Company makes these supplements for flea and tick treatments for your pet.

Q5. Where to buy PetArmor?

Ans: You can buy PetArmor products without a prescription at many online stores, including Chewy and Amazon.


PetArmor has gained traction in the marketplace thanks to its “store-brand”- marketing strategy. The packaging claims the solution uses the same active ingredient as Frontline Plus, the top name-brand competitor, and at a price less than what you’d pay for one of the top contenders on the market.

Unfortunately, PetArmor removes vital ingredients to effectively disrupt the flea life cycle to reach that low price point with its cheapest product. If you want that capability, you’ll have to pick up the more expensive variety, the PetArmor Plus.

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