The Probalance cat food brand claims that they provide the best nutrition benefits with scientific understanding. They made quality cat foods in Australia and thousands of cat owners buy their products for felines. Today, we have a deep look and inform you in our article and we hope you can read about Probalance Cat Food Review to know their ingredients, nutrition value, and customer feedback.

After reading customers’ reviews and advice from the veterinarian we have written and analyzed Probalance cat food. Also, if you buy something from our links then we get a small amount of commission on that. 

Cats need a special high meat content when it comes to food. Probalance provides proper nutrition benefits without any side effects. In short, Probalance is one of the latest food brands in Australia that manufactures for dogs and cats but in this short period, they gain the trust of pet owners by providing quality and natural cat food. 

About Probalance Brand

Probalance is an Australian cat food brand. It’s a home brand of Petbarn and city farmers. According to our research, this is a new brand that gets the popularity of cat owners by providing quality food and packaging. 

When you see Probalance it looks premium compared to other cat foods. Also, Pro balance company claims that they manufacture cat food with natural ingredients with the help of scientific expertise. 

But, we were unable to find the exact location of this brand where Probalance cat foods are made in Australia. 

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Manufacturing and Sourcing

According to our analysis, Probalance brand sourced ingredients from Australia where they manufacture cat foods by the Greencross Vets Nutritional Advisory Panel as complying with the nutritional guidelines set by AAFCO.


Probalance cat foods have never been recalled. There are many other cat foods that will be recalled in 2021. 

Customer Feedback & Reviews 

Product is new in the cat food market that is why Probalance gets many customers’ reviews, but we analyzed that the ingredients they include and the packaging feels premium. 

Its food is high in protein and made with superfoods such as blueberries, cranberries and fish oils, and yucca which is carefully selected for maximum benefits of cats.

Range Of Probalance Cat Foods 

Probalance made both wet and dry cat foods in their store for cats. Chicken in jelly, adult tuna, Ocean fish with salmon, turkey, and chicken with a kangaroo is the best combination made in Probalance recipe which your car enjoys in each meal.

Here 4 Top Quality Cat Food by Probalance:

probalance cat food review
  • ProBalance Protein Rich Cat Food With Chicken
  • Probalance Adult Ocean Fish and Salmon Cat Food
  • Probalance Wet Tuna & Chicken Cat Food(Grain Free)
  • Probalance Wet Tuna In Gravy Cat Food

ProBalance Protein Rich Cat Food With Chicken Review

This cat food recipe has 83% of the protein from meat which comes from a chicken. Chicken is the best source of energy and muscle development. Balance fat along with ActivBlend for cats combine with each other and provide key vitamins and minerals. 

Your kitten and cat thrive on Probalance plus high protein chicken cat food because it is rich in meat from chicken and kangaroo that has a delicious taste.


  • Made without wheat
  • Made in Australia
  • No potato, soy and tapioca


  • Not suitable for senior or older cats

Probalance Adult Ocean Fish and Salmon cat Food Review

Like Chicken, fish and salmon is a high protein source which is included in this Probalance recipe. The food provides calcium, phosphorus, and magnesium that maintain cat bone density and lean muscle. 

Probalance is grain-free and made without artificial colors and flavors. Ocean fish in the food is ideal omega 3 and 6 fatty acids that support urinary care, hair growth, and immune system.


  • NO potato, soy, corn or tapioca
  • Fulfilled with vitamin C and Vitamin E
  • Added with superfoods such as cranberries and blueberries


  • Available in 3.5 kg bag only

Probalance Wet Tuna & Chicken Cat Food Review

We recommend this cat food recipe for kittens that is available in high protein and fat to support rapid growth.

Protein kitten wet cat food is very healthy and made with vitamins, minerals, and other essential nutrients. The food size is 85g per bag at a normal price which is affordable for every cat owner.


  • Fully grain free
  • Promote healthy skin and coat
  • Best for urinary health, digestion, and odour control


  • Not recommended for overweight cats

Probalance Wet Tuna In Gravy Cat Food Review

Tuna is the favorite ingredient of cats that has tasty flavors as well as rich in protein. Probalance tuna in gravy provides a delicious taste with fruits, and vegetables for your adult cats. 

Normally wet cat foods are high in moisture which is good for cat urinary health and perfect for fussy eaters. 

This Probalance recipe is formulated with actibBlend to provide essential vitamins and minerals. The bag is available in 12*85g. 


  • Best for bone density and lean muscle
  • natural glucosamine and chondroitin help healthy joints
  • added with superfoods, fruits and vegetables


  • Few cats have allergy to vegetables

ProBalance Cat Food Ingredients 

Chicken, Turkey, Ocean Fish, Salmon, and Kangaroo are the primary ingredients of Probalance cat foods list. These are high in protein and recommended for pets to get ideal nutrition. 

Despite this, more ingredients such as;

Blueberries and Cranberries: these are highly human superfoods that are included in Probalance dental foods. Cats are picky eaters and by carnivores in nature, they need natural meat which suits their taste. 

Carrots and Veggies: veggies are easy to chew for young cats. But senior cats can have difficulty with it. These ingredients in foods can be good but not called a recommended diet for felines.

Chickpeas: it’s difficult to digest for cats. These are not an ingredient that is a natural part of a feline diet. 

Sunflower Oil: It’s a good energy source that promotes the immune system, heart health, and normal function of cats. 

Conclusion – Is Probalance A Good Cat Food?

No doubt, Probalance follows Affco guidelines which means it’s fully secure and risk-free ingredients made from cat food. Also, we don’t find any difficulty with cat parents who can buy this product. 

You can check this food line for your pretty friend without any worry. If she likes it then you can think about a long period of the feeding of Probalance cat food. 

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