While purchasing cat food for your lovely cat, it is necessary to look out for many factors. When you explore a cat food brand, it isn’t easy to know if that brand is safe and secure for your cat. How good is that brand? How many customers are satisfied? Today we have an overview of Rachael ray cat food recall in 2021 and know about all nutrition and ingredients.

Today we will talk about a brand called Rachael Ray. Rachael Ray Nutrish is influenced by a popular host on the food networks and author of recipe books Rachael Ray. With the inspiration to provide super premium quality food to their Pit Bull Boo and other pets, Racheal partnered and established this brand. She was astonished to see many dogs died only because of the poor quality of pet food. She aimed to provide pet food with a 100% complete, well-balanced diet made using natural ingredients.

However, Racheal Ray has been recalled since 2015 due to the high level of nutrition in wet cat food.

We will look more into Rachael Ray Nutrish brand cat food. Also, we have covered the history in short. Mentioned all the recalls to Rachael Ray Nutrish cat food. It is a full review for Racheal Ray cat food 2021.

About Racheal Ray

July 2008 was the year when Rachael Ray rollout with a new line of pet food. It was just after the shocking 2007 menu food recalls with a well-known brand. Rachael Ray Nutrish was launched and partnered with Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, a vice president at the pet food manufacturer. In 2008, Nutrish was Ainsworth’s first national initiative.

Nutrish used the old-aged marketing tactic to brand’s success. Nutrish offered free samples with a campaign named switch to Nutrish. It was a great success, and over 50% people of people tried free samples.

Another factor used for promoting the brand was a celebrity. Rachael Ray handed the free samples and came to fame with only a meal show. Also, Nutrish put the name of celebrity before trusting on her instincts.

List of Rachael Ray Nutrish Recalls

Yes, Rachael Ray Nutrish has a recall that happened in June 2015 but not in 2021. Also, some problems were raised regarding Rachael Ray’s cat food.

On 4 June 2015, the FDA reported a high potential elevated level of Vitamin D in a list of Rachael Ray Nutrish wet cat food varieties. Some of them include Paw Lickin’ chicken & liver, Ocean fish & chicken catch nature, ocean fish-a-licious, and Tuna Perfection. A few of them were reported in 2016.

In 2018, a consumer filed a lawsuit against Ainsworth Pet Nutrition. The lawsuit reported that Nutrish includes an undisclosed harmful herbicide named Glyphosate. In the test for Glyphosate, it was found that Rachael Ray Nutrish Super Premium and 9 live indoor complete had the highest levels. Also, researchers wrote that Glyphosate is suspected to be related to the rise of pet cancers.

So what happened according to the class-action lawsuit to Nutrish? Well, it got thrown out two times. However, the lawsuit was dismissed in April 2019. Finally, the suit was dismissed in February by 2020. The decision was the level of Glyphosate was minimal and lower than the FDA’s limit.

Nutrish Sourcing and Manufacturing

Rachael Ray Cat Food Recall 2021

Ainsworth Pet Nutrition, a fifth-generation family, manufactures Nutrish in Pennsylvania. Ainsworth also manufactures the Dad’s pet food line.

In 2018, Ainsworth was sold to pet food giant J.M. Smucker Company. Through Rachael Ray Nutrish, It is found that their dry cat foods are made in the U.S. Wet cat food recipes are manufactured in Thailand. So J.M Smucker Company operates the manufacturing process of Nutrish.

Thailand provides the best production conditions for their recipes, said Rachael Ray Nutrish. All the ingredients used in Nutrish recipes are sourced from only trusted suppliers. Also, All manufacturer processes meet the FDA standards for pets and are safe.


Rachael Ray’s dry cat food recipes are well balanced with good taste and high-quality ingredients. All recipes are rich in nutrition and support a cat’s health. None of the recipes add any preservatives and enhanced colors and flavors.

Overall, Rachael Ray Nutrish produces ten products in dry cat food. All ten are categorized into three lines. They are Nutrish, Nutrish-PEAK, and Nutrish Zero Grain.

Nutrish dry cat food formulas are well-prepared meals for cats with meat and fish ingredients. This category has five dry formulas, including longevity recipes with chicken, salmon, chickpeas, and many more. Also, the recipes include grains, vegetables, chickpeas, or fruits to enhance essential nutrients like vitamins and minerals.

Nutrish-PEAK includes protein-rich recipes with other essential nutrients. These recipes are different from the above category because there are no grains and are based on animal proteins. These recipes are great for building the muscles of your cats.

The last one is Nutrish Zero Grain, which contains all recipes that do not make use of any types of grains. Probably the best meal for cats to support their immune system and health. These recipes are well-balanced with only animal nutrition.


Rachael Ray’s wet cat food is appealing to cats with its tender texture and flavors. These recipes are free from added preservatives, colors, and flavors.

All recipes are divided into four series. They are Nutrish, Nutrish PEAK, Nutrish Purrfect Broths, and Nutrish Purrfect Entrees.

The first series is Rachael Ray Nutrish’s wet recipes. These recipes are made using chicken, beef, seafood, and other animal meat with a savory sauce. Since they are wet cat food, they are moisture-rich formulas to keep your cats hydrated. It may contain grains with soy, rice, and other vegetables to enhance the nutrient level.

Rachael Ray Nutrish PEAK wet cat foods are protein-packed recipes without any grains, soy, gluten, or other by-products. The meat ingredients used in these recipes include tuna, beef, chicken, duck, and fish with a delicious sauce. So your cat does not get dehydrated.

Nutrish Purrfect Broths are well-balanced natural foods to supplement all nutrition to a cat. These wet cat foods are rich in gravy with high moisture content. These recipes also do not add grains to them.

The last one is the Nutrish Purrfect Entrees are grain-free formulas and use unique ingredients like white meat chicken, wild-caught salmon, and yellowfin tuna. Also rich in moisture and a well-balanced diet for a cat.

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FAQ – Rachael Ray Recall

Rachael Ray Cat Food Recall 2021

Is Racheal Ray Nutrish safe for cats?

As Rachael Ray had been involved in the recall and lawsuits, it is still doubtful to trust this brand. However, now the Rachael Ray Nutrish cat food is AAFCO approved. All recipes provide complete and balanced nutrition to maintain the excellent condition health of cats. Also, Recipes of Nutrish meet all the standards of the FDA.

Is Rachael Ray bad for cats?

Rachael Ray is not a bad option in terms of budget for good quality meals for cats. All the recipes of Racheal Ray do not make use of any doubted ingredients or by-products.
This company is open to its customers. All information regarding this company can be found on FDA websites. They won’t hide anything regarding ingredients used in their recipes since they want to win over their customers.


If you are not on the budget, many brands are available for cat foods with premium recipes. But Racheal Ray Nutrish is good in prices with well-balanced meals for your cat.
Racheal Ray Nutrish does its best to provide premium recipes with natural ingredients. However, some of the recipes are too high in carbohydrates, and cats do not like some. You must give it a try to check the quality. Also, many reviews are in favor of this brand. You can shop online and your favorite marketplaces like Walmart, Amazon, chewy, and Petco.


Overall, Rachael Ray Nutrish produces a wide range of cat food. Also, all the recipes are approved by AAFCO and meet the standards of the FDA. However, there was a recall for this brand in 2015. But it does not the recipes are same as before. Racheal Ray Nutrish provides the best recipes on a budget.

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