Seresto For Cats Review Summary – Controlling fleas on our liked cats can experience a brutal war, but Seresto cat collars are an excellent option in the fight against fleas. In preference to battling with capsules, powders, or spot-on treatments, Seresto cat collars are exceedingly easy to apply.

The Seresto Cat Collars constitutes a leap forward in flea remedy, a far greater power than a conventional flea collar.

Even higher, they manage ticks as nicely! Seresto collars are made by way of Bayer, one of the first-class-recognized brands when it comes to pet health.

If you’ve been seeking out a protracted-lasting and powerful solution to protect your cat from fleas, then the Seresto Cat Collar is nicely worth thinking about.

In case you haven’t heard approximately these collars before or have just discovered about them and want to know if they’re an excellent alternative for your cats, then study on as we inform you the whole thing that you need to realize.

Bayer Animal Health manufactures Seresto Cat Collars, which are made in Germany.

What does Seresto for cats contain?

Seresto For Cats Review

They incorporate two energetic elements, imidacloprid, and flumethrin. The ingredients listing also mentions “different ingredients,” essentially the polymer matrix that makes up the collar and holds the active components within its surface.

Imidacloprid is an insecticide that acts like nicotine, a toxic substance to fleas. It’sIt’s been utilized in flea remedies on account that 1994, and there are currently over four hundred products that include imidacloprid on the market within the United States.

A few pet owners and pets can suffer from skin inflammation from flea treatments containing imidacloprid.

Flumethrin is likewise an insecticide that acts towards ticks.

As we have discussed the product, we will now discuss the pros and cons of Seresto for cats.


They’re influential towards fleas in 24 hours: Flea infestations can be distinctly worrying; however, the Seresto collar receives to work quickly, and you’ll start to see a lower in live fleas within 24 hours.

Because the energetic components work on contact, the fleas don’tdon’t want to chew your cat to be affected.

Instead, the insecticides unfold at some point on your cat’s skin. After the primary 24 hours, any fleas that start to re-infest your cat will be repelled or killed within simply 2 hours.

They last for eight months: One of the first-rate matters approximately the Seresto flea collars is they final for a whopping eight months.

This means no extra annoying month-to-month spot-on remedies that upload up financially as nicely.


Some cats can suffer from a response to the collar: In certain instances, a few cats could react to carrying the Seresto collar, in particular, if they haven’t worn one earlier.

This can include scratching and a few hair loss and skin reactions. Bayer indicates that this is precisely due to the mechanical irritation of wearing a collar instead of the ingredients.

We’re no longer sure about that, mainly if your cat typically wears a collar; however, most irritations do appear to resolve in a week or so, without the need to do away with the collar.

In case you see any redness, irritation, or immoderate scratching, we advise taking your cat to your veterinarian for you to check your cat.

Seresto cat collar review

Seresto For Cats Review

The Seresto Cat Collar is a veterinarian-endorsed flea treatment answer that doesn’tdoesn’t require messy applications of greasy liquids or grappling along with your cat to try to provide them a pill.

This collar is permeated with two pesticides that kill fleas and ticks on the touch. It works to kill fleas within 24 hours and ticks inside forty-eight hours.

After that initial period, it receives to work on re-infesting fleas within 2 hours.

It’sIt’s suitable for cats and kittens over ten weeks of age. The collar is adjustable to shape a wide variety of cat sizes.

It needs to be incredibly tight, a good way to be powerful because it wishes to contact your cat’s pores and skin.

Undergo in mind that when the locking mechanism is clicked into the vicinity at the rear of the collar, it can be pretty hard to loosen the collar in case your cat happens to gain weight over the eight months that the collar is active.


  • Lasts for eight months
  • Water-proof
  • Kills fleas and ticks
  • This collar additionally has a brief release mechanism that widens the collar if your cat turns into caught on something. This is wonderful, especially for cats who might also journey via the comb.
  • The collar additionally comes with reflector clips so that you can see your cat pass thru the darkish more easily.
  • The critiques for the Seresto Cat Collar are extraordinarily dazzling. On Amazon, it holds a four-megastar rating with greater than 14,000 reviews!
  • The enormous majority of its scores fall into the top 4- and 5-famous person classes, which have to be full-size when you recollect how many opinions are available.


  • Can motive irritation
  • Hard to regulate as soon as on
  • It can absorb numerous hours to days for the medication to paintings its way all through your tom cat’s frame and to actively keep off fleas and ticks.
  • Not like a few topical applications that work an awful lot quicker, those lively ingredients require an extended wait duration before they’rethey’re deemed effective. A few reviewers noted that it took more than one days earlier than they saw the good effects of the Seresto Cat Collar.

What do people think about Seresto Cat Collar?

Many customers have shared some negative reviews.

Some have claimed that this collar gives their cat rash and has irritated their skin.

They have also said that some cats have started getting tremors, and fleas started to show up again.

Your cat will have complete flea and tick prevention for eight months for a pretty low monthly fee.

It saves you the hassle of month-to-month treatments and poses only a few risks or facet effects to your feline.

It seems like a wise investment, especially if your cat doesn’tdoesn’t accept monthly remedies nicely!

Final thoughts

The Seresto Cat Collar gives an effective and long-lasting flea and tick repellent. The results can last up to eight months, meaning no more excellent month-to-month reminders for those spot-on flea treatments.

 This collar is extraordinarily smooth to use, is odorless, and doesn’tdoesn’t leave any greasy residue over your cat’s skin or fur.

If your cat needs a bathtub or gets stuck in a rainstorm, you don’t want to worry about the compromised efficacy.

Some customers do file that their cat can suffer from pores and skin inflammation after they’ve used this collar, so be vigilant and make ordinary exams of your cat’s neck, especially if you’ve by no means used this kind of collar before.

Be aware that counterfeit merchandise has been observed, too, so be vigilant and most effective ever buy from an accredited reseller, like Chewy or Amazon.

On the entire, this is a compelling solution against those pesky fleas and ticks that may affect all cats, in addition to annoy us, proprietors!