is there any recent Wellness cat food recall? The name Wellness suits the brand as it was initiated by some people who were identified as ” pet wellness experts.” The makers of this brand include nutritionists, veterinarians, and food scientists. From the day of its establishment, Wellness pet food has come a long way. They are now depicted as the largest holistic cat food retailer, which could be greater than that. But every coin has two sides, and the same holds good for Wellness cat food. While it’s trendy, there are plenty of recalls issued on it.

About Wellness and Its Products

Wellness is a popular pet food organization that began way back in 1997 as a production of WellPet LLC. When Old Mother Hubbard and Eagle Pack blended, they framed WellPet, LLC. This organization is currently an auxiliary of Berwind Corporation, private speculation of the executive’s organization.

The organization says that most of their pet food creation is done in their own office and hence is under their observation. Health Signature Selects, Divine Duos and all wet food varieties in pockets are made in Thailand.

Also, on the site of Wellness, they have given a bit-by-bit depiction of their canned food-producing process. The page clarifies that they work with just the best-fixing providers to guarantee their clients that all items are made with magnificent crude fixings. Then, they make the food sources as indicated by a controlled interaction.

In 2012 the brand flaunted a $20 million extension of its plant in Mishawaka, Indiana, which used to be the Eagle Pack Pet Foods plant. The much bigger office contains 50,000 square feet of assembling space and one more 100,000 square feet of warehousing space. A paper article depicted the plant as being significantly more robotized with more tight controls regarding security and quality control board.

Where is the Wellness pet food manufactured?

The Wellness brand of feline food is delivered and produced by WellPet, LLC. The historical backdrop of this organization can be followed as far as possible back to the Old Mother Hubbard Company and the arrival of broiler-heated canine rolls in 1926. Wellness has ventured into a notable brand of comprehensive pet food items for the two canines and felines in the years that followed. The Wellness site doesn’t state precisely where their fixings come from or where their items are made, yet their item marks convey a “Made in the U.S.A.” stamp.

Has cat food from Wellness ever been recalled?

Surprisingly this famous pet food brand has had a couple of pet food recalls in the years since the brand was presented in 1997.

In March 2017, specific dates of Wellness 95% Beef Topper for Dogs, in 13.2 oz. Jars were reviewed given conceivable undeniable degrees of meat thyroid chemical. As per the community, “the raised levels of this hormone may influence a canine’s digestion and can be related with expanded thirst, expanded urinary result, anxious conduct and weight reduction.

When their quality group discovered that a limited quantity of metal was found in non-WellPet items made in a similar office, they chose to make the moderate stride of intentionally reviewing a modest amount of our 12.5 oz—feline plans with specific best by dates to guarantee the prosperity of felines and to reassure our purchasers.

Additionally, in October 2012 and in May 2012, Wellness gave a recall given the humidity issue, and the other in light of the chance of salmonella. Also, in January 2012, the territory of New Mexico requested the evacuation of Wellness WellBars containing amaranth, a sort of grain. Items containing amaranth were endorsed for people but not for pets. The canine treats were eliminated from stores in the state, and WellPet remarked that it was reformulating them. New Mexico administrative authorities are fanatics regarding unapproved fixings, and they’re adamant.

In February 2011, deficient degrees of thiamine were given as the justification for a recall of all flavors and sizes of canned Wellness feline food made inside a specific date range – 21.6 million jars were reviewed on the whole, as indicated by an FDA requirement report. 

The CEO of Wellness said at the hour of the 2011 Wellness feline food review, “Despite the fact that the shot at a feline fostering a thiamine lack is very remote, we are deliberately reviewing these loads of our canned feline food as an additional insurance.”

The List of Wellness Cat Foods that were Recalled in 2019

Sr.NoProduct RecipeBest by date
1Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 ozChicken & Herring08/04/2019
2Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 ozChicken08/03/2019 & 08/04/2019
3Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 ozChicken & Lobster08/04/2019
4Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 ozTurkey & Salmon08/05/2019
5Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 ozTurkey08/04/2019 & 08/05/2019
6Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 ozBeef & Chicken08/05/2019
7Wellness Canned Cat 12.5 ozBeef & Salmon08/05/2019

The Complete List of Cat Food from Wellness that were Recalled:

Sr.NoProductDateDescriptionBest by date
1Wellness Chicken & Herring recipe and all flavours and sizesFebruary 2011FDA issued a recall due to inadequate levels of thiamine.April 14–Sept. 30
2Wellness Complete Health Super5Mix Large Breed formula dry foodMay 2012The FDA issued a recall due to potential salmonella contamination.Jan. 9–11, 2013
3Wellness Small Breed Adult Health Dry food formulaOctober 2012The Wellness Company voluntarily recalled the product due to possible moisture contamination.Aug. 18, 2013
4canned Wellness cat foodFebruary 2017The pet food was recalled as it had potential for foreign material.Aug. 4 or Aug. 5, 2019
5Wellness 95% Beef Topper in 13.2 oz. cans,March 2017It was recalled as it had possibly high levels of beef thyroid hormone.Feb. 2, 2019; Aug. 29, 2019; or Aug. 30, 2019

Conclusion: Is It Good Brand?

Wellness is a pet food brand with almost every type of pet food you are searching for. Interestingly the range of cat food contains innumerable products that you might get confused about which one to buy. Recalls don’t mean that the pet food brand is not ok, but it’s just that the particular batch of the product contains harmful substances. The majority of their food has less fat and proteins to ensure your pet is safe and healthy.