Is Whiskas Cat Food Being Discontinued? Whiskas is the first-ever pet food brand that was made. At first, it was known as Kin Kan when it was declared as a brand in 1936, indeed in 1988, it was named Whiskas and is now owned by Mars Inc Pet Food Company. This brand always had an excellent reputation because of its excellent quality cat food recipes sold worldwide. Till 2021, Whiskas had never been discontinued till this year; there were several recalls reported against this brand. Although the reason behind this recall is not vigilant.

Why Did Whiskas Cat Food Did Get Discontinued?

Is Whiskas Cat Food Being Discontinued

In 2021, we got the information that they voluntarily discontinued a limited number of Whiskas Dry Cat Food from the official Whiskas website. Also, Mar Inc said they have discontinued little counts of Whiskas Dry Cat Food because they were cautious about their customer’s safety.

But the main reason behind this is that there were several raw ingredients in the recipes which not meet the manufacturer’s rigid quality specifications.

There were also some reports which claimed that there was potential mycotoxin contamination too. Mycotoxins are some kinds of toxins created from a mold, and this kind of mold usually is found in rice, wheat, corn, and some other grains and cereals. But still, there were no official reports regarding this mold contamination.

Here are the products which got discontinued:

  • WHISKAS® Meaty Selection Dry Cat Food 670g
  • WHISKAS® Meaty Selections Dry Cat Food 670g
  • WHISKAS® Meaty Selections Dry Cat Food 670g
  • WHISKAS® Meaty Selections Dry Cat Food 670g
  • WHISKAS® Meaty Selections Dry Cat Food 2kg
  • WHISKAS® Meaty Selections Dry Cat Food 4kg
  • WHISKAS® Meaty Selections Dry Cat Food 9.1kg
  • WHISKAS® Meaty Selections Dry Cat Food 11.6kg
  • WHISKAS® Beef Selections Natural Beef Flavour Dry Cat Food 2kg
  • WHISKAS® Seafood Selections, Natural Salmon and Shrimp Flavour Dry Cat Food 2kg
  • WHISKAS® Seafood Selections Natural Salmon and Shrimp Flavour Dry Cat Food 4Kg
  • WHISKAS® Tuna Selections, Natural Tuna Flavour Dry Cat Food 9.1 kg
  • WHISKAS® Indoor Dry Cat Food 3kg

List of affected products “Best date.” This can be seen before the packaging product. Consumers who have purchased any of the affected “best day” dry foods should discard the food and not let your cat eat it. Also, if your cat behaves abnormally, go to your nearest veterinarian for a checkup. Do not take risks.

Is there any Whiskas Cat Food Shortage?

Is Whiskas Cat Food Being Discontinued

Whiskas rarely experience cat food shortages. However, Whiskas is one of the animal feed companies involved in global shipping and supply problems.

In a statement on its website, Whiskas NZ announced a nationwide shortage of its cat food. Mars, which owned the Whiskas, confirmed the shortfall due to ongoing port problems, shipping, and production. Also, global cat food shortages are felt by local cat owners near grocery stores.

We are working hard to restore normal stock levels as soon as possible, Mars says. In the meantime, we apologize for the inconvenience caused to you and your cats.

Whiskas Cat Food Ingredients

Whiskas had raw ingredients in their recipes, and commonly used ingredients were chicken, beef, pork, and fish. Still, some of the recipes have high–protein ingredients; The primary source of protein in the Whiskas recipe is chicken by-products.

The product also includes corn and some other grains, which can trigger an allergic reaction in your cats. Besides some other cereals, cats love their recipes.

In addition, Whiskas dry cat food had lesser moisture and other additives like gluten, making Whiskas wet cat food a better choice for wholly balanced food for our cats.


Many cat owners reviewed all kinds of reviews; some said their cats loved Whiskas and referred to it as “godsend.” Many claimed that they saw visible health improvements in their cat’s health.

Some said that their cats went crazy after Whiskas and has been ever since. 

There were some negative reviews too saying that the gravy was too dark and cats refused to even sniff the food. Cats were also leaving food.

Some also claimed that their cats got bad diarrhea and fell sick.

Is Whiskas Good for cats?

Altogether Whiskas is AAFCO approved, and all of their recipes are high in protein and have reasonable amounts of fats and carbohydrates. Still, their recipes contain grains and some other added plant ingredients, which are considered unhealthy for your cats.

To conclude, Whiskas discontinued its products for the first time, not for some severe reason but due to caution. People were also advised to stop feeding their cats the affected products, which were discontinued.

Moreover, Whiskas is not the wrong cat food brand either. Compared to other Mars Inc brands like Purina and Royal Canin, this brand has better protein and fiber.

We hope this article was helpful for you. Please share this with your friends and family to make them aware of this situation.