Whiskas was one of the first pet food brands in existence. Formally, this brand was known as Kin Kan when launched in 1936. In 1988, the name changed to Whiskas and was ready to become a staple in pantries worldwide. Mars Petcare owns Whiskas. Know about Whiskas Cat Food Recall in our article.

As for their food quality, Whiskas has stood out in the pet food market for their cat food recipes since 1988. Also, Whiskas has maintained a consistent record of being recall-free in the FDA’s pet food recall website till now. Unfortunately, this record is no longer held. More than a dozen Whiskas cat food product recalls took place.

However, the reason behind Whiskas cat food recall is not that cautious. We have covered a comprehensive article on this topic and Whiskas ingredients if anything is suspicious.

Is Whiskas Good Cat Food?

It was seen that cat owners report that their cats go wild when Whiskas cat food is served to them. Their wet formulas contain a high level of protein along with tasty gravy, which kitties particularly love.

Yes, Whiskas is good cat food in terms of affordability. Their recipes are meat-based food with a good level of protein. But the food is not the best. Mainly, Whiskas dry cat food uses fillers and unknown meat by-products. Some dry cat food contains corn and corn gluten as cheap meat substitutes.

Whiskas cat food is a good bet only for wet recipes. If your cat has a sensitive stomach, it is better to avoid dry cat food of this brand because there are artificial colors and preservatives added. However, cat owners make sure to read the labels and buy one of their BHA and BHT-free foods.

Whiskas Cat Food Recall List

Whiskas Cat Food Recall

Whiskas has never been recalled in their 60 years of cat food. However, Whiskas is owned by Mars Petcare, and Mars owns several pet food brands, many of which have issued recalls. Also, Whiskas cat foods are produced in the Mars’ facilities. So, it is unsure when a recall may be given.

In 2021

Unfortunately, we’ve been updated with the latest news from Whiskas’ official website. Whiskas cat food has issued a voluntary recall of a limited number of Whiskas Dry cat food. This recall took place in Canada.

Mars Petcare said that product quality and food safety for the pets you feed is our top priority in this recall. Therefore, we have considered recalling a limited number of Whiskas dry cat food in Canada out of an abundance of caution.

The main reason behind this recall is that the recipes are made with raw ingredients that do not meet manufacturers’ stringent internal quality specifications. Mars Petcare ensures that affected products are no longer available, and you can check out the list of recalled products.

A list of affected products with the “Best by date.” This can be seen on the front of the packaging product. Consumers who have purchased any affected dry cat food of “best by date” are supposed to discard the food and not let their cat eat it. Also, if your cat is behaving unusually, go to your nearest vet for a checkup. Don’t take risks.

However, as Mars petcare says, the consumers received no complaints. But, the recalled product was distributed to retailers in Canada.

An Overview of Whiskies Wet and Dry Cat Food

Whiskas produce a large variety of cat foods to choose from. Whiskas delivers four recipes, including Dry, Trays, Perfectly Pouch, and Whiskas Pouch. The company in charge of manufacturing these recipes is called Masterfoods, and Masterfoods is also a part of Mars Petcare. Whiskas selection includes dry and wet versions packed in a pouch.

Whiskas wet and dry cat food are both complete and well-balanced diets. However, comparing ingredients breakdown, Whiskas dry cat food is less nutritious than wet cat food. But both versions of Whiskas include grains in their recipes, such as corn gluten, wheat, and Soy. Also, Whiskas wet cat food has more moisture advantage over dry ones. Both are healthy for cats, but wet cat food is better for a great meal.

Whiskas cat food is an affordable brand on the market. Whiskas wet cat food costs about only

$0.07 per ounce for the average 10lb cat. Whereas dry cat food costs $0.04 per ounce for the same weighing cat.

Whiskas Cat Food Shortage

Whiskas rarely experience a shortage of cat food. However, Whiskas is one of the pet food companies affected by the global shipping and supply issues.

In a statement on its website, Whiskas NZ has announced the nationwide shortage of its pouch varieties of cat food. Mars, who owned the Whiskas, confirmed the shortage due to ongoing port, shipping, and manufacturing constraints. Also, a global cat food shortage is felt by local cat owners near grocery stores.

We are working hard to get our usual stock level back as soon as possible, said Mars. Meanwhile, we are sorry for the inconvenience that this causes you and your cats.

Is Whiskas Cat Food Safe?

Whiskas cat food provides a complete and balanced diet with all essential nutrients to a cat. Also, whiskies cat foods are low in carbohydrates, and however, the quality used in the recipes is somewhat unacceptable.

Whiskas cat food is safe, but these recipes are like junk food for cats. Whiskas recipes include grains, wheat, and Soy. Also, there is some meat by-product, and it might be concerning if you ate it for an extended period.

Whiskas cat food is AAFCO-approved and clinically tested. Also, there are no such cases if any cat gets ill due to feeding Whiskas food.

Whiskas Cat Food Ingredients

Whiskas made their food using low-quality raw ingredients. The most common meat ingredients included in their recipes are Chicken, Beef, Poultry, Pork, and fish. However, some Whiskas formulas use high-quality protein sources. The primary source of protein in Whiskas cat food seems to be chicken by-products. Though meat by-product is mentioned in the ingredient list, the particular meat is unknown.

Corn is a significant ingredient used in all recipes. In addition to it, grains are added as well. Also, some fillers are found in the recipes of Whiskas cat food. These ingredients can be allergic to your cat if you feed a heavy diet of this cat food.

Moreover, there are cereals added in the foods such as rice. Besides these ingredients used, most cats love the taste of Whiskas cat food.

FAQ – Is Whiskas Good For Cats Or Not?

Why is Whiskas cat food unavailable?

Out of an abundance of caution, Mars Petcare has decided to recall several dry cat foods and discontinued those particular Whiskas cat food. Therefore, the varieties of Whiskas have decreased.

Is Whiskas unhealthy?

Overall, Whiskas cat food is rich in protein with the proper amount of fat and carbohydrates. However, Whiskas recipes have grains, and some plant ingredients added to them, which is considered unhealthy for a cat. Whiskas cat food is healthy if fed moderately. However, all recipes are AAFCO’s approved.

Can Whiskas cause diarrhea?

Cat’s stomachs are susceptible. When your cat has the same cat food for a long time, changing cat food can cause diarrhea and vomiting. Therefore, it is necessary to take safe steps while transitioning to Whiskas cat food.


In short, Whiskas cat food has been recalled for the first time in its history, and it was due to caution. However, there are no complaints about those who sold dry cat food. Also, People are advised to discontinue feeding those affected dry cat food.

Moreover, Whiskas cat food is not bad either since they use grains, and meat by-products in their recipes. Comparing other brands such as Royal Canin and purine, Whiskas has better nutrition with more protein and fiber.

Hope this article is comprehensive and you found what you wanted. Also, share the article to make your friends aware.

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