Are you finding cat food that pauses or slows down your cat’s liver disease? We collect a lot of data on liver problems like analyzing products, reading thousands of reviews on brands, reaching a cat damaged by the liver.  Afterward, we selected our 3 best cat food for a liver disease which ended pain in a few days. The firm stool is quite similar to it. Mybestcatfood participates in affiliate marketing programs with Chewy. “This post contains affiliate links, and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links.”

Most cat liver is damaged by Hepatic lipidosis. First, excessive fat is responsible for liver disease. Second, Liver problems also depend upon age and breed. Liver dysfunction is common in geriatric cats and Siamese cats are prone to develop particular liver problems.

Now, what should I feed my cat with liver disease? Many best wet and good quality dry cat foods in the market are available as special diets for liver health. 

If you are going for veterinarian recommendations or customers reviewing cat diets then it’s a good decision. 

According to studies, digestive carbohydrates, high-quality protein and fats, and average amounts of sodium in cat foods reduce liver disease. Also, added antioxidants such as vitamins E, Vitamins C, and selenium are essential in premium foods. We mentioned those cat foods which relax your cat’s liver. 

Best 3 Pick Up Cat Food For Liver Problems

We are reviewing 3 cat foods for a liver disease which are made with high-quality fat and protein, digested carbohydrates, and average amounts of sodium. 

Hill’s Prescription Diet Liver Disease Dry Cat Food

Overall, Hill’s l\d dry is the best cat food for a liver disorder. Because it’s make with high-quality digestive protein(31.6), fat(23.1), and carbohydrates(37.8) but average sodium(0.25) content.

Also, Hill’s Brand claims that its Veterinarian is recommended. The most important is that prescription diets are used under the direct recommendation and care of vet surgeons. You can talk to your vet about Hill’s prescription diet for liver health. 

Chicken is the primary source of protein in the food. You can follow the feeding instructions when using the product because it’s more important before serving. 

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Unbiased Reviews on Hill’s 

Tj Says that it’s an excellent food for cats with liver disease. My cat has been on Hill’s diet for 2 years being diagnosed with liver problems. This food keeps him well and stable and he also loved the food- Read On Hills pet


  • Great taste cats likes it
  • Helps and support cat’s liver function
  • Highly digestive protein, fat and carbohydrates
  • Decrease the workload on liver
  • Provides high level of antioxidants
  • Limits the production of metabolic from nutrients


  • Only recommendable for those cats who have liver disease

Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Cat Food

The Pro Plan HP(Hepatic Management) is a complete and balanced dry cat food for liver care. It helps support liver function in case of chronic liver insufficiency in cats.

Chicken is the main ingredient of protein and provides high levels of protein which reduce the accumulation of toxins and maintain liver function. Also, a high level of fatty acids and energy maintain overall health. Restricted levels of copper in the liver are reduced by it.

One of the best advantages is that Pro Plan veterinary diets is a high palatable diet to encourage your eating. If you buy this before understanding the cat food because it is fed under veterinary supervision. Also, look at the feeding guide.

Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Cat Food
Pro Plan Veterinary Diets Cat Food

Unbiased Review on Pro Plan

Tudorlover say cats love it and that is important – Read Review On Amazon


  • High energy and Balanced Cat Food 
  • Highly palatable to encourage consumption and prevent malnutrition
  • Adapted ratio of protein controls body weight
  • Increased levels of zinc protective against antioxidants (Vitamins C and Vitamins E and hepatotoxins to support neutralize free radicals


  • Expensive

Royal Canin Hepatic Cat Food

Royal Canin Hepatic cat food is one of the best choices for your cat for liver disease. This latest diet is available in 2 kg or 4kg bags which contains adapted levels of quality proteins.

The similarity to this formula with Pro Plan minimizes the levels of copper in your cat’s liver. It helps to reduce the volume of a cat’s meal and down their intentional load while providing the energy they need.

It’s important only when recommended by your veterinary professional.

Unbiased Review On Royal Canin

Karen says that was recommended by my vet to support my cat’s ongoing liver problem. My cat was happy with it and had no problem eating as many as we put in his feeding bowl. Far cheaper than buying from the vets too – Review on Amazon


  • Rice, animal fat. maize, wheat gluten, and dehydrated pork protein is first five ingredients of food
  • Specific texture that facilitates feeding
  • Quality protein level to maintain for muscle mass
  • Daily requirements content and provide much energy


  • Expansive and availability issues 

Understanding Cat Food For Liver Disease

Before buying food for your cat, you can understand a couple of things when liver disease occurs. Know about that;

Vet Recommendations: After your cat, the vet is your best friend who suggests suitable cat food for liver disease. When you plan to buy before consult with your veterinarian.

Protein: High-quality protein is much needed able during Liver problems. Go your high type of protein ingredients which helpful and relief from disease.

Fat: Buy a high portion of fat content is a good idea for your cat.

Carbohydrates: it’s much needed and provide energy to cats.

Quality: You do not underestimate that a cheap cat food for cats with liver disease is good because most of the foods manufacture with many ingredients which may be dangerous or not healthy for the cat. Consult with a vet and talk about our mentioned cat food, if they suggest then you definitely think forward.

Feeding Guide or Instructions: Every pet product has a range of feeding tubes that tell you how much to serve during mealtime. So, reading all instructions is essential for you before feeding cat food to your cat when they suffer from kind of health issues like liver diseases.


All information is written by a cat lover and editor, it’s not written by any veterinarian. First, we know what is the exact problem and research a lot than suggesting true and valuable content. Always best wet cat food and dry cat food is good for liver problems but it all depends upon the quality of content.

Appreciate below, if you like our article and mention your thoughts on what cat food is best for liver disease for cats.

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