It is a problem in 2022 because plenty of cat food discontinued for certain reasons. The worldwide epidemic helped a lot of household cats. Their family has spent more time at home, and many homeless animals have been adopted. However, supply chain disruptions have left many cat owners wondering when their favorite canned food will be back on the shelves. Cat owners are experiencing trouble locating their pets’ preferred meals. Across the Bay Area, supermarkets are having problems keeping canned cat food on the shelves.

Continue reading the article to know why cat food has been discontinued from the markets. 

Discontinued wet and dry cat food

What cat food has been discontinued in 2022?

Wet food is sterilized by cooking it at high temperatures, giving it a longer shelf life than dry diets before opening, although it is more perishable. Wet food comes in various textures, including mousse, bread, gravy chunks, and jelly. Extruded food is most commonly used. However, you can also cook it. On a per calorie basis, wet food is more costly than dry food.

Cats originated in dry environments, and instead of drinking extra water, they concentrate on their pee, indicating a decrease in moisture meals.

Fatigue in cats has been linked to several illnesses, including renal damage. However, it is unclear if eating dry food causes insufficient or worse hydration than feeding the harmful wet cat food discontinued ones. Try to avoid it as much as you can. 

There are various reasons why pet parents pick specific feeds for their cats, and dry cat food has some appealing advantages. The first is the financial aspect. Dry pet food is less expensive than canned pet food, but that doesn’t imply it’s of worse quality. Indeed, a high-quality dry meal can give more excellent nutritional content than low-quality canned food and at a lower cost.

Dry cat food is also easier to store than individual cans and takes up less room in your cupboard. It also enables cleanup much simpler after feeding time. Wet cat food necessitates cleaning the dishes and dining area after each meal and cleaning your kitty if he is a stray.

One of the best dry cat foods discontinued is Whiskas. 

Whiskas has withdrawn its dry cat food line since some cat owners may be aware. This food used to be manufactured in the United States and provided a healthy diet for cats aged one and above. And these aren’t the only WHISKAS items that are difficult to come by.

Whiskas is a well-known cat food brand that offers meaty meal packets in jelly, gravy, or sauce. The Whiskas brand gives customers nutrient quality and certified product analysis with its unmistakable purple packaging. 

Why is cat food out of stock?

Several difficulties, according to distributors, are causing the scarcity. Many pet food is imported from other countries and held up at Customs. Even still, due to a countrywide aluminum scarcity that is also hurting the beer sector, many producers cannot obtain what they require to can the food. A scarcity of drivers also prevents the merchandise from being delivered to retailers around the country. 

Royal Canin pr cat food
Fancy Feast savory 
Greenies cat treats
Friskies cat food
Iams cat food 
Nutro cat food
Purina beyond cat food 
Purely Fancy Feast
Fancy feast Delights with Cheddar Classic
Purina Gentle cat food
Simply Nourish cat food
Authority cat food 

Let’s see in detail what cat food has been discontinued or recalled before?

Royal Canin pr cat food

Royal Canin attempts to make cat food that prioritizes what cats need over what their people want to be seen on the ingredient list. Their feeds are developed with renowned scientific, behavioral, and veterinary specialists to ensure that pets get the vitamins and minerals they require to achieve and sustain excellent health.

Several Royal Canin pet food varieties were discontinued in April and May 2007 due to Melamine contamination. Only dog foods were recalled in April, but a single cat food variety was recalled shortly after, along with several more dog meals in May.

The brand has already been subjected to a recall in February of 2006. On this occasion, it was due to an overabundance of vitamin D in multiple batches of meals. Food in cans and tubes was recalled in 2006, mostly cat food. However, a few dog meals were also remarked on simultaneously.

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Fancy Feast savory 

Because several things are going on in the cat food sector, some people could believe it only affects their brand, which in this case is Fancy Feast.

There is now a cat food shortage and several discontinued Fancy Feast products.

  • Food scarcity for cats
  • Fancy Feast appetizers are no longer available.
  • Treats are halted due to specific limitations of Fancy Feast savory.

Cat food scarcity is becoming more common, just as human food scarcity is becoming more common.

The COVID epidemic affected production in specific regions and across the board.

This clarifies why some people’s outrage about cat food scarcity is so perplexing to others. 

Because not everything occurs within that bubble, there is a distinct and rising percentage change outside of the epidemic. Millennials, for example, are significantly more likely than prior generations to acquire pets. Demand rises as a result, and prices rise as well.

There is also a desire to pay more for high-end meals among the general populace. Demand for premium pet food has risen as pet owners become more aware of the advantages of high-quality food versus low-cost alternatives.

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Greenies cat treats

Greenies are a brand of cat treats. Chicken, beef, and salmon are examples of animal-based proteins that can assist your cat in maintaining a healthy muscular structure and keeping a healthy weight. The withdrawal is due to residues of an unauthorized genetically altered characteristic in wheat gluten, which is illegal under federal law and other countries. 

When the weather grows warmer, cats’ coats shed, and more hair than average is ingested when grooming oneself or each other. They feature a distinctive form and crunchy texture that has been shown to help with tartar reduction. FELINE Greenies Dental Cat Treats offer a distinctive shape and crunchy consistency that helps clean teeth and refresh breath. 

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Friskies cat food

Purina owns the Friskies trademark of cat food and numerous other pet food brands. Friskies covers a diverse range of cat food options, including dry, tinned, and treatment options.

Purina Frisky’s 13-ounce cat food cans have been phased out. We had to make this painful decision to focus on developing our Friskies variations in 2020.

Concerns regarding Salmonella bacterium poisoning in the Friskies Grillers Blend dry cat packaged food prompted a voluntary recall of the Friskies brand of cat food in June 2011. The FDA has recalled several Purina brands, but this is the first instance of a recall involving the Friskies brand.

The cats enjoy the Fancy Feast Morning hours food and have no stomach problems when they consume it. The food has been withdrawn from the market by the maker. This is a one-time use item, not one that will last a long time.

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Iams cat food 

Although it was previously only available via veterinarians and specialist pet stores, IAMS pet food is now available in supermarkets and big-box retailers. On the other hand, IAMS is one of the oldest pet food firms globally. They are, in fact, the inventors of the first dry dog food containing animal-based protein.

Is Iams’ cat food no longer available? IAMS recently decided to terminate the IAMS Purrfect Delights wet cat food line. It caters to various preferences and styles, featuring fleece and pet. According to polls, many cats are uninterested in Purrfect portions, and many humans have issues with the simple dish. As a result, Iams cat food was only available for a limited time.

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Nutro cat food

The firm avoids artificial components and meat by-products, as they are by most decent pet food producers. It also adds extra essential nutrients to its meal.

Ultimately, Nutro cat food is a high-quality product that we would suggest to cat owners, albeit they have a shady past of recalls, forcing us to reduce our rating.

In the last 15 years, Nutro pet food has been recalled several times. Mold poisoning their chewy apple sweets caused a recall of their dog treats in 2015.

However, despite all of the efforts made to restore the capacity to foresee, the brands have opted to phase out the Nutro brand’s canned products. When customers sought to contact closely associated band members after not acquiring the product, they learned that the Nutri goods had been discontinued, which made the headlines. 

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Purina beyond cat food 

Purina One line of items is reasonably priced and focuses on your feline’s nutrition, so you may select one that meets their requirements. Its dishes have a high protein content. Purina Beyond recipes are available almost everywhere pet food is sold, and they are reasonably priced.

This cat food brand is perfect for parents who want to upgrade their cat’s diet from dry kibble to something more nutritious but don’t want to commit to a subscription or spend a lot of money. There have only been two Purina One cat food recalls. Purina One cat food will not be recalled in 2020 or 2021.

Purely Fancy Feast

While some of Fancy Feast’s features are being phased away, the Fancy Feast lineup is not. At this moment, there are distribution network difficulties that are known. On the other hand, Nestle has not declared a complete halt to the manufacturing and sale of Fancy Feast.

The issue is that what impacts one-quarter of the nation may have no bearing on the other. Certain areas of the United States may be directly hurting cat food supply, although the southeastern may not have experienced such a scarcity yet.

Another issue is that Fancy Feast suffers shortages in various varieties like many other cats and dog meals. It’s not just during Fancy Feast that chicken and turkey are scarce.

There is no current recall on Fancy Feast cat food as of this writing. Also, throughout Fancy Feast’s existence. There has not been a withdrawal of any kind, on any accessible brand, in the past or present.

Fancy Feast delights with cheddar classic

FANCY FEAST Delights With Cheddar Grilled Collection is gourmet wet cat food for adult cats that is exceptionally tasty. This collection pack has a delectable blend of your cat’s favorite flavors in their preferred texture. Grilled chicken, turkey, and whitefish cuts combined with authentic aged cheddar cheese and slow-cooked to perfection in a luscious gravy. A magnificent feast for your feline companion!

Adult cats will enjoy Fancy Feast Delights with Cheddar Chicken, a delicious wet cat food. This flavour features succulent chicken in a thick sauce with a distinctive cheddar cheese twist for a new Fancy Feast taste experience.

Purina gentle cat food

Purina is a terrific cat food company with various product lines designed to meet your cat’s nutritional needs at all phases of life. And, despite a long history of recalls, their cat food products are not among the worst offenders compared to those of other cat food companies.

At the very least, some goods haven’t been recalled at all. It also strives to use high-quality ingredients in select Purina recipes. Still, it favors controversial ingredients in most formulations, so check the labels carefully before purchasing.

Purina Cat Chow Gentle cat food has never been withdrawn by Nestlé Purina PetCare, even though Nestlé Purina PetCare has had several cat food recalls over the years.

Purina Cat Chow Gentle Cat chow contains no artificial colors or ingredients and is made with superior protein and natural prebiotic fiber. This aids in your cat’s digestion while also keeping her fed and healthy. Try this brand if your kitty pal has a sensitive stomach. The recipe is suitable for people of all ages.

Even though several of this brand’s products have been discontinued, there have never been any recalls for their gentle chow cat food. Purina Cat Chow mild cat chow is designed with quality protein and herbal prebiotic fiber, and it’s free of artificial colors and additives. This helps your cat’s digestive health while ensuring that she is well-fed and healthy. Try this product in your cat’s stomach is sensitive. Everyone can use the product.

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Nourish cat food

Nourish is a PetSmart brand that is, at least officially, offered exclusively at PetSmart. They’re meant to be a healthier alternative to conventional pet meals that contain fillers and artificial components. They’re also advertised as a less-priced alternative to premium health meals.

This firm makes a variety of cat meals suitable for felines of all ages. Nourish has a formula for every cat, from kittens to adults to elderly citizens. However, they don’t have as many specialty mixes as other brands. For diabetic cats, there are no urinary tract mixes or glucose-control formulations.

A regular nutrition test revealed high vitamin D levels in specific Nourish frozen food products, prompting the recall. According to an examination, the problem resulted in the emergence of the vitamin mix maker, considerably reducing the amount.

Simply Nourish’s cat food line is smaller than its dog food line, but the two are comparable.

To begin with, Simply Nourish’s cat food line contains a combination of dry and wet/canned cat food, which is crucial given how important wet cat food can be.

Furthermore, Simply Nourish produces several specialized recipes for their cat food line, but not as many as they do for their dog food line.

Authority cat food 

If you’ve ever gone into a PetSmart to get some food for your cat, there’s a decent chance you’ve come across Authority brand cat food. At first impression, the conservative graphical labels detract from the bag’s charming and natural appearance.

PetSmart, a pet retail company, is the exclusive creator and distributor of Authority. This would be a generic brand, similar to Walmart’s Great Value or Costco’s Kirkland Signature. It’s also not the only store-brand pet food available at PetSmart. Great Choice and Simply Nourish are also available at PetSmart. On the other hand, these brands aim at people who like informal or holistic products.

Yes, Authority Indoor Chicken & Rice Formula Adult Dry Cat Food is no longer on the market. It doesn’t imply the brand is closing down; the Authority brand continues to produce natural cat food formulas.

The Authority brand is developing more recipes for cats and kittens. It is neither a discontinued product nor is the label out of operation; it is a PetSmart product, and you may select from a variety of recipes for your cat on the company’s website.

Causes of cat food shortage in the market?

What cat food has been discontinued in 2022?

Another cause the cat food is out of stock is that the materials used to make pet food have grown harder or more expensive. Pet food and the meat, minerals, and vitamins required to produce it are all imported from other countries.

To make matters worse, transportation constraints mean that even when commodities arrive at ports, unloading them from ships and getting them to the pet food facilities takes a long time.

Even when food is obtained in the United States, there remains a gap. Meat in pet food is frequently derived from human food off-cuts, and as meat supplies have dropped due to pandemic-related shortages, these by-products have become more prevalent.

Is it true that renewable energy is causing pet food shortages?

Oils and fats, which are vital for cat health, are also in short supply, and the reason for this may surprise you. The attractive tariffs granted to enterprises producing renewable fuels make many of these goods more challenging for pet food makers.

Issues with containers

It’s not only the ingredients; increasingly, they don’t have anything to put in even if they can prepare the meal! Because aluminum is in short supply and canneries are experiencing staffing shortages, conventional metal cans used to keep pet food fresh are now becoming increasingly difficult to come by.

Shortages in Grocery Stores

Many factors cause the supermarket shortages we’re witnessing this year. It’s a mix of circumstances, including supply chain challenges and driver shortages, packaging scarcity, and labor constraints at manufacturing and production plants since workers haven’t returned to facilities that have reopened following the COVID shutdown.


As a pet parent, you should be knowledgeable of pet food shutdowns and what they mean—search for a list of food products that are harmful to your pet before purchasing any. Check the Food and Drug Administration’s instructions to ensure you don’t miss any new recalls. If you discover that your food has been recalled, stop eating it and get help from a veteran. Don’t get rid of the cat food on the spur of the moment. Act wisely and gradually transition your cat from one pet food to another. Remember that hasty judgments might be dangerous. 

What exactly is the issue with Royal Canin?

Yes. Over the years, there have been a few primary Royal Canin pet food recalls in the United States. Specific kinds of Royal Canin dry dog and cat meals were recalled due to probable melamine contamination in May and April 2007, as part of the massive Menu Foods/melamine recall that startled the country.

Is Fancy Feast on its way out?

While some of Fancy Feast’s features are being phased away, the Fancy Feast lineup is not. Currently, there are distribution network issues that are well-known. On the other hand, Nestle has not ordered a complete halt to the manufacturing and sale of Fancy Feast.

What’s the big deal about Fancy Feast wet cat food?

Meat by-products are included in several Fancy Feast brands. In general, these components give a low degree of nourishment. Furthermore, some consumers have discovered that Fancy Feast items are unappealing to their cats (s). As a result, they did not eat enough to maintain a healthy diet.

Why is there a cat food scarcity in 2022?

The current COVID epidemic has resulted in a pet food scarcity that might persist until 2022, as you’ve undoubtedly already observed. Pet food firms struggle to meet rising demand from 2020 due to shortages in essential ingredients, manufacturing supplies, and shipping issues across the United States.

Why is Petco getting rid of Fancy Feast?

Fancy Feast, for example, was removed from the market due to the use of artificial flavour and sodium nitrite (color retention). Another example is the recall of Pedigree’s goods due to sodium tripolyphosphate (an artificial stabilizer for water retention).

Is it harmful to cats to eat dry cat food?

Wet food, by definition, has a tremendous amount of water than dry food. Small prey also has more water than dry meals, so this more closely resembles what cats would consume in the wild. On the other hand, prolonged dehydration might irritate your cat’s digestive system and lead to renal damage.

What have to be the poorest cat food brands?

Indoor Adult Dry Cat Food by Royal Canin. Purina Cat Chow Indoor Dry Cat Food Purina Cat Chow Indoor Dry Cat Food Purina Cat Chow Indoor Dry Cat Kit & Kaboodle Original Dry Cat Food Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original Dry Cat Food Purina Kit & Kaboodle Original Dry Cat Food Gourmet Food Fancy Feast Dry Cat Food with Chicken and Turkey. Iams Healthy Adult Original with Chicken Dry Cat Food from ProActive Health. Indoor Delights Dry Cat Food from Friskies.

Is Sheba cat food nutritious?

Sheba’s optimum servings are among the most outstanding wet dinners in that pricing range. Even gourmet feast classic pate is an excellent grain-free dinner if your cat would eat it. On the other hand, Sheba is a superior brand because it has no artificial flavors.