No doubt, Dine is one of the most selling cat foods in Australia and they have their own popularity among cat owners, but many factors of this brand which we discussed in the article such as ingredients, recalls, and nutrition information. If you plan to buy it then you definitely want to read this Dine Cat Food Review. 

We calculated and analysed that Dine Foods is not a  bad choice compared to other brands of cat products. Cats are obligate carnivores and need high meat from animals such as chicken, lamb, turkey, beef, and rabbit. It’s good because the Dine brand is made with all these ingredients which are high in protein but what after other ingredients that they include. 

Let’s know how fine is good and bad for cats. We cover every part from packing to ingredients. Also, in this article, we discussed Dine cat food manufacturing, sourcing, price, food texture, ingredients, and nutrients pros and cons of recipes.

About Dine Cat Food Brand 

Dine is a famous and finest cat food brand in Australia and customers easily trust it. Dine cat food owns Mars Petcare and is located in Australia. 

For the last few years, cat owners love to buy Dine desired foods. The company offers the kind of cat food that comes in trays and cans. 

Manufacturing and Sourcing

Dine cat food manufacturing in three different places in Australia. Dine trays are made in Wodonga(Australia), Dine Desire cans and pouches for cars designed in Thailand, and Dine Desire line of dry projects made in Bathurst in Australia.

Dine cat food ingredients are sourced from Australia, Thailand and other neighbouring countries. Chicken, lamb, and beef are highly used ingredients in Dine cat food and pouches which are high sources of protein and essential amino acids. 

What Do Customers Think about its Cat Foods?

Dine is one of the purchased cat foods every year by Australian cat parents. Cats love to eat. But some reviews on it argued about its ingredients and quality. 

Dine cat food approved by cats organisations. Compared to other cat products, dine is slightly better. 


There is no report about Dine cat food recalls on the internet. Many cat foods have been recalled in Australia due to their bad ingredients and poor results. But we saw Dine Desire, perfect for cats. 


We have selected the top ingredients of Dine cat foods and get an overview below:

What ingredients we like:-

Chicken: many Dine recipes are made with chicken as the first ingredient which is good because it has high sources of protein.

Turkey: similar chicken to a high protein source that contains essential nutrients.

Lamb: little fatty but good for kittens and cats who want to gain and maintain weight.

Tuna and Whitefish: both contain omega 3 and 6 fatty acids and healthy ingredients for the feline. 

What ingredients we don’t like:-

Colours and Flavours: Artificial colours and flavours make a cat food poor and unnatural

DIne Fine Flakes Tuna & Prawns Cat Food Review

Dine tuna and prawns cat food prepared with jelly to make a delicious taste with healthy ingredients. The food includes premium ingredients to provide a healthy meal that fulfils cats day. 

The Ingredients that we look at in the food: Tuna, Prawn, Salmon, Gelling Agents, Flavours.

Overall, this is high protein cat food with recommended ingredients but we don’t like gelling agents in cat foods.

Dine Creamy Treats Tuna Review

Dine tuna creamy cat food made with chicken and tuna which is a high protein source and best for carnivores cats. But flavours and colour it’s one of the cons of this product compared to other brands. 

The cat food is average in protein and low in fat. Ingredients of the food: Chicken, Tuna, Thickeners, Flavour & Colour.

Read the feeding level on Dine cat food before feeding it because it’s called a treat in section and not primary cat diet.

There is more cat food by Dine with various textures and colours. Very soon we reviewed all with proper research and detail. 

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