Thousands of questions in a cat owner’s mind when they are looking for cat food. Is there any problem with that food if they buy it for their pretty cat? Today, we have founded Friskies Cat Food Recall history and update you in 2021 about its safe or not safe product for your cat. 

We have not had any judgment in front of you, we researched a lot, analyzed and read thousands of reviews on Friskies product then we have given our overview. Read this full article and we will update you in 2021 about Friskies cat food.

Friskies Cat Food Recall 2021

Till now, Friskies wet and dry cat food products have been never recalled in 2021. Purina Friskies claims that it’s a fully safe and healthy cat food option for cats. But, according to reviews, some cat parents argue about their products and claim cats and kittens are sick and even die after eating Friskies.

Is this true and what is the reason cat owners are not happy with Friskies? Not all cat owners reviews negatively on Friskies cat food, over 90% of customers say Friskies cat food brand is good for their felines. 

Who is not happy with Friskies? It’s possible that cat food will not work for pets after buying it. Usually, customers put their feedback and it’s crucial information for those who want to buy and check before its quality and ingredients. 

Best Friskies Cat Foods 2021

Is Friskies Cat Food Good For Cats and Kittens?

Friskies cat food recall

Many Friskies made wet cat foods varieties for adult cats, but high protein designed for kittens as well. According to the FDA, Friskies cat food is good for kittens and cats. PURINA Friskies brand follows instructions and manufacturer’s cat food from high-quality ingredients and knows the quality and quantity that they offer because it’s a well-known company in the pet food market for both dogs and cats since 1930. 

Friskies Cat Food Recalled History

Friskies is a 90 years old company that began in 1930. They began and manufactured dry food for dogs. After twenty years, Friskies canned dog product hits store shelves and is named the first canned dog food in the world. 

After successful dog recipes, Friskies manufactured food for cats in 1956. Their recipe is named Little Friskies for cats. It was a huge success for Friskies because they are famous among thousands of cats in the United States.

In 2001, when Friskies was combined with Ralston Purina Company in an $11 billion deal. The resulting company was called Nestlé Purina PetCare, and it married the Friskies and Alpo brands with the Purina line of Dog and  Cat food.

Recall the history of Friskies before 2021: Friskies Grillers Blend dry cat food was recalled in June 2011 due to salmonella contamination. At this time almost 870 bags of Friskies contain bad quality, but the Friskies line cares about their recipes. 

Friskies Cat Food Shortage 2021

There are many reasons behind the shortage of cat food. Customers claim that canned or wet cat food is hard to find these days because of a widespread pet food shortage. Many crucial factors are responsible for it including pandemics, bad weather, and an uptick in pet ownership.

At this time, you can find affordable wet food according to your cat’s taste. Every year cats miss their favorite foods and pouches due to cat food shortage. Cat owners know the exact ingredient that their cat needs in their primary diet. Also, cat owner faces lots of problems from Sheba cat food shortage.

Despite this, it is possible that there are no concerns about Friskies cat food shortage in 2021 because the pet food market opened again after the pandemic and offers again some extra varieties and recipes for cats and kittens. Similar,


Is Friskies wet cat food discontinued?

According to the pet food industry, Friskies brand cat food cans have been discontinued because it was a difficult decision that was made in an effort to focus on expanding their varieties. But they still manufacture flavors in 5,5 ounce can size for cats.

Is Friskies cat food made in China?

No, Friskies cat food is made in the United States of America By Purina. They Made quality foods for the last few decades for cats and dogs.

Which cat food is better, Friskies or 9 lives?

9 Lives and Friskies have manufactured some same flavors of wet and dry cat foods but Friskies has more fat than 9 lives. However, the amount of fiber is the same in these two foods.

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