Inaba Churu Recall – Who doesn’t like snacks? We always have extra room for snacks, even after a complete meal. It is the same in the case of pets. Whether you just gave food to your pet but they will always be up for a treat. Inaba introduced Churu to fulfill that craving for pets. Inaba Churu is a tasty, squeezable, lickable treat for cats.

Inaba was founded in 1805 in Yui, Shizuoka. It started as a marine food products business. Since then, the business has been growing immensely. Inaba is ruling the globe in the pet food industry by gradually improvising as per the needs. In 2013, Inaba began a whole new factory in Saraburi, Thailand. It aims to maximize its position in the pet food industry. Inaba installed production lines not just for canned food but also for retort pouches.

Inaba has had an excellent and proven background for the last 46 years. It provides the best and high quality products, leading to customer satisfaction. Having a pet is not an easy job. It would help if you took care of everything from your eating habits to your daily routine. What to feed them or what not is the biggest concern ever. This is what Inaba solves for you. Apart from pet foods, it provides treats for pets too. Inaba Churu is the most popular treat among cats.

Unfortunately, Inaba Churu has been recalled recently, and now it is unavailable in the market. People could not find treats for their pets on the store shelves. The reason for the recall is not being confirmed. There is no information about the Inaba Churu recall, but it may be because of the salmonella toxicity. Many pet foods are recalled because of the presence of salmonella in them, and Inaba Churu is one of them.

Is Churu Healthy for Cats?

Inaba Churu Recall 2022

Churu is made by keeping cats’ health in mind. Churu is excellent in taste, squeezable, low-calorie, and lickable treats. It is high in moisture, which is good for cats’ urinary tract. It is one of the best treats you can feed your cats. It is not just tasty but healthy too.

It contains Crude Protein (min) 7%, Crude Fat (min) 3%, Crude Fiber (max) 0.6%, Moisture (max) 88%, Vitamin E (min) 310 IU/kg, Taurine (min) 0.05%. Churu Nourish calorie content: 12 kcal per tube. They are quite affordable, and you can get 20 tubes for $20. Inaba Churu is easily available on all e-commerce websites.

Churu Diet is a naturally occurring appetite suppressant with a liquid puree consistency that is quite appealing. Cats may need to take regular medication for several ailments and conditions. By concealing pills inside the tube, you can use Churu Diet to assist with medicine delivery. The high moisture level will also be advantageous to your cat!

There are various ways in which Churu can be used

APPETITE MOTIVATOR- cats do not eat routinely, which can cause several health issues. The Churu diet makes the cats eat again while delivering moisture and low-calorie content.

HYDRATION- intake of sufficient fluid helps the kidney to remove toxins, prevent urinary issues and helps organs to function correctly. Churu is perfect for it as it hydrates the cats with 93% moisture content. This high moisture can not be found in any other high-quality pet food.

FOOD TOPPER- whenever your cat is not eating food that is needed to be eaten by them, use churu as a topping. The flavorful taste and smell of churu can not be resisted by any cat. Cats can eat their healthy meal because of the tasty churu on it.

Distraction – When you take your cat for a grooming session or visit a pet, your cats become anxious and start scratching most of the time. This is when you can use Churu as a distraction. Distract your cat with a tube of churu and let the other work be done, like nail trimming, brushing, or checkups.

TRAINING- everyone has some motivation to do something. From studying to doing a job, every single thing is achieved because of the motivation behind it. You learn something new because you are motivated to learn that. Pets do the same thing. Whenever you train your cat, keep churu as a reward. Your cat will willingly learn and follow you to get that delicious reward.

Why do cats like Churu so much?

Churu is flavorful and nutritious. Cats like churu very much as it smells incredible. Cat owners can also use churu as a catalyst to feed medicine to their cats. Pets are very braggart in nature when it comes to taking medicine. They do not take medicines easily. Churu is an easy way to do that. And you can just hide the pills in the tube, and cats will willingly take them while enjoying their favorite treat.

These lickable cat snacks are created from farm-raised chicken or wild tuna, which are 100% pure and natural. Churu Purées, which come in nine delicious flavors, are rich in the moisture that cats need for good health. To feed these grain-free, preservative-free treats by hand, break open a tube and squeeze it. They can also be used as a delightful topping on moist or dry foods, or you can pour them into a dish.

Churu is high in moisture, keeping cats hydrated and their urinary tract clean. Churu has so many flavors and is a lickable treat loved by every cat. Inaba Churu has put so many thoughts while producing this particular cat treat. Cats are picky and do not eat anything that is fed to them. So if they are enjoying churu, that means it was meant to be liked by them.

Ingredients that go into Inaba Churu

As far as we know, Inaba Churu is undoubtedly made just for cats and their enjoyment and to keep them healthy. All the ingredients that go into the churu are nutritious, organic, and flavorful. There is nothing allergic in that apart from the rare condition of salmonella presence (which is recalled as soon as possible to avoid people buying it). Let us have a look at what exactly goes into our cats’ favorite treats-

Water, Chicken, Tapioca Starch, Natural Flavors, Natural Scallop Flavor, Guar Gum, Vitamin E Supplement, Taurine, Green Tea Extract.

Churu tubes are made with complete measurement and balance of healthy and tasty ingredients. Sometimes, mistakes happen in production, resulting in some toxicity in the food. But as soon as the company knows about the fault, it recalls the food immediately from the market as it is the company’s responsibility to deliver the promised goods to the customers.