In 2021, blue buffalo cat food will become popular among cats and their owners. They manufactured some extra delicious food this year with more quality and quantity. So, it’s questioned in every cat owner’s mind: is Blue Buffalo good for cats? In this article, we have a complete review on blue Buffalo that make a perfect buying decision for you.

Is Blue Buffalo A Good Brand? Blue Buffalo is a Cat Food Brand that uses quality and natural ingredients without artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. As a result, some blue buffalo food gets the trust of cat parents, and they happily feed it to cats every day. But there is a concern also if you ever try blue Buffalo. 

In this article, you can know about what kind of food by Blue Buffalo, you try. Do vets recommend blue Buffalo for cats? After reading the all-important, you can get an idea about this brand.

Disclaimer: How we rated and reviewed Blue Buffalo cat food, we are not vets, MyBestCatFood and our team using Blue Buffalo foods and analysis ingredients, customers reviews, product demand, vets direction, and many more factors are considered. Also, we read thousands of reviews and get an idea of what is a valuable food for our audience. Know More About Us.

10 Welcomed Blue Buffalo Cat Foods Review 2021

is blue buffalo good for cats. 10 Welcomed Blue Buffalo Cat Foods Review 2021
Blue Buffalo Cat Foods Review 2021

Blue Buffalo Good Cats Foods with rating and popularity:

Cat FoodRating StarsPapulairty(%)Flavor
Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Cat Food 9.4/10100%Salmon
Blue Buffalo Basics Limited Ingredient Cat Food9.2/1092%Turkey & Potato
Blue Buffalo Sensitive Stomach Natural Dry Cat Food9.5/10100%Chicken & Brown Rice
Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Kitten Cat Food9.7/10 92%Chicken
Blue Buffalo Wilderness Kitten Dry Cat Food9.8/10100%Chicken
Blue Buffalo True Solutions Blissful Belly Adult Wet Cat Food9.4/1092%Chicken
Blue Buffalo Healthy Gourmet Natural Wet Cat Food9.5/1094%Variety Pack- Chicken/ Turkey/ Ocean Fish
Blue Buffalo Tastefuls Wet Cat Food9/1092%Tuna, Chicken, Fish & Shrimp
Blue Buffalo Weight Control Dry & Wet Cat Food9.2/1090%Chicken
Blue Buffalo Freedom Grain Free Indoor Cat Food9.3/1094%Chicken

From this table, You can understand that blue Buffalo with chicken cat foods are most favourite and healthy for cats. We also analyze other foods by blue Buffalo, but these top 10 foods are on our list. After our analysis, wet advice and customers perspective, we saw that blue buffalo cat food is a good option for cats compared to other brands. Its food includes chicken, salmon, and tuna, which is the best primary ingredients for cats. Blue Buffalo has been a trusted brand for years and approved by AAFCO and Vin Report.

Blue Buffalo Cat Food Recall

Yes, Blue buffalo cat food recalled an announcement by the FDA when Blue Buffalo Blue Spa Select canned cat food was recalled because of specific reasons(archived here). However, there is no other cat food recall on Blue Buffalo, but it’s dog food recall from time to time. 

is blue buffalo good for cats

Is Blue Buffalo cat food safe for cats? In the short answer: Yes, it is food made with natural ingredients under experienced vets and manufacturing. Their foods are not made in china. Blue Buffalo cat food is made in the United States. 

Do Vets Recommend Blue Buffalo for cats?

According To Veterinarians, there is no food they recommend without knowing the cat’s age, health, weight, and energy levels. However, it is Blue Buffalo or any other brand for cats.

It depends upon a cat owner when they plan to buy Blue Buffalo cat food for their feline. They well know cat age, health and everything. But, it is good for them to take vet advice before buying blue buffalo cat food.


Is Blue Buffalo Wilderness Cat Food Good?

Yes, Wilderness is highly sold by Blue Buffalo on the market. It is good cat food for adults and kittens. Blue buffalo manufactured multiple Wilderness cat foods, and their customers liked it and received thousands of good reviews and ratings on its nutrition. 

Is Blue Buffalo Good For Kittens?

Blue Buffalo Healthy Growth Natural and Wilderness kitten cat food is our top pick. It has natural ingredients and a wide range of quality nutrients, making it good and healthy for kittens.

Is blue buffalo cat food grain-free?

Yes, it’s food grains free and includes high protein levels from chicken, salmon, and tuna. However, blue Buffalo are both wet and dry food made without grain and have high-quality ingredients.

Does Blue Buffalo make cats sick?

There are no cat owner reports that we find or get, but according to Blue Buffalo Cat food reviews, some customers claim their cat are sick after eating Blue Buffalo. Cats face such diseases as Skin inflammation and irritation, Changes in appearance, Lethargy, Diarrhea, Vomiting.

Is Blue Buffalo Wilderness cat food safe?

Yes, it is safe for cats. Blue Buffalo is one of the most famous cat food brands in the food industry, and Aafco and FDA approve their products.

Is Blue Buffalo better than Purina?

Blue Buffalo marginally wins over Purina because it is a cat food made with quality ingredients and nutrients. However, Purina is also a trusted brand in a cheaper range than Blue Buffalo. 

Is Blue Buffalo good for a sensitive stomach?

Blue Buffalo, sensitive stomach cat food, is good for cats with a 4.5 rating on Amazon with our thousand reviews till June 2021.

Are blue buffalo cat food bags recyclable?

Many pet food bags have been recycled over the last few years. But, unfortunately, blue buffalo packaging doesn’t currently contain a universal recycling symbol. Instead, its bags are made of a mix of materials selected to ensure our high-quality products remain protected until enjoyed by your pet.

Who sells blue buffalo cat food?

In the Us, Amazon has a wide range of blue buffalo cat foods for cats. They have been selling their food for the last few years, but currently, some food is unavailable. 

Where can I buy blue buffalo cat food?

Any online store can be the best option to buy Blue Buffalo cat food. Blue Buffalo manufactures food, and it is available in various countries. 

How much is blue buffalo cat food?

The price of Blue Buffalo varies on various cans. However, it can lie between $10 to $100.

Final Thoughts – Is Blue Buffalo Bad For cats

Compared to other cat food brands, Blue Buffalo is a good and safest option for cats. Also, an established company that gets customer trust from the years and produces good cat food. If you have not enough knowledge on choosing cat food, you can take your nearest vet’s advice. They recommend you food according to your cat’s age, health, energy, and weight. 

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