Cats sometimes suffer from digestive disorders and tackling this low fiber cat food is the best possible solution. As cats are meat eaters (carnivores), their system is not designed to process a fiber-rich diet. “This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links”.

Cats should generally be fed a protein and carbohydrate-rich diet, but we found 13 low fiber cat food for your cats that is:

  1. Innova Evo (Turkey & Chicken) Cat Food
  2. Instinct Grain-Free Dry Cat Food, Original Raw Coated Natural High Protein Cat Food
  3. Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Digest Sensitive Thin Slices in Gravy Canned Cat Food 
  4. Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Fiber Response Dry Cat Food
  5. Blue Buffalo Cat Food 
  6. Iams Proactive Health Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Control Dry Cat Food
  7. ZIWIPeak Canned Wet Cat Food – All Natural, High Protein, Grain Free & Limited Ingredient, with Super foods
  8. Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Urinary & Hairball Control, Chicken Recipe 
  9. Wellness CORE Grain Free Canned Cat Food, Chicken
  10. Little big paw Gourmet Tender Turkey Mousse- Cat Food 
  11. Weruva Cats in The Kitchen Grain-Free Natural Canned Wet Cat Food
  12. Farmina Matisse Premium Dry Cat Food
  13. Farmina N&D Dry Cat Food- Quinoa & Lamb- Digestion
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What are the merits of low fiber cat food?

13 Best Low Fiber Cat Food (2022): Review & Top Pickup Brands

If your furry friend experiences any stomach discomfort then you must consider low fiber cat food as it has various advantages:-

  • Cats are easily able to digest it.
  • Cats fed low- fiber food experience less bloating and gas.
  • This diet is more natural.

Looking at the plethora of health benefits, it is suggested to switch to a low-fiber diet. To help you decide which cat food to choose, we have reviewed the 13 best low fibre cat food, their merits and demerits along with their unique features.

Innova Evo (Turkey & Chicken) – Review

Innova Evo speciality is that it is grain-free and very high in protein. This cat food is free of any corn, soy or cheap fillers. Eggs, fruits and vegetables like cranberries, tomatoes and apples are included in a good amount to take care of the overall well being of cats.

This diet is named the “ancestral diet” as it mimics the diet which a cat eats in wild conditions. It has superior quality ingredients which make it a good cat food for the ones with bowel issues.


  • Protein percentage is 50%
  • Includes fish oil, an excellent source of Omega fatty acids.
  • Quality meat.


  • The product is expensive.

Instinct Grain Free Dry Cat Food, Original Raw Coated Natural High Protein Cat Food- Review

This grain-free chicken flavoured cat food is made of 81% real animal ingredients. The diet is made without the inclusion of grain, potato, corn, wheat, soy, by-product meals, artificial colours or preservatives. 

The wholesome ingredients along with fruits and vegetables help in taking care of digestion issues and achieve a healthy coat.


  • Nutritious oil
  • Appropriate protein portion and probiotics to support healthy digestion.
  • Minimally processed which keep nutrients value intact.
  • Include antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.


  • Recently changed formula is not liked by cats.

Royal Canin Feline Care Nutrition Digest Sensitive Thin Slices in Gravy Canned Cat Food – Review

Royal  Canin gravy is exclusive with thin slices for cats above 1 year of age. The content is comfortable resulting in a less smelly stool. All the food is properly broken down and digested by the cats.

The cat food works to achieve optimal cat weight, as the nutrients are in perfect quantity. Along with this, it is recommended for feline’s who have a tendency of dull coat and sensitive skin, tartar and dental plaque formation.


  • Correct blend of vitamins and minerals.
  • Treats hairball problems.
  • Texture provides a brushing effect.
  • Hydration is significant.


  • Taste is not up to the mark.

Royal Canin Veterinary Diet Gastrointestinal Fiber Response Dry Cat Food – Review

Royal Canin dry cat food formula is flavourless to assist the stomach of all breeds. The common gastrointestinal complication can be corrected with it. The fiber portion is such which can have easy transit through the GI tract so your cat will be relaxed and comfortable on being fed this cat food.

It takes care of urinary mess by creating an environment that is unfavourable to crystal formation in the bladder.


  • Exclusive S/O Index.
  • Palatable proteins and prebiotics
  • Controls problems related to diarrhoea or constipation.
  • Contains laxatives


  • Sometimes expired products are delivered.
  • Freshness of the product is a concern.

Blue Buffalo Cat Food – Review

Blue Buffalo food is grain-free adult cat food with high protein. The extra chicken is the added advantage, which takes care of your pet friend’s wild cravings.

It is an excellent choice for active cats, as it has a good quantity of carbohydrates for which sweet potatoes and peas are included. Cat’s put on this diet has shiny coats and skin.


  • Omega 3 & 6 fatty acids
  • Exclusive Life Source Bits – a precise blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.
  • No by – products.
  • Healthy fruits and vegetables.


  • Some cats have experienced urinary problems after eating this cat food.

Iams Proactive Health Adult Indoor Weight & Hairball Control Dry Cat Food- Review

Iams proactive adult food is carefully manufactured to address the needs of indoor cats. The protein-rich cat food controls weight and raises the energy quotient of your beloved cat, who remains playful most of the time.

This control diet, in which chicken is the main ingredient, is basic for hairball control in cats.


  • l-carnitine is included.
  • 10% less fat compared to IAMS Healthy Adult Original with Chicken
  • High quality protein with Omega-6 to Omega-3 fatty acid.
  • Real ingredients with no artificial preservatives.


  • Bags contain clumps of what looks like mould.

ZIWIPeak Canned Wet Cat Food – All Natural, High Protein, Grain Free & Limited Ingredient, with Super foods- Review

Ziwi cat food is free of fillers, sugars, glycerides, artificial preservatives, gums, or BPA resembles a lot of the natural cat diet. Includes sustainable meat and cat food for the moisture nutrition of your cat. 

Chunky loaf style enhances the taste so the choosy eaters would relish the taste. It helps to relieve all sorts of allergies besides that improved digestion, joint health and mobility is the key feature of this cat food. It is authentic cat food with a whole–prey ratio.


  • New Zealand Green Mussels.
  • Pate texture with organs and bone.
  • High meat recipe that makes it irresistible.
  • No added carbs


  • Large bones cause problems in swallowing.

Hill’s Science Diet Dry Cat Food, Adult, Urinary & Hairball Control, Chicken Recipe – Review 

Hill’s science dry cat food is made to deal with urinary tract control. Fiber is present in a natural way so that it does not interfere with bowel movements. Muscle maintenance is assured because of the protein in sufficient amounts. 

This USA based food line uses trusted ingredients for the well-being of your cat. The chicken flavoured diet is recommended by veterinarians. It has a controlled mineral balance and added potassium citrate for the smooth functioning of the kidney.

The cat food is safe because gluten and grain-free results in hairball reduction.


  • Optimal level of magnesium.
  • Vitamin E for healthy skin
  • Fiber is in controlled amount
  • Product is pocket friendly


  • Kibble is quite sticky and gets stuck in the cat’s teeth.

Wellness CORE Grain Free Canned Cat Food, Chicken- Review

Wellness Natural Pet Food, turkey and duck flavour is quite popular as it is a complete grain off the recipe. Inner wellness is guaranteed along with plenty of energy, lustrous skin and coat, sound digestion and immunity, plus strong teeth and healthy eyes.

Created by vets and nutritionists which ensure the complete satisfaction of your furry friend. Moreover, the texture is quite appreciated by cats which are quite smooth. Lean body muscles are developed along with whole-body health.


  • Fish and flax omega blend 
  • Include lean meats, healthy fats, fruits and veggies
  • No wheat, corn or soy, and no added artificial flavors, colors, carrageenan or preservatives


  • The portion in the can is quite less.

Little big paw Gourmet Tender Turkey Mousse- Cat Food – Review

This cat food is a digestive supplement for healthy stool and is a miracle food for cats with gas troubles, diarrhoea or constipation. Vitamins A, D, And E contribute to a healthy immune system as well as bones and teeth.  It helps in natural relief.

Fresh, organic mousse regulates loose stool. The cats in pain are helped to a great extent.


  • Natural anti- diarrheal formula
  • Mouth- watering cat food
  • Helps cat gain back lost weight.


  • The texture of mousse is too creamy; on exposure to air clumps are formed.

Weruva Cats in The Kitchen Grain-Free Natural Canned Wet Cat Food- Review

Weruva Cats wet cat food helps to mitigate stomach problems. It is a steady diet with added vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants designed to support the health of your cat with optimal hydration. 

It helps the indoor and outdoor cats to be agile and sporty. The wholesome ingredients make it go easy on the digestive process plus it keeps up weight and coat. This cat food focuses on high moisture and cans feature fish oil. In addition, it can come with an easy-open lid.


  • Boneless chicken broth with sunflower seed oil.
  • no corn, soy, wheat, or artificial colors or preservatives.


  • Some cat owners noticed hair loss and some skin allergy not cured with this cat food

Farmina Matisse Premium Dry Cat Food – Review

Farmina Matisse cat food is complete which is very scrumptious. High-quality salmon and tuna fish is an outstanding source of protein optimal for adult cats. 

It strengthens bones and teeth and also supports healthy joints. Besides that, this cat food promotes healthy heart functioning and prevents tooth decay in cats.

The required protein content helps boost nervous function and also improves bone density. It strengthens muscles and bones.


  • Protein proportion is high, raw protein 32%.
  • Healthy mix of calcium and phosphorus 
  • Rich in taurine
  • Affordable


  • Smell is not very appealing.

Farmina N&D Dry Cat Food- Quinoa & Lamb- Digestion- Review

Famina cat food is cat food with no grains. The source of energy is animal proteins and fats, which is best for metabolism. The diet is also complemented with prebiotics. The digestibility quotient of all the ingredients is quite high.

This low fibre cat food is from Italy and is completely organic. It adds to intestinal health as it raises the absorption of broken down food. The biological value of protein matches the requirement of your kitty along with the essential amino acids sourced from vegetables.


  • Low glycemic index.
  • Quinoa is included 
  • Rich in vital amino acids and natural antioxidants
  • Compensates maldigestion.


  • Femina cat food is high-priced.

So overall, low fiber cat food can be a good fix for cats who are in trouble due to:-

  • Hairball issues;
  • Constipation or diarrhoea;
  • Excessive weight.

As grain absorption is a drawback so its intake should be limited as per the medical concerns of your cat. Moreover, some cat food manufacturers use a high volume of grains as it is cheap, so always be attentive towards the extent mentioned on the package. Most importantly, as a vigilant cat owner, you must consult your cat’s vet before switching to any new diet, who will determine whether your feline friend needs a low fibre diet.

FAQ – Cat Food Without Fiber

low fiber cat food

What should be fiber weight in a low fiber cat food?

Generally in dry foods, 3% of fiber may be appropriate. Yet, we consider recipes with 0.5-2% as low in fiber. Grains, wheat and soy should not be in large amounts. Instead meat content should be high for good metabolism.

Which are the common signs to spot if a cat is consuming a high grain diet?

If your cat is having problems with stool, gas, and bloating, or its poop is too smelly then you can infer that too much grain is served, which your poor cat is not able to process properly.

If my cat is suffering from diarrhoea, then which cat food is better- wet or dry?

The high moisture content of wet food is beneficial for cats. So it is better to give wet cat food to your cat. Even swapping from dry to wet food or vice versa can upset a cat’s stomach.

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