For cat owners, cat food is the first thing when it comes to taking care of the cats. Also, selecting a good cat food is hard when a thousand cat food products are available in the market. Getting information about the brand of food is necessary to avoid any risk. Our Wainwrights cat food review informs you of all things such as ingredients, recall, and nutritions value.  

Here is one of the brands of cat food that is Wainwrights. Wainwrights recipes are developed proudly in the United Kingdom and are different from other cat foods. Wainwrights also bet that there are no added ingredients that cause allergies to cats. In this way, cats found it easy to digest, delicious, and hypo-allergenic. Wainwright’s cat food provides all the minerals and vitamins a cat needs in its diet. No wonder, this brand is perfect for cats.

In this post today we will tell you all about the Wainwrights brand that will help you to understand them. Whether the cat food of this brand is good for your cat or not. Also, we have covered all the questions asked about this brand.

About Wainwrights

Wainwrights brand has been available in the pet market since at least 2006. Today, wainwrights is a large pet food brand in the UK. Wainwrights is an exclusive store brand and don’t found on other big sites. Most of the products of wainwrights are made in the UK and they are labeled as UK-made.

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Originally, wainwrights was a grain-inclusive brand until 2011. Then wainwrights released their first grain-free products. Now wainwrights provide a wide range of grain-free pet food.

Wainwrights’ product range is from cat food to dog food and is available on Pet At Home, a UK pet care leading business.

Wainwrights Cat Food Recall

Wainwrights Cat Food Review

Wainwrights is a recall-free brand in the pet food industry. Since its establishment in 2006, Wainwrights has been a longstanding pet food brand in the UK. On the basis of research from the FDA, AVMA, there are positive signals for the quality and safety of pet food procedures.

We hope this brand continues without any recall for the upcoming future holding safety and quality standards and also improving the pet food for their customers. Also, check the official sites to know if there is any recall in the future regarding wainwrights, a pet food brand.

Best Wainwrights Cat Food Reviews

As per the quality and safety assurance by wainwrights, many pet owners are satisfied with this brand. Along with being grain-free, the taste is one of the other reasons to attract other new customers.

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We have recommended 2 of the best wainwrights cat foods along with reviews. One is dry cat food and the other is a wet one. They are selected on the basis of reviews of how many customers are satisfied. Don’t forget to check them.

Wainwrights Complete Grain-Free Adult Dry Cat Food Salmon Review

This cat food is tempting to your cat. It uses salmons over 50 percent of the recipe as its core ingredients. It is believed to be a high-quality fish ingredient offering a good amount of protein.

Also, it is a great source of omega 3 fatty acid for your cat. As it is dry, It is easier for owners to deal with. It improves the immune system of cats due to the presence of natural antioxidants.

For carbohydrates, a mix of starch is added using potatoes and sweet potatoes, enough for a cat’s diet.


  • Natural antioxidant
  • Best for cat’s skin and stomach
  • Improve immune system
  • Omega acid for a glossy coat


  • Veg starch presence.
  • Allergic due to fish component

Wainwrights Complete Grain-free Adult Wet Cat Food Review

While dry cat food is easier to deal with, wet cat food has its own advantages. Wet cat foods are more palatable for cats along with the good smell of saucy meat.

This recipe is a mix of chicken and tuna. Most appealing cat food for cats as it provides needed variety. This mix is considered to ensure the amount of protein and fats is aligned to the cat’s diet in one box.

It is easy to digest due to its excellent taste. It also contains a small portion of vegetables like peas to provide enough carbohydrates.


  • Good amount of moisture
  • Easy digestible
  • Mix of chicken and tune
  • Enough carbohydrate
  • Hypoallergenic recipe


  • No cons.

Wainwrights Cat Food Ingredients

Wainwrights believe to use high-quality meat and fish ingredients in their recipes. However, wainwrights don’t use some most common meat in their ingredients such as beef.

Still, they have a large variety of meat to use in their ingredients such as chicken, turkey, salmon, duck, lamb, tuna, and whitefish.

Also, it is noted that wainwrights use a few grains to provide additional nutrition, including brown rice, barley, peas, potato, etc. These ingredients are assumed to provide significant nutrition like carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals.

However, despite adding grains, the protein found in the recipe is still valuable

Wainwrights Animal Testing

Most pet food brands avoid disclosing any information regarding animal testing because they don’t want to lose their customers.

We also tried to gather information about any participation by wainwrights in animal testing. But it is not certain whether this brand participated or not.

However, “many food brands don’t participate in feeding trials”, experts say. Before buying cat food of any brand, ensure they pass the animal testing. If any of our readers know about any participation of wainwrights in animal testing, please mail us to inform us.

FAQ About Wainwrights Cat Food

There are many questions about the Wainwrights cat food brand by the customers. We have covered all generally asked questions. Hope it will help you to know what you are looking for. If you are still having any query let us know. We will update this article on getting information.

Is wainwrights cat food grain-free?

The answer is no, wainwrights cat foods are not grain-free. Wainwrights cat food is added with grains to provide necessary carbohydrates and fibers to the cat’s dietary needs. Adding grains in cat foods is controversial. However, Wainwrights cat foods do not lose the high-quality protein and fat content. The amount of grains present is so minimal that a cat will not notice it.

Is Wainwright’s cat food hypoallergenic?

Wainwright cat foods are naturally hypoallergenic since they are free from any beef, wheat, dairy product, soya, or any other fillers. Wainwrights also ensure the high-quality meat in their cat food, no mixed protein found. Also, free from any additive conservatives or flavors.

Is Wainwrights good cat food?

There is no recall about wainwrights since their establishment in 2006. Also, Wainwrights is a leading business in the pet food market in the UK. Customers are also satisfied by the range of their products on the basis of reviews on Pet At Home. So wainwrights cat foods are premium. 

Who owns Wainwrights pet food?

Wainwrights brand is owned by Pet At Home. Every product range of this brand is only available on their official online store names as Pet At Home. The headquarter of wainwrights is in Cheshire, UK.

Do Wainwrights offer dog food?

Yes, wainwrights offer a large range of dog food at Pet At Home. Wainwrights is a popular brand for dogs in the UK. They offer both grain-free and grain-inclusive dog food. Wainwrights also provide different age ranges of dog foods like puppies, large breed dogs, and senior dogs.


To sum up, wainwrights cat food is good and healthy for your cat. Wainwrights have a large range of products for cats and even for dogs. Wainwrights is a good choice for your pet since it is a known brand in the UK.

There is no recall about wainwright since 2006. Wainwright is worth their name for pet food. Also, check their official site for more information, which is PetAtHome.

Hope this article is helpful and there is enough information to resolve your query. Still, there is anything missing in this article, please let us know through email or comment. We will see you in our next article.

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