Black Hawk’s cat food range is significantly larger, which consists of a mix of dry and wet/canned recipes. The cat food meets the high standard as it provides real food which includes lean meat, beet pulp, eggs, fruits and vegetables and herbs. Moreover, it is loaded with valuable minerals and vitamins. Thus all in all Black Hawk is a prime choice to ensure all-round nourishment of your kitty.

About Black Hawk Cat Food

Black Hawk is an Australian pet food brand and is quite famous due to its highly favourable cat food. Their professional team which includes experts in nutritional science and experienced veterinarians, work tediously to produce pet food of higher standard.

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Black Hawk cat food has a significant portion of protein and fat, however, the carbohydrate content is not that low which is of little concern, taking into account that cats are obligate carnivores.

Some of the offered products of Black Hawk have been reviewed by us:-

Black Hawk Chicken and Rice Adult Dry Cat Food Review

Black Hawk chicken and rice cat food is highly delectable and appetizing. It is a complete food for adult cats that has multiple health benefits like:-

It assists in lean muscle and strong bones development. Plus it is rich in healthy fat to improve skin and achieve a shiny coat and provides adequate energy for the proper functioning of the brain and body. Moreover, it maintains a proper digestive system.


  • High in protein and fat content is 16% from healthy fats and oils, including Emu Oil
  • Includes chicory root, with high inulin content, to boost the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut.
  • The product is highly recommended. 


  • Expansive

Black Hawk Grain Free Adult Chicken with Beef And Lamb In Rich Gravy Pouches Wet Cat Food Review

This is a wet cat food that is a nutritive and scrumptious option for your kitty. The gravy is rich in chicken, beef and lamb which make it a wholesome meal. It provides thorough nourishment to the cats. 

The gravy is prepared with real ingredients like emu oil, coconut, blueberries, cranberries, pumpkin, peas, carrots, green beans, kelp, chondroitin and glucosamine to make it desirable cat food.


  • Zero grain cat food with the right blend of amino acids.
  • No artificial preservatives, colours or flavours 
  • It is a well-proportioned cat food.


  • The protein content is low while carbs are high and instead of sweet potato they opted for potato and tapioca as cheaper inclusions.

Black Hawk Grain Free Dry Cat Food Adult Chicken and Turkey Review

Black Hawk Grain Free Chicken and Turkey cat food are available as a dry meal for adult cats. This cat food makes the mealtime of cats super exciting. The hormone-free high-quality chicken is the biggest merit of this cat food. 

It helps to keep cats fit and robust for a quality life. Strong and healthy bones, as well as muscles, are the perks of consuming this nutritious cat food. There are no unnecessary fillers in the Black Hawk’s cat food. 


  • Omega fatty acids from emu oil
  • A holistic cat food.
  • Made without corn, wheat, rice and oats so that even cats with stomach issues can easily consume it.


  • It results in stinky poops.

Black Hawk Grain Free Dry Cat Food Duck and Fish Cat Food Review

Black Hawk Duck and Fish Cat Food are appropriate for cats of all breeds and sizes. The diet is carefully crafted with sustainably farmed duck and fish. Black Hawk’s this cat food has shown a high success quotient in making the skin and coats of cat’s healthy and shiny. 

However, to replace grains, tapioca and potato are used which increase the carbohydrate content of the cat food. This is done to keep the cost low.


  • Suitable for cats with sensitive dietary needs.  
  • Meat content is high with an appealing smell.
  • Price is quite affordable.


  • Some cats suffered skin allergies when they switched to this diet.

So, if you want a delightful and trouble-free cat then as a cat owner you must make wise choices and feed them a well-nourished diet right from the beginning. In this Black Hawk’s cat food can work as a wonderful choice. 

Types Of Foods For Kittens and Cats by Black Hawk 

types of black hawk food, black hawk cat food reviews

Black Hawk offers a wide range of delicious cat food from kittens to senior cats

Kitten Black Hawk kittens food:   These are designed to help kittens meet their nutritional needs for their brain and body proper growth. This is the best diet for a cat’s formative years to induce proper learning.

Adult Black Hawk cat food: These are formulated to provide adult cat’s full nutrients, vitamins and minerals.


Where is Black Hawk Cat food manufactured?

Black Hawk is a well-reputed dog and cat food line based in Australia and the ingredients are also sourced from there.
It is in particular located in regional New South Wales. As a pet food company, it adheres to proper food production practices as per the Australian Standard (AS5812).

What quantity of Black Hawk cat food is sufficient for my cat’s one-time meal?

Refer to the feeding guidelines given on the package. The feeding guidelines help to plan the quantity based on your pet’s weight. But you might have to make some alterations if your cat is underweight or overweight.

Conclusion – Is Black Hawk an affordable cat food brand?

black hawk cat food review

Yes, Black Hawk’s cat food comes in a pocket-friendly range. It is a sustainable diet that has many health benefits as it is a grain-free diet free of artificial flavours and moreover ingredients are home grown. Besides, the cat food is manufactured under quality control conditions to provide a good quality meal for your furry friend.

However, there are few drawbacks too as to reduce the price they use alternatives like potato and tapioca are used to bulk up and bind the food, but as cats are carnivores it’s not a necessary part of the diet. Despite that, it is much better than most cat foods available. Black Hawk in general gets 8 out of 10 ratings for being wholesome yet affordable cat food.

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