Feliway Optimum Vs Classic Vs Multicat Vs Friends – Feliway is a product that is used to give comfort to cats and kittens. It provides a sense of security and calmness to them. It reduces the stress of cats and kittens by emulating the natural pheromones released by mother cats to calm her kittens. Furthermore, it is available in spray bottles or as a plug-in diffuser.

Every pet holder has been through a lot of pet phases. Pets are not always in a good mood. It is more relatable in the case of cats or kittens. They are sometimes furious and anxious or fight, hide, or even scratch things at home. This is not just a random usual behavior of cats. It is because hormonal imbalances in their bodies that occur for certain reasons.

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This is where the Feliway makes its way. Feliway is made and customized to overcome these issues. It helps relax cats or kittens and helps avoid problems like spraying, fighting, hiding, or stressing. Feliway imitates a chemical that cats release through the glands on their faces when they feel relaxed and want to let other cats know it too.

Feliway is available in two forms

One is in the form of a diffuser or a spray. Diffusers can cover around 700 square feet of area in your home. It is perfect for your place and the place where your cat spends most of the time. Always plug the diffuser in an open place, and the diffuser should not be blocked by any cabinet or furniture. The place should have enough ventilation, but the diffuser should not be placed right next to an open window.

Spray can be used in cars, carpets, or surfaces. The diffuser has to be plugged in at a fixed place, but the spray can be used as per your need wherever it is required. It can also be sprayed on furniture scratched by your cat or kittens.

A diffuser version of the second formulation, called Feline Multicat, imitates the feline face pheromone that mother cats release to comfort their young. It works best when cats are acting aggressively against one another inside a home.

Feliway Optimum – How This Different From Multicat and Classic?

Feliway Optimum - How This Different From Multicat and Classic? Feliway Optimum Vs Classic Vs Multicat Vs Friends

Feliway Optimum is a new innovation by the company in its product range. The company believes that the Feliway Optimum brings them closer to their feline friends. Feliway has been working for over 25 years to improve at ‘Speaking Cat.’ Feliway has discovered a new feline pheromone complex with the help of new scientific breakthroughs.

Feliway Optimum sends a message of great serenity to cats and helps them to feel more secure and comfortable. The recent pheromone discovery has made it possible to address all common stress indicators. Feliway optimum will enhance your bond with your feline and bring peace by making your cat more content and relaxed. Potholders are way too satisfied with this product.
Pheromones are natural messages or signals used by animals to communicate with the world around them. Feliway has unlocked the way to discover some key messages used by cats like:

  • Happy messages – cats leave these messages in their environment when they feel comfortable and happy.
  • Harmony messages – a mother produces these messages for her kittens.

Feliway Optimum helps cats overcome the modern era’s stressful situations and find peace in all circumstances. Even scientific research has shown a significant result in all signs of feline stress, including urinary marking, scratching, conflicts and tension. It shows results within 7 days to as long as 28 days. All the studies and customers’ feedback have stated that the Feliway Optimum is better than the Feliway Classic and Feliway Friends.

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Feliway Classic – How This Different From Optimum, Friends, and Multicat?

Feliway Optimum Vs Classic Vs Multicat Vs Friends - Which You Choose?

Feliway Classic Diffuser helps you to comfort cats at home and avoid signs such as scratching, spraying, or hiding. It creates a loving home environment that helps nurture your relationship with your cat. Your cat will feel comfortable and peaceful at home constantly. It is clinically proven and also recommended by veterans.

The familiar face pheromone in cats is exactly replicated in classic Feliway . This pheromone is applied to an object by your cat when she rubs her cheeks against it, a practice known as bunting. Your cat is communicating that this is their territory and a place where they feel secure. Classic Feliway is available in a plug-in diffuser, spray, and wipe forms. The diffusers are the most affordable household items because they have a 30-day lifespan and a maximum coverage area of 750 square feet. Carriers and bedding can be cleaned with sprays. If you frequently help out with cats in shelters or foster homes, you may even use the wipes on yourself to calm newborn and timid kitties.

Cats communicate through pheromones by releasing natural messages from their different parts of the body. When cats are happy and comfortable, they show it by rubbing their face against furniture, corners, people, or other pets at home. In this way, they release pheromones, i.e., happy messages that reassure the cats.

Cats do not feel comfortable and peaceful in this modern life and its conflicts. Due to this, they do not release pheromones, or you can say happy messages and do things like spraying, hiding, or scratching. Feliway Classic helps in overcoming this issue. It sends happy messages to cats to make them feel safe, secure, and comfortable at home. Using feline natural reassuring messages, Feliway helps your cat happily adjust to the pace of modern life, encourages happiness, and helps prevent signs like spraying, scratching, and hiding.

“Feliway CLASSIC helps manage stress in homes with multiple cats by signaling to the cat, ‘this is my home, I feel safe here.’ In homes where cats dislike each other or are openly in conflict, the additional support of the synthetic pheromone in Feliway FRIENDS may be needed to help defuse the situation and to repair the relationship between those cats,” said Dr. Valarie V. Types, DVM, Dial. ACB, Veterinary Services Specialist at CEA.

Cats receive an amplified message of serenity from Feliway Optimum. By reassuring them and encouraging harmony among cats sharing a household, this holistic message makes all cats feel more at ease and safe. While on the other hand, Feliway Classic makes cats feel cozy and safe at home by sending them “happy messages.” The pricing difference is also not so huge between the two. They both are priced at approximately $21.99, with a little difference.

Feliway Multicat How This Different From Optimum, Friends, and Classic?

Feliway Optimum Vs Classic Vs Multicat Vs Friends - Which You Choose?

Feliway Multicat is different from other Feliway products that have been in the market for years. The original Feliway contains an artificial copy of a facial pheromone. That particular pheromone is used by cats to make their territory and to comfort themselves. Feliway Multicat is a synthetic copy of the pheromone produced by mother cats during lactation. This pheromone helps the kittens bond with their mother and gives them reassurance.

“During the past 20 years CEA has developed expertise in animal behavior, and more precisely in pheromones. We expect the launch of Feliway Multicat pheromone to extend our market leadership in this area,” said Dr. Karen Padgett, Chief Operating Officer, CEA Animal Health Companion Animal Business Unit. “Within one week, Feliway Multicat pheromone users noticed a reduction in conflict behaviors, even in households where conflict had been occurring for several years. After one month of continuous use, 84 percent of pet owners report a significant improvement in their cats’ ability to get along.”

“Cats living in a state of conflict suffer. When families used Feliway Multicat diffusers in their homes they reported a reduction in conflict and aggressive behaviors. The cats seemed happier; more at peace.” “Feliway Multicat will provide hope for families with cats that do not get along: from the most subtle avoidance to even the most extreme conflict,” said Dr. Reporter. “Cats that have been in conflict may never come to love each other, but by using Feliway Multicat, cats may begin to repair or build social relationships.”

Feliway Optimum is used when you have a single cat, and Feliway Multicat is produced to resolve the issues when you have more than one cat. When someone has two or more cats, most of the time, they do not get along, and they fight a lot. Feliway Multicat is discovered by keeping this main issue in mind.

Because of the qualities and characteristics of the Feliway Multicat , it is a bit more expensive than the Feliway Optimum and Feliway Classic. The price of Feliway Multicat is around $25.49 to $29.99. The need and use of Feliway Multicat are completely different from all other Feliway products. It is actually valid and helps pet owners a lot.

Why is Feliway Multicat a wise choice?

It is recommended by Vets, the number 1 selling solution today. It helps reduce the typical signs of stress and conflicts between the cats at home, like chasing, fighting, and blocking. Around 84% of customers have seen amazing results from using Feliway Multicat within 7 days. Feliway Multicat is drug-free and completely organic and will not cause any harm to anyone. It is made with just one vision to maintain harmony between cats.

Feliway Multicat heated diffuser covers up to 700 square feet and should be plugged in continuously for the best results, position the diffuser where your cat spends most of its time, and avoid plugging the diffuser in under shelves and behind doors, curtains, or furniture.

Feliway FriendsHow This Different From Optimum, Multicat, and Classic?

Feliway Optimum Vs Classic Vs Multicat Vs Friends - Which You Choose?

Feliway Friends is more like Feliway Multicat. It also releases a synthetic pheromone to reduce tension and conflicts between cats living together in the same house. It helps maintain harmony among the cats to avoid situations like fighting, chasing, and stress. Cats are solitary in nature, and they like to be independent. Cats usually do not like to share their things and humans. Feliway Friends is produced to provide a solution for this particular problem. It helps the cats to feel comfortable and peaceful around other cats.

“During the past 20 years CEA Animal Health has developed expertise in the category of pheromones used to help combat stressful situations which cause our pets to exhibit unwanted behaviors. The launch of Feliway FRIENDS will extend our market leadership in this area. More importantly, Feliway FRIENDS will improve the quality of life for cats and their families by reducing tension and conflict among cats sharing a home,” said Brian Thomas, General Manager of CEA Animal Health in Canada.

As we have already discussed, the Feliway Optimum is a synthetic copy of facial pheromones released by cats, and Feliway Friends is more like Feliway Multicat. Feliway Friends contains a synthetic copy of pheromone, which cats release during lactation to bond with their kittens. If we talk about Feliway Friends’ price, it is more expensive than any other Feliway Product. It is priced at around $50. But it is worth it.

Customers are very much satisfied with this product. They have seen excellent outcomes within a week only. Their cats are getting along and not fighting anymore after using Feliway Friends. Otherwise, it is quite difficult to manage and handle more than two cats. Feliway actually makes it easy for every cat owner.

Which You Choose – Feliway Optimum Vs Classic Vs Multicat Vs Friends

Feliway Optimum Vs Classic Vs Multicat Vs Friends

Now summarizing all of it, let us start with Feliway Optimum. It is produced to avoid stress and signs like scratching, spraying, and hiding. It provides calmness and comfort to cats or kittens at home, so they do not get furious or anxious. It is a synthetic copy of facial pheromone, making cats feel safe, secure, and comfortable.

Feliway Classic is almost like Feliway Optimum and produced similarly. It sends happy messages to cats to feel peace, comfort, and assurance. Customers have a great experience while using it.

On the other hand, Feliway Multicat and Feliway Friends are completely different from Feliway Optimum and Feliway Classic. It is produced on totally different research after years of scientific studies. It is a synthetic pheromone released by mother cats during lactation to bond with their kittens. Furthermore, it is used by cat owners who have more than one cat. Usually, cats do not get along so easily, and they start to fight, chase and scratch each other. This is why Feliway Multicat and Feliway Friends are introduced.

Customers have seen amazing results after using it. Their cats do not fight or chase anymore and are getting along with each other.
Feliway has completely changed the world for cats and cat owners. Feliway created something that needed the most while having cats at home. Feliway has put years of research and studies into introducing the line of feline products. Its products range from $20 to $50. You can get refills also once your diffuser or spray is out of pheromone. It is widely available and deliverable around the world. If you have a cat, then you must have Feliway .