Have you ever heard about the Thundershirt for cats? How does it work? You are using Thundershirt for your cat, but do you have a concern about whether it is good for my cat or not? Is it a good choice for my cat? All cat owners are worried before buying new things for their pet if it harms their cat in the future.

For your information, Thundershirt are good for your cat’s health. It is a tight-fitting top designed to make stressed or anxious cats feel more secure. The term “thunder shirt” comes from the brand name. However, it has become synonymous with the garment itself and is often used as a generic term for any tight-fitting body wrap for a pet (this is called a nickname – it It’s like the word “q”-tip” is used for almost any tiny cotton swap).

Thundershirt product is an honest take for your cat so you can make the best choice for your cat. Thundershirt are available in several styles, including classic, sport, and polo. This type varies from the overall color to material choice. 

To comprehend this article, we will discuss more topics related to it, like Thundershirt history, sourcing and manufacturing, complaints and customer reviews, pros and cons, and many other issues that will help you to consider better about this product. So, let’s start without waiting anymore.

Is Thundershirt Good For Cats?

thundershirt for cats reviews

Thundershirt are utterly compelling for more than 80% of cats that are exactly the size of their body. It absolutely helps to reduce anxiety. In addition, it can help your cat during storms, fireworks, and other stressful situations. It can help control inappropriate scratching, marking, and meowing. 

Thundershirt are a comfortable, familiar way to keep your pet calm during a stressful event. It might be a gentle hug for your cat with a new sensation, and it is completely normal and safe for your furry. Thundershirt are really helpful for your cat in stressful situations. If your pet is afraid of the vet, put the wrap on and comfort them with calming words and snuggles if they are still nervous. And these wraps are also with you and your pet to support you in that situation.

The wrap is applied tightly to the cat’s body, and it looks like you are doing the baby wrap. Pet owners are also satisfied with these covers that reduce their pet’s anxiety. In other words, Thudershirts can help your cat, in most cases, be somewhat calm, but it is not the total fix for every cat situation. 

Thundershirt History

The history of Thundershirt is extensive, but we will share it with short information. 50 years old Pill Blizzard who worked in product development at Ford as an Internet entrepreneur and in real estate development, Durham. He decided to turn his makeshift swaddle into a business. In 2008, he came up with the idea to help his dog, Dosi, deal with the thunderstorms which are so common in the South.

He had thought about this idea and decided to give it a year. He approached a couple of friends who were entrepreneurs. When he first proposed the business to them, they fell on the floor and laughed at him. They thought he was pranking them. 

He shared his idea with his wife, and they gave it a year, and this idea worked. Finally, in 2009 Phil Blizzard invented the ThunderShirt and founded Thunderworks, which has grown since its start in 2009 to a multimillion-dollar business today. Thundershirt are clothing designed for dogs and cats, which apply pressure to their torso in the hopes that it creates a calming effect on them.

ThunderShirt Sourcing And Manufacturing

ThunderShirt came into the market a few years ago due to pet owners’ demand. Some cat owners were buying the most petite sizes offered for the pet. It wraps comfortably around the cat’s torso, creating a feeling of light and constant pressure.

It was manufactured in 2009 by Phil Blizzard in Durham, North Carolina, inThunderworks. He produced this wrap for his dog Tosi to get relief from being panicked by storms and fireworks. Thunderworks has grown since 2009 and has sold millions of Thundershirt (which retail for $39.95 and up) and other assorted anti-anxiety products for dogs and cats.

Forbes estimates annual revenues are above $15 million. The shirts are made from a fabric that is a rayon-polyester blend with spandex to give them a snug fit, and they are manufactured in China.

Complaints And Customers Reviews

In these complaints and customer reviews, we will read about the feedback shared by them. They have shared some positive and where there are some negative reviews shared about them, and the negative reviews are their complaints about the product. This review will seem extremely biased because customers think of a bad things to say about this product. It’s simply amazing. The ThunderShirt quickly get our highest 5-paw rating. Simply put, it is one of the best products ever created for pets.

Positive reviews: We have searched the customer’s thoughts that are shared after their experience using ThunderShirt. They said these wraps are unique, and it took no time to use them for their pets. Someone said that his furbaby already had separation issues, and then in December, she had sudden onset blindness. All she did was pace and cry. She laid down and went to sleep when he received the ThunderShirt in just a few minutes. It has helped to calm her down, but she is still trying to get used to her new normal.

Complaints: While customers have shared positive thoughts, some have opposing views. Because they have good experience with these shirts for their pets. They said they purchased this product for the first time, but a product designed to calm an animal can’t do its job if it has the smell of another animal all over it! Not to mention, they didn’t agree to pay for a used item! The box had clearly been opened before, crunched at least once, and another animal’s fur was visible all over it.

ThunderShirt For Cats Customers Reviews

We have heard marketers and salespeople claim their products are 100% effective. But, we’re excited to know that every product has flaws – it’s only natural. Not every product is for every person or pet, so with that in mind, you will have to pick the Thundershirt carefully for your pet. The product may seem to be an ideal solution to some pets’ anxiety.

Likewise, the manufacturers of Thundershirt don’t claim to have a complete success guarantee with their design since they claim that the product has an 80% success rate. This shows that 20% of cats out there didn’t get the needed relief. Even so, with such good odds, an 80% success rate is still a miracle. It only makes sense to give Thundershirt.    

For starters, this product is simple to use as far as humans are concerned. It is easy to put on and off, even with a hyper cat. What is especially nice is how you do not have to force your cat legs. We have also found some Thundershirt for your pet you can buy for your furry friend that got good customer reviews and are best for your pet’s use.

Here we have rounded up the best undershirts for your pet available today.

ThunderShirt Classic Cat Anxiety Jacket4/5
oUUoNNo Cat Anxiety Relief Jacket Thundershirt4/5
MAXX Medical Pet Clothing & Recovery Cat Shirt E Collar Alternative for Post Surgery, Wounds and Bandages – (4XS, Pink)5/5
knhunupl Cat Professional Recovery Suit for Abdominal Wounds or Skin Diseases4/5
SAWMONG Cat Recovery Suit After Surgery for Abdominal Wound and Skin Diseases4/5


Like other products, the Thundershirt have their ups and downs. These vary from minor things that may be no big deal-breakers. We’ve got them all in one place for you.

Pros: The Thundershirt is undeniably a hit with many kitty parents, with top marks being:

Drug-free relief: Not every feline friend needs medication, and a chemical-free solution like the Thundershirt is a big win with many fur families.

Machine washable: It’s hard to beat the ease of tossing clothes in the wash for cleaning. This is especially handy if your cat is making a mess like superiors.

Convenience: Rather than waiting for sedation medications or supplements to arrive, the garment provides almost instant relief in many cases. It’s a massive bonus during those unexpected pop-up summer storms or when dealing with a neighbor’s fireworks.

Cons: While Thundershirt work well for many cats, there are certain downsides you should consider, including: 

Tricky Fitting: Owners report these running short for their large cats when they select a size, but that is different from the product sizing chart.

Durability: Some owners have complained that the Thundershirt doesn’t stand up to frequent washings and repeated use. Day-to-day wear and maintenance are definitely at play here, with other pet parents reporting zero aptitudes in this area.

Not Enough for Severe Anxiety: For felines with severe cases of anxiety, Thundershirt alone may not be enough to provide complete relief. Thundershirt may be used in conjunction with additional strategies in these cases.

How Does ThunderShirt Work?

The Thundershirt is a calming wrap you can put on your pet during a stressful situation to help them keep calmer and less anxious. It is completely drug-free, and it does not require any training. Required. It also provides a safe, comprehensive touch that makes many cats feel more secure. It has a patented design that applies gentle, constant pressure around your pet’s torso, which helps them to feel safe and calm. 

The effect is similar to swaddling an infant or using a weighted blanket for adults. Studies have shown that constant pressure can help reduce an elevated heart rate, which is one of the reasons the ThunderShirt allow cats to feel calmer. 

It’s unclear if the Thundershirt perform the same function for cats or whether this would be beneficial, but your cat will likely feel some calming effect from contact with his person.

Will The ThunderShirts Help Your cat?

While there is nothing clear about it until you try it, the Thundershirt is an excellent option for many cats, including: 

  • People with noise phobias: Fireworks, thunder, rain, and wind are common triggers in cats that can be calmed with compression.
  • Those who hate car rides: If you are traveling to your vet and your pet is not ready for that, then a Thundershirt might be a cozy touch for him.
  • Excessively excitable cats: Felines that bounce off walls at the slightest things can be calmed using compression therapy.
  • Cats with separation anxiety: These cats may rumble or move excessively to settle down when left alone, but compression can give them the relief they need.

While the shirt works well in many situations, it may not help in others significantly:

Less agitated cats: If your cat is hyper due to lack of exercise, a cloth is not the solution. A daily walk, play, and brain games can help in these cases.

Severe cases of anxiety: With some cats, the pressure reaches the point that a cloth alone will not help. These poor felines may chew or paw at walls or cuttings until their bodies ache or bleed.

For severe cases of anxiety, you should always contact your vet. Over time, stress and anxiety can lead to health issues.


While no product is guaranteed to work in every case, the Thundershirt is definitely worth trying if you have an anxious cat. 

It’s a safe, chemical-free solution, so you don’t have to worry about interactions or side effects, and it’s always available, unlike meds that run out at the last minute. It also provides an extra touch of calming when your cat needs it most, like during storms, fireworks, or travel. If you’re unsure whether or not compression will work for your cat, you can always try making a DIY Thundershirt first.

Hope this article will be helpful and comprehensive for you. Kindly share it with your family and friends.