There are many factors to consider whether cat food is good or not for a cat’s health. A cat food brand being popular does not mean that the product of that brand is suitable for your cat. Maybe cat food is premium and tasty but your cat’s preference matters too in this case. So Is Friskies A Good Cat Food? Is Friskies a good choice over other brands?

Yes, Friskies is considered 100% good for cats. Friskies provide quality nutrition in their cat food to keep cats healthy. Also, Friskies have a wide range of cat food products, especially wet cat food. In terms of price, Friskies cat foods are not expensive compared to other brands. It is the most affordable brand.

However, the ingredients used for dry cat food are of low quality and also use animal by-products. Most recipes of Friskies also use plenty of fillers. Though Friskies have plenty of recalls, they were minor recalls compared to other pet food brands. Unfortunately, there are some bad rumors related to the quality of Friskies. Friskies products are 100% safe for cats since there is no illness report.

We have covered a comprehensive review of the Friskies cat food brand. So that nothing is left for you. We will look into ingredients and what is the customer’s opinion? How many recalls are there?

About Friskies

Friskies were founded in 1934 and are one of the oldest pet food brands. At that time cat food did not exist and it was the beginning for dog food to hold. So, Friskies started with dog food.

In the middle of1950s, the product developers initialized with a new line of dog food specialized for puppies instead of adult dogs. The recipes are designed in such a way to fulfill the dietary needs of the puppy for good growth. This recipe was also considered good for cats in terms of nutrition.

However, cats didn’t like the Friskies puppy food. So Friskies Company started to formulate a cat-specific food. Slowly but Friskies for cats doing well only on the West coast of the USA. After 60 years of the company, they started to grow in the cat food market.

In 1985, Nestle Purina Company acquired the Friskies brand. Purina also owns many other cat food brands such as Tidy cats, hind fancy fest.

Friskies Sourcing and Manufacturing

Since Friskies is owned by Purina, Friskies are made in Purina facilities along with Purina foods in the United States. This brand has quite a few recipes and pet food lines. As the Purina foods are passed through tests, Friskies are also passed through the quality tests while manufacturing them.

 Most of the ingredients for their food lines are also sourced from the United States. Also, there are some ingredients sourced outside of the United States such as Duck, Rabbit, Venison, Lamb. Still, the particular location is unknown. Sourced ingredients are also quality processed before importing to the company.

Friskies Ingredients

Friskies use a small range of high-quality meat and fish ingredients such as Chicken, turkey, beef, salmon, tuna, crab, Whitefish. These ingredients are the source of high-quality protein and fat for the cat’s dietary needs. For organ meat, Friskies use liver and it also enhances the flavor and supplements vitamins and minerals.

Other than these ingredients, Friskies also make use of vague meat and fish such as meat by-product, poultry by-product, and bone meal. However, these ingredients can provide valuable nutrition to cats. But, it is concerning that it is not clear what these ingredients are made up of.

Friskies use extensive grain ingredients in their recipes. Such grains in the recipes included are Wheat gluten, Soy, flour, Brown rice, Corn, Ground Wheat, and many more. You can check out all in the product ingredient list.

However, using grains in pet food recipes is controversial, but they are included to provide additional nutrition to your cat. These are good sources of carbohydrates, plant-based fibers, and many more.

Many of the Friskies dry food make use of Beef Fat, which is not common as chicken fat. Beef fat gradually increases the flavor and palatability as well as boosts the animal-based fat.

Customer Experience

Is Friskies A Good Cat Food

As per the analysis of reviews, customers are happy with Friskies cat food. Many customers have been fed Friskies cat food for decades. Also, picky cat eaters seem to like it. Here is one of the reviews on chewy. At most 80% of customers have positive experiences. Another great experience with chewy. This is the cat food my cat prefers and it is always in stock. It is always reasonably priced and arrives within a day.

It is also true that you cannot make everyone happy. Some customers have a bad experience with Friskies cat who rated it 1-2 stars. Negative reviews mentioned the poor quality ingredients used in food. Some were disappointed with the price fluctuation. Some reported that their cats are getting sick after having Friskies cat food. Only 10% of people are not satisfied with the Friskies cat food. Look at one of the reviews as a reference.

My cat will not eat this food at all. He absolutely hates it. It has terrible ingredients and lots of artificial dyes. I will now switch to much higher quality Rachael Ray Nutrish dry cat food.

Friskies Recall

According to the Intel available on FDA and DogFoodAdvisor, Friskies have been recalled one time in their historical past. So, we can say Friskies is not recall-free. In June 2011, Friskies voluntarily announced a recall. The product was found with potential salmonella contamination. Many brands have been recalled due to this regular cause in the pet food industry.

However, there were only a few Friskies products recalled such as the Friskies Grillers Blend dry cat food recipe in 3.15lb and 16lb bags. Salmonella is harmful to both humans and animals. Thereafter, Friskies remains recall-free and there is no lawsuit against them, which is really impressive. Consumers are supposed to watch over any unfortunate recalls in the future.

Best Friskies Cat Foods Reviews

Is Friskies A Good Cat Food

Friskies cat food produces many recipes. Their cat foods are available in both dry and wet. The widest variety of Friskies cat food is in their wet food. They provide pate shredded wet cat food, chunky wet cat food, and gravy wet cat food.

It is so difficult to try all and select the best for your cat. To make it easy for you, we have recommended the best Friskies cat foods. These are the best in their ways in quality ingredients.

Friskies Classic Pate Turkey & Giblets Dinner Review

This is pate-styled wet cat food and is most popular among cats. This is the most sold cat food. Friskies classic pate recipe is featured with real meat to provide high protein nutrition to your lovely cat. This recipe also features turkey flavor but turkey is not the core ingredient. The primary ingredients are meat by-products.

The second ingredient used in the recipe is water and then there is turkey added. The recipe also includes poultry by-products along with poultry giblets. These all ingredients make the recipe relatively high in protein and other nutrition.

It seems like a complete and well-balanced meal for cats. Also, it is added with essential vitamins and minerals. It is specially designed to keep cats in good shape. Taurine presence in the food supports heart function and vision. Real broth makes it moist to keep your cat hydrated and improve kidney function.

Check On Chewy


  • Well balanced diet
  • Support heart
  • Support kidney
  • No added flavors
  • Turkey flavor
  • Real meat
  • Under budget


  • Unknown meat by-products
  • Low-quality ingredients

Friskies Classic Pate Poultry Platter Canned Cat Food Review

This cat food features smoothness and pleasuring texture along with tempting poultry flavors. This recipe makes use of real poultry meat to provide high-quality protein. The ingredients used in the recipe are poultry, water, liver, meat by-product, and poultry by-product.

The recipe is well-balanced nutritionally and meat-based with high protein, low carbohydrates, and moderate fat content. In addition to these, it also includes rice and added artificial flavors. Though it doesn’t affect the quality of food.

The amount of moisture present in food is helpful for the digestion of adult cats and keeps them hydrated. The food is super palatable in taste and the aroma of the food drives your cat crazy. To support your cat’s heart function, Taurine is added specially. Also, the recipes seem to be grain-free since there is not a single grain mentioned in the list. There is no change of allergy due to the food content.

Check On Chewy


  • Poultry meat
  • Complete a balanced diet
  • Real meat
  • Moisture
  • Taurine
  • No grains
  • Good for digestion


  • Poultry by Product
  • Added artificial flavors

Friskies Indoor Delights Dry Cat food Review

Since Friskies doesn’t produce a good range of dry cat food, there are not many options for dry cat food of this brand. However, this recommended recipe is one of the better known. The ingredients used in this recipe are chicken, salmon, and cheese. It is featured with lean protein in dry food to support muscle growth.

Friskies indoor delight dry cat food also makes use of chicken by-products along with the salmon meal. There is yellow corn as the first ingredient added with Corn gluten, which is just a filler for a cat’s diet. It is high in carbohydrates and low in protein and fat. So that it promotes a healthy weight in adult cats.

It also provides omega fatty acid to support the skin and coat of cats. Although the ingredients used in the recipes are of low quality, it is a 100% complete and balanced diet for your cat.

Check On Chewy


  • Complete and balanced diet
  • Omega fatty acid
  • Promote healthy weight
  • Inexpensive
  • Good for adult cat


  • Excessive carbohydrates
  • Low-quality ingredients
  • Low in proteins and fat

Friskies Surfin and Turfin Favorites Dry Cat Food Review

Friskies Surfin and Turfin favorites are most popular among Friskies dry cat foods. The leading ingredients in the recipe are plant-based such as ground yellow, corn gluten meal. Then it also makes use of Soybean meal to provide plant protein concentrates. It might be concerning what is it so for a cat diet.

However, it also includes a few sources of animal protein such as chicken by-products along with bone meal. Also, there is salmon meal as the source of the final ingredient for protein. Overall, it has a high amount of animal protein to support the healthy lean muscles of cats.

Moreover, Beef tallow is present in the recipe for good fat in low amounts to keep your cat active and fit. To boost the flavor of the food, it contains dried cheese and animal liver flavor. To sum up, it is a complete and balanced diet for your cat with added essential vitamins and minerals.

Check On Chewy


  • Budget-friendly
  • Cat’s love flavor
  • No added preservatives and flavors
  • Keep cats active and healthy


  • Plants ingredients
  • By products
  • Added artificial colors.

Where is Friskies cat food sold?

You can find Friskies cat food near your neighborhood at discount stores and groceries. Also, it is available at online stores. You can order from Walmart, Amazon, and Chewy. They are trusted online stores. There are many other online stores that sell Friskies cat food.


Compared to other cat food brands that are made with harmful ingredients, friskies is better than that and we give it a 7 rating out of 10 for its ingredients, customers feedback, quality and price. 

To sum up, Friskies is a good choice compared to other brands. Also, they are affordable on a low budget. However, they don’t make use of quality ingredients but their recipes are complete and well balanced nutritionally for the cat’s dietary needs.

We recommend going for the Friskies wet cat food instead of dry ones. Hope this article is helpful and comprehensive for you. Don’t forget to share with friends.

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